Shall Rhousemann

Posted by meronpan on June 18, 2008

So my first Shuraki figure finally arrived the other day, ironically being Shall, who was out of stock everywhere. Somehow turned up at beNippon (ah, sold out again) where I snatched her up.

Comes with all the usual Shuraki goodies… a secret file (art, character info, interview, etc) and drama cd.  Figure-wise Shall comes with her rapier and battle damaged outfit.

One of these days I’ll take more pictures while unpacking/removing plastic etc., but once again I was too excited to put her down, so to skip to the chase… [as with all pics, click for hi-res]

One note about her outfit… I don’t have a super large collection, but this was the first time I had a heck of time getting her outfit off.  It only separates in two places and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to easily slip her out.  Thought I was gonna snap something for sure.  Luckily as you can see I somehow managed to get the dress off, remove the protective plastic, and slip her back in, but man…

On display for the moment, but once again I think I’m about to move everyone back to boxes to protect against the heat ;_;  Until then…


6 Responses to “Shall Rhousemann”

  1. Optic said

    Getting her cast-off was indeed difficult. It felt like ripping the whole dress apart. Is there are smudges on her body when u tried to put her back on? Apparently there are few smudges on mind as I was unaware about the discolouring of her “damaged outfit” until I put it on.

    She still my favourite shuraki by far.

  2. meronpan said

    I didn’t do a thorough check, but I don’t remember any smudging… hopefully I won’t get any unpleasant surprises when I try the damage outfit ^^; The protective plastic I was trying to remove in the first place may have saved me there…

  3. sonic_ver2 said

    Did you get this figure with a normal price? I checked local store today and they got 1 in stock with the price around USD 90.

  4. meronpan said

    let’s see… i got mine at a premium… yeah was like 7500 yen, the official site lists her at 6800. but then i also paid for ems shipping (bought thru benippon, so came from japan), so in the end i payed over $100. ;_; i really need to learn some patience… (i.e. i’m sure they’re going to release her soon)

  5. Eetaku said

    That is a nice figure…fetches a pretty penny…I’ll have to find this figure on discount if I want to get it.

  6. […] first figure review was of Shall Rhousemann.  Here’s a sample pic from that […]

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