Fate Testarossa

Posted by meronpan on June 29, 2008

So I’ve got to admit, I didn’t have any idea who Fate was, what the hell a Zamber form was or anything when I decided to try and get a hold of Alter’s Fate. Basically, it was more of a, zomg 格好いい! (kakou ii [awesome]) must GET. …and of course I was greeted with “SOLD OUT” everywhere I looked. As luck would have it my figure collecting started after the re-release had sold out. But recently, after a months of searching, I finally found her on ebay for, surprisingly, relatively close to retail! その結果! [the result!]

The packaging was a lot bigger than I expected… not only is Zamber insanely huge, Fate’s cape is absolutely outrageous! I love it ^_^

I need a huge energy sword of my own…

Also need a better backdrop than my shelves of manga ^^;;

Can really see how big the cape is here

Mmm Mishiro’s katana doesn’t quite fit…

Perhaps Shall’s rapier?

…Better give Kanu’s guandao back before she gets out of her box… ^^;

勝負! [SHOUBU!] Mishiro wants to battle…

Konata’s always getting into trouble…
e? netemasen yo.

Akira-sama is not amused…

Very happy to finally have Fate ^_^ Not sure where I’m going to put everyone… like Exelica, Fate can easily take up most of a detolf shelf by herself ^^;;; Now just need to wait for Hayate…


17 Responses to “Fate Testarossa”

  1. optic said

    Nice. She looks awesome. ^^
    I got the GSC one instead but sadly I had to box her up due to space wise.
    lol, Konata always getting into mischief. xD

  2. James said

    Nice pics , some are so funny ^^

    Great buy , box is kinda big right ? :)

  3. Nomad said

    run konata run! lol shes beautiful! I really need to finish this series!

  4. Lsio said

    love pictures; they are funny.

    Konata: “I can see your pantsu.”
    Fate: “how dare you!!”

    by the way, thanks for adding me to your blogroll; I just added you back ^^

  5. meronpan said

    @optic in light of all my recent arrivals and preorders still incoming, i’m totally screwed for space orz …and i’d rather be spending money on figures than display cases ^^;
    i think it’s the grin ^_^

    @james it’s no exelica box, but i think it’s the 2nd biggest box in my closet ^^;

    @nomad i watched waaaay to much yesterday. got through the original series and halfway through A’s… ^^; argh and next is strikers orz

    @lsio thanks for the add ^_^

  6. James said

    Don’t watch Strikers , it’s bad … or watch 20 to 26 only … the rest is useless … worst sequel i ever saw … and i’m a Nanoha fanboy …

    But it’s only my opinion ^^

  7. meronpan said

    @james haha thanks for the warning but i’ll probably suffer through it just to say i’ve seen the whole thing ^^;

  8. optic said

    James is right. 1st season was good, A’s was excellent. Still one of the best sequels to date but StrikerS was a huge letdown. It did have it’s good moments but thats about it. They dragged it too long and there was “too much unnecessary training” >_<

  9. Eetaku said

    Sweet figure! Borders loli for me but that sword is just too cool.

  10. gordon said

    is her hands strong enough to hold the big sword? i was afraid it will bend over time.

    btw thanks for adding me to your blogroll. return the favour i will. ^^;

  11. meronpan said

    @james, optic – i think your warnings have made me paranoid and overcritical ^^;; i find myself nitpicking everything about every episode (think i’m at around 5) although one thing that was really lame is this whole limiter business they just introducted… fine for the newbies i guess, but for all the high ranking officers? bla blah max rank for the unit my ass!!! and i’m guessing it’s going to be used to create some sort of situation in later episodes? -_- on the bright side, i love reinforce ^_^

    @eetaku zamber definitely sold me on this figure ^_^;

    @gordon you know, i’m worried about it too… especially since it’s been warm lately, i take the sword out of fate’s hand when i’m away. on the bright side, her hand feels very sturdy and the zamber form grip is made of metal. (course it’s so huge it also feels somewhat heavy ^^;;). need to find someone who got her at the initial release and ask him/her how their experience has been… ^^;
    thanks for the add! yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

  12. C.I. said


    Also, Feito-Chan Mai Waifu~~~~~~

  13. Hirvine said

    Were you bought it? I know Alter made a re-stock but I’m in europe and I’m still having trouble getting it. Just get me a site shipping to europe and I get it, no ebay though (or that kind).
    Thanks for the photo’s, now I really long to have her.

  14. meronpan said

    @hirvine sorry to disappoint you, but the only place I was able to find her was on ebay. i tried checking kid nemo, hobby search, toys logic, benippon, hobbylink japan, yesasia and playasia with no luck. i suppose you may want to check those sites now, perhaps you’ll get lucky and find something… good luck!

  15. Hirvine said

    Wow, thanks for looking. Didn’t thought someone would actually look for me. Thanks .. to bad, still, some new stores to bookmark :D

  16. Another me wants figure. I should’ve started collecting PVC figures earlier ;__;

    • meronpan said

      still might have a faint chance of finding her if you’re determined ^^; i was able to get mine on ebay some months after the rerelease had sold out so you never know

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