鶴屋 鶴屋 [tsuruya tsuruya]

Posted by meronpan on July 27, 2008

そいじゃ、 ちょろんと まってね!

Today I present an ebay purchase gone haywire.

Nothing wrong with a little tsuruya love, is there? Well, my biggest problem was that I originally only ordered the Max Factory version -_-;;

I was having a heck of a time finding the Max Factory release at online stores so I had to resort to ebay again. Everything was going swimmingly (good price, reasonable shipping) until I got an e-mail from the seller informing me that he had shipped the Alter version!

While normally I’d have no complaints about getting an Alter figure on accident, I had specifically sought out the Max Factory version to 1) match the rest of the haruhi max factory girls, and 2) I liked the pose of the Max Factory release better. I was kind of worried about the hassle the shipping error was going to cause… seller might wait until the original package was returned before sending out the new one… what if they didn’t want any trouble and just wanted to cancel the order after I returned the item… etc etc. In the end I shouldered the burden (probably unnecessarily)… I offered to keep the figure and buy out the tsuruya figure again for a 50% shipping discount.

So now here I am with my pair of tsuruya ^_^;

On the bright side it ended up being a pretty good deal and it’s not like I don’t like the Alter version…

Double the cheer, double the nyoro~n

I never understood why tsuruya was so (relatively) unpopular in Japan. (or at least, that’s what I thought I read somewhere…) What does it for me are the fang and off the wall energetic personality. Love ’em.

I’m easy to please ^^; For some reason the Alter pose just doesn’t have the same flair for me… For the Max Factory version, I just love that scene in that episode where she’s taking their yakisoba orders… the Alter version doesn’t give me that sentimental bonus ^^;

I also love long hair. ^_^

It’s also kind of nice having both to really be able to compare the different releases. You can see how Alter went for a much darker shade for the hair and uniform — I didn’t realize it but Alter’s colors match the anime much better.

Screencap from the anime:

…course the colors may be a little off cuz I have to shop all my photos to make up for my terrible photography ^^;

おっと、what’s with this angle? my hand must’ve slipped… :P

…ok fine, this is about as suble as those guys in Akiba ^^;

There’s some lace on her pantsu I wasn’t expecting. Can’t really see it too well in my pics thou…

Not really sure why I take the top down shots, but maybe someone out there appreciates ’em ^^;

Max Factory tsuruya comes with accessories!

Here’s tsuruya without the … errr hood? bonnet? What do you call that thing? ^^;

As you can see she looks fine from the front, but from above…

Not something to put on display ^^; Instead… 変身! [transform!]

Tail’s kind of discreet since tsuruya’s hair goes to her ankles ^^;

On the other hand, nekomimi are not discreet.

I think what I like about maid outfit figures is the detail that goes into all the frills and stuff.

tsuruya’s also very healthy ^_^

Anyone prefer the Alter version?

I really like these buttons for some reason ^^;


aiyaa, someone fell down ^^;

If you’re looking for more professional / more interesting (^^;;) reviews, try any of these:

Max Factory version: foobarbaz, opticzone, wcloudx (kumo)
Alter version: otasuke, moemoerabu

Let me know if you’d like your review listed here and I’ll add it.

Was on a roll today so I think I’ve also got enough material for my next review, just gotta write it up…


16 Responses to “鶴屋 鶴屋 [tsuruya tsuruya]”

  1. I do prefer getting the Max Factory Tsuruya since she looks better than the Alter’s IMO.. But hey, at least you have 2 Tsuruyas..

    Time for some Nyoro~n festival!! ^^

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    Man… One Tsuruya is more than enough. I dunno why, but i really don’t like her.

  3. meimi132 said

    TSURUYA-SAN!!!! I’LL TAKE BOTH ANYDAY!!! There is no such thing as too much Tsuruya-san in my oppinion!!

    And THANK YOU Meronpan!! I just couldn’t remember the name of the event, Wonfes, (duh!!) Twas indeed earlier this year. I followed a link of DC.com and ended up on the page, and then found lots of Chie-chan pics!!

