世界一最強のメイド?! Saber

Posted by meronpan on July 29, 2008

Alter’s Saber maid!  As previously mentioned, it took a lot of patience but I finally got her at a decent price, despite be sold out almost everywhere.  (you can also check that post for a couple box pics if that happens to be your thing ^^;)

Unfortunately the most unimpressive part of the figure is probably her face… ^^; That said, I’m still not terribly familiar with the series, but I do know the art direction has a certain style to the characters’ faces… deviating from it didn’t help the otherwise stunning Saber by Gift… ^^;;

As always, please forgive the photo quality… I’m a little more self conscious than usual after reading posts by blowfish (flying pussyfoot) & super rats (happy soda). Someday I really want to make some progress with my shots but for now I gotta work with what I shot the other day. ^^;

Took these the same day as the tsuruya material. I tend to take a crap load of photos then slowly churn out posts throughout the week…

If you’ve seen this figure, you’re prolly well aware of the mop she comes with.

It’s a great mop I tell ya (unlike my pic… stupid focus ;_;)

Maid triple threat!

Ah, my photo nubness. In some of the tsuruya shots I noticed the window screen didn’t really show up at all. Here it’s plain as day…

An aperture setting woulda fixed that? Or one of the other handful of settings mebbe… I can never remember ^^; Well, anyhow, really love the detail in this figure.

Again, wish the focus came out better, but man, every single part of her outfit is so meticulously sculpted… 凄い! These next shots have terrible lighting… 許して下さいね [please forgive me] m(_ _)m

Here’s… a shoe shot… ^^;

The stockings have a sheen to them, and detailed down the fine wrinkles at her knees.

I also love the low cut back!

Mop rests right under her hands…

And with everything else sculpted so fine, you’d expect nothing less from the pantsu…

Preview pic in the tsuruya post was based on this shot:

If you’ve been reading all my rambling, you may recall I got a free trading fig with my order… turned out to be another Saber!

She’s so tiny ^^;  Eating an even tinier pocky ^_^

Zamber form Bardiche wins the height contest.

Konata and Miyuki combined are slightly taller than mini Saber…

As always, there’s a ton of coverage already out there if you haven’t gotten your fill:

foobarbaz (interesting part of this review – he was able to separate and cast off the skirt using a heat gun, but as the figure wasn’t intended for this, you get a nasty seam that’s visible and the procedure is by no means recommended)
exelica meteor
happy soda

Are you ready to be served?


25 Responses to “世界一最強のメイド?! Saber”

  1. Blowfish said

    Someone has got himself a meidoarmy^^

    Dont worry about your shots.I like them the way they are with your funny comments.Im still learning to handle figure photography myself and i think your mangas in the background have a certain charm to it.

    This Saber looks awesome!Im not really into her and i must admit that i havent played the game or seen the series.Maybe her face is a little off but shes detailed!
    She has a lovely pantsu and a even lovelier mop.

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    Damn, she really has nice butt.

    Saber Maid from GSC is better than this IMO.

  3. nanu said

    There’s a tendency for the figure to be underexposed when it’s backlit; are you using something as a reflector to get light in the front?

  4. meronpan said

    @blowfish thanks! for the amount of time/effort i spent trying to get a hold of this figure, you’d think i was a huge fan but as i mentioned i’m like you and am not familiar with fate/stay night at all ^^;;

    @sonic_ver2 for me the pose and all the details in her outfit make the alter version my preference. that said, i haven’t really gotten a good look at the gsc version. at any rate, we can definitely agree she has a nice butt ^_^;

    @nanu no reflector or anything at the moment… flash as necessary and ambient light are what i’m currently working with ^^;;; i’ll have to see what i can scrounge up to improve my lighting situation…

  5. George said

    Hello meronpan

    How are you? I’m George. had a good look at your blog today. I’m interested in doing a banner exchange with you. drop me a message if you are okay with it. Cheers!

  6. George said

    ^^nice angle taking the photos btw.

