Sendo Erika 千堂 瑛里華

Posted by meronpan on June 28, 2008

So August went and made the eroge Fortune Arterial. Then Kotobukiya went and made a limited edition figure of Erika. Then I went and lost my mind and obtained her.

Alas, nendoroids are not included :P

After a little protective plastic removal, Erika is comfortably resting on my desk ^_^

Comes with her tea cup, saucer, cushion and skirt. Nagato chair not included ^^;

pantsu hakken!

Love the Fortune Arterial winter seifuku.

「あ、長門、椅子借りるね!」 [“A, Nagato, isu kariru ne!”]

ちなみに、パンツは丸見えだけど… [chinami ni, patsu wa marumie dakedo…]

じゃ、椅子交換作戦開始![jya, isu koukan sakusen kaishi]

侵入者発見! [shinnyuusha hakken!]

From above…

Once more around… ^^;

「ちょっと暑いね。 スカート脱いでいいの?」 [chotto atsui ne. suka-to nuide ii no?]

Overall I’m quite pleased. Hair and face aren’t quite perfect in my opinion, but it’ll do ^_^; Tea cup was kind of hard to get angled right but it seemed to stay once I got it in place. Love the pose and was pleasantly surprised she balanced on Nagato’s seat fine ^_^ Cast off skirt was also a bonus. Definitely prefer Kotobukiya’s release to Wave’s, but the price/difficulty of getting this figure is, unfortunately, not proportional to the quality ^^; Ah well, at least Kiriha and Shiro will have company when they arrive.

Alrighty, it’s terribly late… hopefully write up my next review soon…


6 Responses to “Sendo Erika 千堂 瑛里華”

  1. James said

    Nice pics :) i love the ones with the nendo ^^

    i’m jealous , i want her now :'(

    i’ll get her in like two weeks :'(

  2. optic said

    haha, “A new challenger appears”
    That post is a giveaway. ^^

    Nice pictures. Konata wants some attention as well. xD
    Btw, where did u get her? Most of the online hobby stores didn’t even stock her.
    I couldn’t even find it in Kidnemo as well. T_T

  3. meronpan said

    @james thanks! ^_^ at least you were able to get your hands on one ^^; i had a devil of a time finding mine.

    @optic yeah, wasn’t exactly meant to be that much of a mystery ^^;; the only place i as able to find erika was on ebay… and even then, i’ve never seen more than 1 up for auction at a time. benippon at least had a listing, but was out of stock by the time i found about it.

  4. SbebiWan said

    I missed her too, /me is sad !

  5. Eetaku said

    Nice shots. Is the skirt easily removed?

  6. meronpan said

    @eetaku yeah, once you’ve disconnected her torso/abdomen, it just slides right off. for me that was the hard part – it’s currently pretty snug, so i had to be kind of cautious…

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