Delayed?! …怪しい!

Posted by meronpan on July 22, 2008

So the other day I inquired with Kid Nemo about my preorder for narika…

[image shamelessly pulled from akibahobby’s review]

Why hadn’t she shipped yet?

Originally the product page had listed Narika as a July 15 release, approximately 1 month after the Japan release.  That seemed to be the norm for Kid Nemo’s stuff – I had assumed they use cheap-ass super slow bulk shipping to get the products from Japan.  Whether that’s true or not, meh, it’s the best I could come up with to explain their extremely lagging release dates.

Anyhow, I e-mail support asking what the deal is.  The response?  Sorry, but Kotobukiya has delayed the release to August 15th, it may be delayed further, bla bla bla.  Usually I’d take that at face value and just be disappointed… but in this case…

She’s already on frikkin sale!!!  Now I’m no native Japanese, but I’m pretty dang sure those characters mean, “Now on sale”.  That is, released.  Ready to ship.  In stock!!!  …So where the heck is this delay crap coming from?

Well, a little research at the Kotobukiya US website revealed the following:


I c what u did thar!  So let’s summarize:

  • Kid Nemo says product is delayed to August.
  • Product is on sale in Japan.
  • Product is being released in the US in August

…It appears I didn’t order from the batch released in June, but from the batch specially marked for (a later) US release. Or perhaps, for whatever reason, Kid Nemo can’t get their shipment from Japan for another month (which seems ludicrous… 2 months after release? seriously?!) *sigh*

And this is why I ordered my chizuru from hobby search.  After factoring in mark up and shipping, i calculated I’d be able to get her from hobby search at a slight premium, but soon after release.  Alas, for most other figures it ends up being way more expensive to do this.  Speaking of Chizuru, Kid Nemo does actually have different listings for her — Japan ver (end of November) vs. US ver (end of January).  Interestingly, the US release is $60 cheaper!!!

Seems there’s not much to be done about the situation, and I suppose it’ll spare my credit card bill for the month… but maaaaaaaaan!  laaaaaaame!

Are you familiar with narika?  She hails from eroge (need I even mention it?  NSFW ^^;) 超昂閃忍ハルカ [choukou sennin haruka {Beat Blades Haruka}]. Oh, by the way, a little service up ahead… no nudity, but probably NSFW… (following 3 images from game CG)

I suppose she’s one of my preorders I should’ve canceled… got her mostly to keep haruka, the main heroine, company.

Being an eroge, narika and haruka get into their fair share of trouble…

So it’s up to you to power them up by… um… well, you know… getting to know themWellReally well.  And just for reference, the marumie (completely visible) pantsu are part of narika’s regular outfit, not some result of battle damage or what not.

[image nabbed from official character page]

See? Showing off, no damage, we’re all fine here now, thank you… how are you?

If you really want to see narika and company being naughty, there’s a sample gallery on the official site (if you haven’t already found it youself ^^;;) [next 3 imgs also from game CG]

…I take no responsibility for what anything you may find ^^;

I’ll close just by saying… where the heck are the subaru figures?! I love complete sets, and I am being denied.

p.s. i haven’t really had any problems with kid nemo in general… i really just kind of view this whole thing as one of the annoying parts of ordering from a us based company. lower shipping costs, but you have to wait quite a bit after the original release dates. so yeah, more of a rant to let off some steam, not a knock on kid nemo – to put things in perspective… i have over 20 figures on preorder from them ^^;;;


13 Responses to “Delayed?! …怪しい!”

  1. optic said

    Well, if u can’t wait then I would suggest getting her at HLJ. She’s still in stock and shipping to the US is fairly cheap unlike Hobby Search. http://www.hlj.com/product/KBYPP-216
    I found out about Kid Nemo a couple of months ago and so far, its fairly good. Their customer service has been good as they replied to all of my emails so far even though i was being a bit picky myself with random questions.
    So far I only have figma konata on preorder and it will be my first order from them so I will see how it goes.
    From the feedback I’ve heard, it’s been good so far.

    Woah!! 20. Damn. lol

  2. Panther said

    Oooo Subaru looks hawt.

    20 preorders lololol.