  7. optic said

    Good shots. They are different which makes them special. ^^
    As mentioned before, this is not the Saber I like. I prefer her in armor version compared to maid.
    Looks like u have a fetish for maid figures. xD

  8. Q said

    Good shots can come from very simple setup as well. Mine is so compromised that it’s just an A4 paper and a desklamp, and it worked quite well (I just need more effort tbh). In this case maids fit quite nicely with a normal room background.

    Nice post. Keep it up pal!

  9. James said

    I’m glad to see you’re happy with your buy :)

    She’s awesome :)

  10. samejima said

    Frilly~ makes me drool…
    btw, mind exchanging links? Added your site to mine.

  11. meronpan said

    @george thanks!

    @optic i pray for a 1/6 armored saber by alter ^_^ and the funny thing about all these maid figures is that i’m actually pretty lukewarm towards the whole maid thing ^^; i.e. i like these figures ‘cuz they’re cute and well made more than a ‘zomg maid /swoon’ kind of thing… Now if some studio would just churn out the rest of the trigger heart exelica girls… :D

    @Q thanks for the encouragement! ganbarimasu!

    @james very happy ^_^ very awesome ^__^

    @samejima it’s amazing stuff, luv it. will add you up right after this~

  12. She’s lovely, I’m jealous :0

  13. gordon said

    i saw her in the shops but she’s too big at 1/6 for my liking. me prefer 1/8 or 1/7. and her face doesn’t look saber enough. but hey that’s just picky me. ^^;

  14. meronpan said

    @pure trance i’d point you to tokyo fantasy to get one too, but i think i snatched up the last one ^^;;;

    @gordon i think the larger size was key to this figure because of the detail in her outfit. might’ve been harder to appreciate at the smaller scales. i really need to start playing fate/stay night or watch the anime so i can see what the whole deal about her face is… looks accurate enough to my uninformed eyes ^^;;

  15. @meronpan – That’s fine…I’m betting she wasn’t cheap since she is 1/6 so it’s better for me to not get it lol

  16. xephfyre said


  17. gordon said

    u mean u haven’t watch the anime? go watch it, it’s awesome.

    btw i have upgraded to a new blog, http://gordonator.com
    will be great if u can update your blogroll. thanks. :)

  18. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Hey, this is unrelated, but I remember u had Dark Elf, right? Have u seen the resin Dark Saint? http://www.e2046.com/view_album_product_detail.php?img=0&products_id=8202&album_type=gathering

    @Gordon: New blog? If I’m not on your blog roll, should I forget updating your link on mine? LOL.

  19. meronpan said

    @xephfyre ^^;; kawaii no ni?

    @gordon yeah, not yet. In this case I’m probably gonna hold fast and wait until i’ve played the game first though… I’ve found I enjoy anime based on visual novels much more after playing through each route of the game. i’ll update your link right after this

    @xjaymanx wow. that is really hot. unfortunately i’m not a lineage player, so the accurate skin tone doesn’t really appeal to me ^^; still… great looking stuff!

  20. lovelyduckie said

    Sigh…I’d love to get that Saber. The Good Smile Company version doesn’t hold a candle to this one.

  21. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie she’s the maidest maid of my collection ^_^ sadly i have no armored versons save my figma orz

    definitely hard to get atm although… if i remember correctly, i saw a rerelease note on some wonfes coverage… !! yes, here it is, about 2/3 the way down:
    2008年12月再販予定 For rerelease this December!!

  22. lovelyduckie said

    @meronpan – I jumped on the re-release when I saw it pop up at my favorite figure stores a few days ago. But I was really surprised. From what I understand Alter didn’t used to do many re-releases (if any) and this is their 2nd re-release announcement in the past few months. Maybe Alter is taking a page from Good Smile Company’s book?

  23. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie they do fall under the gsc umbrella, so perhaps ^_^ Looks like she’ll be the 6th re-release this year whereas there doesn’t seem to be any last year…

  24. I wasn’t going to get this, but after looking at some of the pics…I think my mind have changed. Can you please stop posting so many reviews of figures I don’t have? My wallet is crying now.

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