  4. meimi132 said

    Oh, and in answer to the ‘which do I like better’ question, I love both. Prefer the hair colour on the Max Factory, but prefer the facial expression on the Alter. Dunno bout the poses… Max Factory probably, cos she stands taller lol

  5. Len-Vesper said

    Ergh, Meronpan, that truly sucks.
    I mean seriously, how can someone make that mistake? The pose, box, label and price are not the same.

    I hope you didn’t end up with a double of one or something, that would truly suck. :x

    Still, at least it’s of Tsuruya, she’s quite cute. :D

  6. xJAYMANx said

    LOL, if u ever discover the secret to what makes something *new* popular or unpopular in Japan, could u let me know? ^_^

    My guess to her Tsuruya’s (relative) unpopularity is that she’s somwhat an unnecessary throw-in character. And unfortunately, I agree, lol. I mean, Haruhi is already off-the-wall, right? ^_^;

  7. meronpan said

    @fariz asuka yeah, seems most prefer max factory nyoro~n

    @sonic_ver2 hahah, it’s a hard life being a minor character ^^;

    @meimi132 woo! tsuruya fans unite lol ^^ i suppose chie-chan was also a minor character until th2ad came out… i like her too but haven’t gotten around to actually playing her scenario… orz

    @len-vesper yeah it was quite upsetting getting an e-mail 2 days before my package was supposed to arrive informing me it wasn’t what i ordered. his excuse was that the box was wrapped in paper so he didn’t get a good look at it -_- luckily the only bad thing to come of it all was i ended up with a figure i hadn’t planned on buying.

    @xjaymanx true true… perhaps it’s not that i like tsuruya herself, but her interactions with the other characters. she lets you kinda see the other sides of the sos dan. i thought i read somewhere that she/her family plays a larger role in something, but i haven’t gotten that far in the novels yet ;_;

  8. ron~ said

    nice review :)

    both version are good, although I prefer max factory version more :)

  9. gordon said

    not really a Tsuruya fan so i didn’t get either.

    u can always sell away the alter one. ^^

  10. Blowfish said

    I thought that the MaxFactory Tsuruya was closer to the Anime.You never stop learning^^

    Ive got a thing for girls with Catfangs

    I like the MF Tsuruya more because of the lighter colors.Alters is too dark for my taste

  11. meronpan said

    @ron thanks!

    @gordon true, although once anything arrives it becomes part of the collection and i find it hard to part with ^^;;;

    @blowfish fangs ftw! genius i say ^_^ yeah the darker hair color seems to detract from the energy of the figure or something…

  12. optic said

    Good review meronpan. ^^
    Just like most ppl, I prefer the max version but from quality, both are good.
    Now u can have twice the fun and two fangs are better than one. xD

  13. Q said

    Henshin as in transformation? That would be 変身; 返信 is actually ‘reply’ or ‘to reply’ I think.

    Interesting comparison between the Max Factory and the Alter version. I too didn’t realise that Alter has a closer match of hair colour to the anime.

    I suppose you can play around with the Alter version elsewhere while the Max Factory one is happy together with the rest of the Max Factory SOS-dan if you are not planning to sell it.

    And yes, “it’s a hard life being a minor character”.

  14. meronpan said

    @optic thanks! i like themed group shots… should start working on collecting fanged characters ^_^;

    @Q yeah, i totally forgot to fix the kanji when i was proofreading -_- not sure why the kanji select thing had 返信 as the default… when i’m writing, things are usually transforming so i figured it woulda learned that by now :P

    hopefully my max factory haruhi will ship soon and i’ll finally have all the girls…

  15. James said

    So do you prefer Tsuruya or Tsuruya ? :p

    i like the two of them , i think like you’re kinda lucky because i love the pics with the two of them , looks awesome ^^

  16. meronpan said

    @James definitely tsuruya ^_^ there is a certain charm to having the various releases from different studios. perhaps i should start collecting more kan’u’s ^^;

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