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Posted by meronpan on June 23, 2008

Unexpected package waiting for me when I got home today:

Snatched her up after deciding I simply had to order Yagami Hayate.  As you can kind of see, she’s patiently waiting with everyone else in my closet, beating the heat ;_;

Not quite sure when I’m going to break everyone out again… There’s no AC where I live and we just recently suffered through some 100(37) degree weather. One day it was still 90(32) in my room at midnight! I already noticed the hair on my Wani Books/Uart Kanu had started to bend out of shape orz.

It’s cooled down quite a bit, but probably won’t last.  In the short term I think I’ll have to settle for a select few on display so it doesn’t take me 30 minutes (ever increasing ^^;) to pack up everyone every time it gets hot.

Another recent get, you can Mikuru towering above everyone in the pile.  Finally got her off ebay for less than a billion dollars.

Was slightly worried about it being ebay and all but I think she’s legit? Haven’t done nearly enough research regarding what to look for in terms of bootleggers and such… If anyone is more knowledgeable or has any resources I’d be much obliged. For the moment, tentatively happy that I should be able to complete my Max Factory set (assuming my Haruhi ever ships from animexing -_-).

Hope to have a more complete overview of each in the near future.


4 Responses to “2xget preview”

  1. James said

    You got some nice figs there ^^

    Please give me your Reinforce , thank you so much :p

    The Mikuru seems fine , usually if you have the holographic sticker on the box , there’s a good 90 % chance it’s the real one . After this you have to look at the writting on the box to see if there is all the infos about the manufacturer and stuff and as i see that , all is good :)

    There’s not that much bootlegs on ebay … i bought half my figs on it and still didn’t see one . Usually bootlegs are at half the normal price , sometime less so it’s easy to see . And if you’re always buying from the same sellers , it’s fine :)

    Can’t wait to see pics of the Mikuru , i always wanted to buy her but never did :s

  2. Optic said

    Mikuru was my first figure purchased from ebay. Considering most of the online retails are sold out, I didn’t really have a choice. I was a bit worried as well considering ebay is the biggest place for bootlegs but here is a few tips I take:

    – always check their comments.
    – always ask whenever in doubt.
    – get them to take a picture of actual figure and box ( if available ).
    – when the price is too good to be true, then its too good to be true.

    Overall, buy at your own risk and prepare for the consequences. Ebay is my LAST option when it comes to figures.

  3. Panther said

    I spot Shinra. Whom I just made a sort of review for. Good choice there.

    Yes, eBay should always be last option.

  4. meronpan said

    @james thanks ^_^ glad to see your ebay experience has been positive. hopefully i’ll time time this weekend to get mikuru out of the box

    @optic thanks for the insight! ebay is my last choice as well, but like you, i simply couldn’t find any retailer with her in stock.

    @panther Kind of got her on a whim @ a convention, very glad I did. Definitely my favorite kimiaru character. Need to play her route in the game still…^^; Seiyuu also did Tama-nee, always a plus in my book hehe

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