Goofin off

Posted by meronpan on August 10, 2008

…because I got some figmas!

2 Bardiches > 1 Bardiche

…spent a couple hours more than I expected unpacking and messing around with parts/poses…

Fate moves in on Saber after taking out Nanoha... ^^;

When it rains, it pours… went from 0 figmas to 3. ^^;



I’ll have to post more shenanigans later… it’s way late right now! Nanoha to join up along with two other newcomers!


14 Responses to “Goofin off”

  1. optic said

    To make things fair, Saber should have 2 swords. xD

  2. nanu said

    Yuki’s ability to ignore trumps all :D

    I imagine Nanoha’ll scold Fate some, later ~_~

  3. It seems that Saber has defeated Fate with her Excalibur but I’m not sure if she could handle Yuki next. I wonder what spell Yuki is chanting…

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    Need yuri action between Nanoha and Fate.

  5. Q said

    Hahaha Nagato’s ignorance is great. I like that shot a lot~

    I can’t believe that figma Fate is already no longer available via hlj or Hobby Search… Am thinking whether should get one in local shops or not.

  6. meronpan said

    @optic indeed, she’s got both swords atm on my desk ^_^

    @nanu hmm that gives me an idea for another shot… ^_^

    @divine fang level 5 ignore saber ^^;

    @sonic_ver2 hahaha i’ll… consider it ^^;;

    @Q yeah, i noticed it had changed from green to low stock after i placed my order. hopefully you can find her at local shops… save on some shipping too ^_^

  7. Eetaku said

    Are figmas that fun? I don’t like the looks of the joints so I never bought one…Kinda reconsidering now…

  8. meronpan said

    @eetaku depends how much you like playing with your figures ^^; For my usual reviews I like taking group shots and swapping weapons/accessories and what not so I think the figmas are gonna go a long way in that regard.

    I think the joints are the worst when there’s no clothing on the limb, which is why I went with Saber, Fate & Nanoha. But if you find yourself worrying too much about the aesthetics, you may want to reconsider why you’re thinking about getting a figma in the first place. To me they’re 70% play, 30% looks, so they satisfy the 30% easily ^_^ ymmv

  9. James said

    You’re a Figma fanboy now :o

    scary , everyone is getting that disease , i’m scared :'(


  10. meronpan said

    @james i just wanted some versatile guests for my reviews! ^_^ Also a nice addition for my desk. Fear not, fixed pose are still king :D

  11. Saku said

    From 0 to 3 figmas, I am really scared right now since I am getting my first figma next month and it could easily add up to 2, 3 ,4, etc ^^;;

    Saber needs another sword to be on par with Fate ^^

  12. meronpan said

    @saku they’re so cheap! (relatively ^^;) and i made sure to properly equip fate for the next skirmish ^_^

  13. laruto said

    revoltechs are cheaper, but i guess with the greater price comes greater quality.. :)

    that Fate’s big sword is awesome. probably i will get Fate just for the accesories (not so liking the nanoha strikers anime :P)

  14. meronpan said

    @laruto that’s pretty much what sealed the deal for me. couldn’t resist adding another zamber form bardiche to my collection. ^^;

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