Saber gettoーー(゚∀゚)ーー!!!

Posted by meronpan on July 24, 2008

Ah, the beauty of dannychoo.com. Was reading member Rikku’s news item about nendoroids that happened to mention Tokyo Fantasy.

Decided to check it out on the off chance they had Miku Nendoroids still available… no luck, but instead…

!!! at long last!

Been looking for her for ever since I found out about her… available on ebay of course, but only at exorbitant prices -_- Of all places, didn’t expect to end up ordering from a singapore based store ^^;

Even came with a little bonus!

Saber’s another one of those characters I’ve preemptively gotten into without knowing anything about the game/anime ^^; Well, I do have the manga, but haven’t finished vol 1 yet. *sigh* more games I haven’t gotten around to…

And speaking of things in my queue, completed my shuraki set the other day…

Can’t wait to get the whole set on display! Taking pictures of boxes is getting very boring ^^;;


9 Responses to “Saber gettoーー(゚∀゚)ーー!!!”

  1. James said

    The Saber maid is quite hard to find , great buy , it’s the best Saber out there and the best maid figure :)

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    Ohh that’s the Alter version. I’ve seen that once before. Is this version better than the GSC version?

  3. optic said

    Nice Saber. She is indeed hard to find these days. I still prefer her in armor version compared to maid.
    Congratz in getting the whole Shuraki 1st series set. Are u ready for 2nd series? I hope ur wallet is. xD

  4. Eetaku said

    That saber looks hot! Sweet buys. I look forward to the pics!

  5. super rats said

    Saber maid is super hot. Good pickup.

  6. meronpan said

    @james my thoughts exactly. the details on her are exquisite.

    @sonic_ver2 i vastly prefer the alter version. seems a lot more… refined? detailed? obviously that’s just my take on it — i’ll try to remember to link to reviews of both when i do a formal shoot so ppl can compare for themselves

    @optic yeah, given similar quality i’d probably go with armored version, but to me at least, i’ve not found a higher quality saber figure. always happy to hear others’ thoughts on their favorites, helps grow my wishlist ^_^; I’m indeed ready for the 2nd series, hoping my bonus will mitigate the wallet damage ^^;

    @eetaku so do i ^^;

    @super rats yes she is ^_^ thanks!

  7. xephfyre said

    Hey meronpan, C.I here, using a new ID ’cause of my WP shift.

    You getting the Fate/Unlimited codes White Saber Figma? That one is reallllllyyyyyy good. IMO.

    Also, relink please? New addr: http://finality.wordpress.com

  8. meronpan said

    @xeph/ci all updated! not sure about the white saber figma… she looks incredible but i’m not so hot about having to order the game to get her orz

  9. ron~ said

    hehe need to get them out from the box for photoshoot to do the figurine justice :D don’t hide their hotness XD

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