Reinforce Zwei

Posted by meronpan on June 29, 2008

こんばんは皆さん! ちょっとよっぱらってるから日本語でレビューしますから。 では、諸君! 今回のレビューの内容は…!! [good evening folks! i’m a little drunk right now, so i’m going to do this review in japanese (…sobering up at the moment, figured i’d better translate all this ^^;;;). Today’s review is for…]

はい! 見たの通り!Reinforce Zweiですよ! 中身はこんな感じ: [As you can see, Reinforce Zwei! Inside the box…]

では早速本編に進みましょう! [Alrighty, on to the main attraction!]

Zweiちゃんはとても魅力的だから今回の写真はよく取れた気がしました。 [Zwei’s so photogenic, feels like all these photos came out a lot better.]

可愛いでしょう? じゃ下半身と本: [Cute, right? Bottom half and book:]

本はまるで浮かんでる見たいじゃない? [Book really seems to be floating, no?]

それじゃちょっと背景変わるから [Little change of background…]

すみませんあんまり面白い写真じゃなくて。。。 [sorry, not terribly interesting photos…]

おっと、何だこれは?! ついでにパンツ発見?! [What’s this? Pantsu discovery?!]

ちなみに、スカートはcast offですよ! [Incidentally, the skirt is cast off!]

じゃ最後にスカート脱いだままでまわり見ましょう! [Finally, some picks with the skirt cast off.]

おまけ~ [bonus content]

つかさ、何でそんなに嬉しくてじっと見つめてるの? ^^; [Tsukasa, what are you happily staring at?]

勝負! [battle!]

[Haruhi: “Ok, do some magic!” Zwei: “Umm… who are you?”]
ここまで読んでくれてありがとうございます!最近フィギュアは急に到着してて、実は次回も凄いですよ!(ま、俺にとってけどね) [Thanks for reading! Lately I’ve had a lot of figures coming in, next time will also be great! (at least for me)

一体誰何でしょう? …やっぱりばれてるよね ^^; (Who could it be? …It’s obvious, huh? ^^;)


6 Responses to “Reinforce Zwei”

  1. Nomad said

    Shes really nice and I like the photos! did you take those while you were drunk as well? lol.

    lol I can’t even make out what the shape of the pixelated image let alone what figure it is! lol.

  2. optic said

    U disappoint me meronpan. ONE pantsu shot. >_<
    And u didn’t go close enough as well. xD

    Overall, its a great figure. I was intending to grab her but decided to reconsider. I’m looking forward to Alter releases on Vita and Hayate.

    Is the Zamber weapon form? I think i know what it is? xD
    Looking forward to it mate. ^^

  3. C.I. said

    Got here from Panther’s blog, and I must say, nice pictures. ^^;

    Also mind if we exchange links? Will link you back.

  4. James said

    Lot’s of pics agin ^^

    I love her a lot , she’s cute and the floating book is great ^^

    Can’t wait for the pics of the Zamber “hurricane thunderclap” girl ^^

  5. meronpan said

    @nomad arigatou ^_^ hahah, no, was quite sober for the photos ^^;

    @optic lol gomen! i’ll be sure to take care of things next time ^^; i do believe that’s zamber form (confession: i just recently started watching nanoha… have absolutely no clue about the series and was just like, zomg kawaikute, large sword… get!)

    @C.I. irasshai! thanks and no prob. added your site just now.

    @james really want to finish up that review today if possible but got to take care of some chores and such ^^;; gambarimasu!

  6. Fabian said

    A really cute figure, mine just arrived today. Actually I was looking for something else but I couldn’t resist when I saw her listed on the online shop I was visiting. Now I have to think of a way to get enough money for the figures I had on my buy list. ^_^”

    I guess this is a proof that cuteness can kill.. at least financially. :D

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