Beating the heat

Posted by meronpan on July 15, 2008

As I quickly plunged into the world of figures, the terrible threat of summer totally caught me by surprise. Thankfully articles such as this one @ Len-Vesper’s blog warned me before anyone was damaged. My room can easily get up to 90(32) degrees on the hot days and I’ve already noticed some parts (like Kanu’s hair) getting pretty bendy…

To combat this…


I’ve taken some figures out briefly when the weather cooled, but those periods haven’t lasted for more than a week or so. At this point I’ve resigned to leaving everyone boxed till probably September…

Am I too paranoid? If so, a recent leaning post by Gordon hasn’t really helped ^^; I suppose I’m most concerned about the long term effects… maybe it would be fine this summer, and the next… but what about 5 years down the line? 10 years? I’ve been investing a lot of time and money in this new hobby and I’d like to enjoy it as long as I can.

On the other hand… having my figures boxed a third of the year isn’t exactly what I’d call enjoying them either -_-;; At any rate, I hate to make excuses for my laziness, but this certainly hasn’t helped my reviewing schedule.  Adding to my queue, Ryoko arrived recently…

…and I haven’t even taken her out of the box yet… Nor Yoko, who arrived today…

いつか、必ず脱出したげるから!待ってろよ! [i’ll get you guys out of there someday! wait for me!]

What I really need is a climate controlled display room…


25 Responses to “Beating the heat”

  1. Panther said

    More rain than heat here in SG. El Nino is messing up the seasons this year. Then again my windows are closed most of the time and the heat here has always been standard…though my room can have a temperature of its own.

    Still I have airconditioning on for certain periods of time to combat the heat (and lack of ventilation), so I guess I am fine, not to mention most of my figures are in display cabinet.

    And you got Yoko! Great figure to have indeed.

  2. Nomad said

    I’m probably going to have the same problem when summer hits us here in australia too :( boxes will be taken out of storage and figures will hybernate through the summer haha.

    To stop bendy figures, dannychoo has an article about leaning/bending figures which you can find – http://www.dannychoo.com/adp/eng/884/Leaning+Figures.html


  3. optic said

    Well, its winter here in Aus. and it has been the coldest winter so far. I hate winter but on the upside, its good for my figures.
    Even though it’s hot, my house is always a few degrees cooler than the outside. because firstly, it’s made of brick and secondary, we added those cooler pads on our roof which makes our house cooler during summer.

    Right now, the problem is not heat but indeed free space. I already had to put GSC Fate back into its box which is a bad thing. >_<

  4. Len-Vesper said

    Heyhey Meronpan!

    I’m glad you enjoyed the post, thank you for the pingback. :3

  5. James said

    In my room the heat goes to 38 ° :'(

    I have some figures for like 4 years and they’re not leaning at all … still same as new :)

    In total i have 70 figures and only 3 leaners . So maybe you are paranoid ? :p

  6. gordon said

    another way to combat the heat is putting the figures in the fridge. (‘~’)

  7. e-jump said

    Well, the last time I checked, my Koto Arika has started leaning.
    Its not really hot in Malaysia, but i guess the material and exposure will have some effects kicked in.
    Maybe i should consider not getting extreme poses figs >_<

  8. James said

    @ Gordon : lool i’ll try that ^^

  9. Kozta-Boom said

    i think it’s gonna increase more heat (`д´)

  10. meronpan said

    @panther i miss ac sooo much. figures aside, it just makes summer that much more uncomfortable. when i preordered her, the enterbrain yoko was definitely my favorite… now i kind of wish i could add the eye up version to my collection too … but hey, look i’m actually exhibiting self restraint!

