Posted by meronpan on July 21, 2008

so busy, so tired lately… until i get around to some regular posts…


For any Exelica owners, here’s a page from Alter’s site detailing how you should be putting on and removing some of the parts…

About Exelica part removal/attachment

Thank you for purchasing Exelica.
Exelica comes with an instruction manual but here we have supplied some additional comments about the removal and attachment of certain parts.

Warning about part attachment and removal

Applying too much force may damage the parts.   Please be careful when removing/attaching parts.
To mimic the original work, there are some pointed parts.  When removing them, be careful not to injure yourself.


2 Responses to “だる~”

  1. James said

    putting the legs parts was a problem for me ^^

    i nearly became crazy doing that ^^

  2. meronpan said

    you and me both ^^; when i was pulling apart those armor units for the first time it really felt like i was sure something was gonna break.

    course now, having had to box and unbox her a couple times i can get her together/disassemble pretty quickly

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