  3. James said

    a friend have her so she’s out lol ^^

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    If you want to get a figure faster, then you’ll have to order in HLJ or Play-Asia.

    I don’t really know much about US release and Kidnemo, but i know that Kidnemo always late at releasing figure.

  5. I am confused…did you preorder the US or Japan version? Because Kid Nemo usualls offers both, and has a warning on the US one that Kotobukiya US often gets delayed etc.

  6. I usually go ahead and order the US version anyhow, even though it can/will probably be delayed…it’s so much cheaper!

  7. meronpan said

    @optic honestly i’m not that hung up on the delay itself, but rather the reasons behind it — it doesn’t (appear) to make sense. but yes, i’ve had a pretty good experience with kid nemo so far, and they have fairly responsive customer support. (although one thing i *hate* is that they don’t send e-mails to you when your order ships anymore!)

    @panther lol because it’s so many, or so few ^_^;

    @james i know, right! that’s why i was so confused

    @sonic_ver2 lotsa ppl mentioning hlj… will definitely check them out next time.

    @pure trance that’s a good question. i’d like to know also. from the website product description, it appears that it’s the japan release, hence my concern. and that’s what makes me suspicious that i was tricked into getting the us version. but yeah, delays, late shipping whatever, i usually go by price. i just would like to know why/what’s happening with my order, you know? ^_^;

  8. James said

    I want to add that i have lots of friends who had problems with Kid Nemo not sending the package or asking for more shipping or saying after a while that the figure is not available anymore …

    But maybe they just don’t like sell figures to french ^^

    Anyway i buy only at Hobby Search and Animaxis , the two fastest shop for sending figures … HLJ became too slow for me lately … : )

  9. @James – I think you should try emailing them…they are usually pretty good about responding.

    It’s funny…I actually really hate Animaxis lol. They charged me upfront for a preorder (already bad) and then strung me along for ages in regards to when it would be released…similar to what you are going through, but I had paid for the figure so I was super mad.

    I only buy from Kid Nemo, unless I can’t find it from them. I get free shipping so I don’t mind waiting a little longer. Also…I preorder a lot, so having some things take longer than others means I have more time to be able to pay back my credit card debt for the figures LOL.

  10. meronpan said

    @james yikes those are some pretty bad problems. One thing I’ve noticed looking through all the comments, is that everyone has an anecdote for every possible take on stores ^^; person A has nothing but good experiences, but person B got screwed over royally. Meanwhile person C suggests a different store, but person D gets bad service for them… it’s insane!

    @pure trance …you get free shipping? what magic is this?! oh wait, checked their site… guess you can get free shipping on domestic in stock orders of > $149.99. maaan, i’d say 90% of my orders are pre-orders… pretty rare i’d qualify for free shipping ;_;

  11. @meronpan – I get free shipping because I am special LOL. I get it on any order, even my $22 Revoltechs etc….even if I just order 1. Also 99.9% of all my orders are preorders xD;

    I think I get the free shipping because I put a good review for them, and their button, on my site ^^;;;

  12. Len-Vesper said

    Caution with Kidnemo, Meronpan. I’ve ended up cancelling many orders with them because of unfullfilled preorders.

    Like Chu Chu Astram I had ordered, after a month that other friends had receieved their units, mine had not come in, their response was ‘it’s not arrived yet’. I ended up purging most of my orders for that silly remark, but I can’t deny one thing: prices on their internal stock is quite good. Just don’t pre-order through kidnemo unless you want to wait, and wait.

    If it’s currently in stock though? Good prices for the most part.

  13. meronpan said

    @pure trance that’s a nice deal you’ve got there! would save me a lot of money ^^;;

    @len-vesper thanks for the heads up. although honestly, any delays or even cancellations will help the burden on my wallet ^^;;; as i mentioned before, i don’t mind so much the usual delay – basically a month or so after the japan release – it’s the deviation from that that worries me. this has been my only complaint so far after many satisfactory transactions though, so for now i’ll probably keep all my orders as is. i’ll let’cha know if things ever go sour so you can tell me ‘i told ya so’ ^^;;; in the meantime, i’ll stay optimistic ^_^

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