    @nomad thanks for the link to danny’s article! for some reason it sounds less bad when you call it hibernation ^_^

    @optic yeowch, running out of display space is no fun. time for a trip to ikea? ^^; ‘course whenever i buy furniture i always find myself thinking, “hmmm, do i really need this? i could buy another figure instead…” ^^;

    @len-vesper i remember your article in particular because back when i first started collecting, i was wondering if/how heat would damage my collection — browsed dannychoo and just happened to see your puchi blurb announcing that you’d written a post about figure care… 偶然ですね~

    @james wow, that does help ease my paranoia ^^; figures with hair looping all over the place still have me worried though… or things like reinforce’s book… are they really that strong? ^^; (so i guess, not leaning, but deformation) as i mentioned, when i put kanu back in her box her hair had uncurled significantly and had to be coaxed back in…

    @gordon then my roommates would *really* think i’m weird ^^;;;

    @e-jump for me the extreme poses are the most interesting and valued parts of my collection ^^; maybe we just need a leaner database to be careful with those that are at risk…

    @kozta-boom gomen, i don’t quite understand ^^; the weather’s going to get warmer? or the boxes will increase the net heat absorbed by the figures? すみません、分からなくて。。。

  11. I think the boxes might make it worse, holding/amplifying the heat!

  12. Lsio said

    when did you start collecting? I’m also a newbie, but you seem to have more figures than me.

    you got me worrying my figures now ^^; room temperature is about 28 to 30… that is ok, right? maybe I should have my fav one back in the box for the summer.

  13. Kozta-Boom said

    yep! it’s going to make me get warmer ^^” it’s ok if you don’t understand.

  14. meronpan said

    @pure trance if they were in the sun, perhaps, but in the closet (where i normally keep the boxes), it’s just more insulation — not to mention the structural support the packaging provides (which is the main reason i box). i suppose they cool down slower when my room cools off, but that’s probably desirable anyway.

    @lsio let’s see… started in march when i returned from tokyo with nendoroid nagato? think about a month after that i went crazy buying in online stores ^^;
    damn, didn’t mean to start a panic ^^; hopefully james’ experience is par for the course — his figures seem to have tolerated hot conditions pretty well. since i’m so new i’m just taking extra care in the beginning… figured i can always ease up on the precaution later. as for your conditions… 28 to 30? if you like technical problems i’d try to determine where the stress points in the figures were and then see how the material in and around those locations were handling the heat.

  15. Kozta-Boom said

    another idea: put them inside the freezer ^^;

  16. Kozta-Boom said

    Oh! and btw i typed wrong >,<; i mean put them inside the boxes is like making your figure get more heat, but i’m sure 100% i just have an experience with plastic melt since long time ago.

  17. Kippei said

    Putting in the box are better. Air is a insulator of heat. As long they are not in the sun. It much much better den leaving it in the ambient air heating it up directly. PVC tend to become oily if left untouched for too long.

  18. vixion said

    we wish you god luck maybe u should live in antartica, it is always cold there lol

    well somehow tropical area is nice for figure >_< even thought it means, heat all year :)

  19. Kozta-Boom said

    @kippei i see >,<“

  20. If you think it helps…probably keeping it in the closet is best either way…hard to do that without the boxes anyways :)

  21. C.I. said

    The Haruhi souvenir I got from Japan is already leaning. T_T

  22. Eetaku said

    I had to buy a room a/c to make sure I don’t deform my figures. It was around $200 and i can set a timer on it to turn off and on when i need it to. Thats about the cost of 3 figures, well worth it.

  23. @Eetaku – Ooo, smart :0

  24. meronpan said

    @vixion ‘course in antartica all my figures would probably become brittle and shatter ^^;

    @pure trance my closet is definitely a better place for me – it generally stays 5-10(2-3) degrees cooler in there. ^_^ and yes, can’t imagine how i’d do it without the boxes ^^;

    @c.i. yeowch that sucks ;_; someone needs to make a non-brittle resin or somethin…

    @eetaku i’ve considered that, but i’m not sure how i’d work out the power costs with my roommates (since i’d be hogging all the energy keeping my figures cool ^^;;)

  25. meimi132 said

    ARCUEID!!!!! I WANT HER SOOOOOO MUCH!! And that Yoko…. Oh and that Mikuru too…. :sob:

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