Finally! My third Nendoroid: 初音ミク [hatsune miku]

Posted by meronpan on August 11, 2008

The nendoroid miku was another figure I scrambled to pick up after my collection started earlier this year… and again, out of stock everywhere, hard to find, etc. etc. -_-.  I was suspicious when I did find a store that let me order her, but I went with it since I didn’t have any other options at the time.  …and whaddya know, July came around and my miku was nowhere to be seen ;_;  However…



Hlj to the rescue! Soon as I figured out my shipment was delayed I looked around and hlj had her in stock! They also had a couple other things in stock so I kind of went overboard…

3 figmas, a miku, and a side of mikuru please~

the leaning tower of figma

^^;; Anyhow, back to the topic at hand… miku!  Been looking to get a hold of her forever.  She’s just too insanely cute to not have.

haruhi is eager to recruit new talent

haruhi is eager to recruit new talent

Nendoroid owners are prolly familiar with all the goodies that come with her… extra faces, limbs… and a leek!

actually the disembodied parts are kinda freaky...

actually the disembodied parts are kinda freaky...

scene from a horror movie... ^^;

scene from a horror movie... ^^;

Finally free!

「じゃ~ん!」 {jya~n! (tada~!)}

「じゃ~ん!」 {jya~n! (tada~!)}

haruhi gets miku to work right away.

「はい!歌ってちょうだい!」 {hai! utattechoudai! (ok, sing!)}

…haruhi never lets up.

「もう、許して下さい!」 {mou yurushite! (Please, let me go!)}

「もう、許して下さい!」 {mou yurushite! (Please, let me go!)}


「もう、限界です!」 {mou, genkai desu! (I can't take it anymore!)}

「もう、限界です!」 {mou, genkai desu! (I can't take it anymore!)}

Saber to the rescue.

「いい加減にしろ!」 {iikagennishiro! (behave yourself!)}

「いい加減にしろ!」 {iikagennishiro! (behave yourself!)}

Saber just wanted the leek.

「え? セイバーさん?」 {e? seiba-san?}

「え? セイバーさん?」 {e? seiba-san?}

One thing I found annoying when changing faces is that you have to remove miku’s two earpieces to do so. Can get a little tiring ^^;

「皆さん、�いましょう!」 {minna-san, utaimashou! (Let's sing everyone!)}

「皆さん、歌いましょう!」 {minna-san, utaimashou! (Let's sing everyone!)}

Run faster miku!

「逃げるな!」 {nigeruna! (Stop running away!)}

「逃げるな!」 {nigeruna! (Stop running away!)}

Fate to the rescue?

「助けてあげます!」 {tasuketeagemasu! (I'll save you!)}

「助けてあげます!」 {tasuketeagemasu! (I'll save you!)}

miku inadvertently steps onto a battlefield… [as always, click pics for higher rez versions]

「何ですか、これ?!」 {nandesuka, kore?! (What is this?!)}

「何ですか、これ?!」 {nandesuka, kore?! (What is this?!)}

Someday I’ll put my figmas in less violent poses ^^;

「いやあああぁ~」 {iyaaaaaaa~ (aaaaaaaaa~)}

「いやあああぁ~」 {iyaaaaaaa~ (aaaaaaaaa~)}

nagato, ever stoic.



miku makes a hasty retreat.

「覚悟なさいよ!」 {kakugonasaiyo! (prepare yourself!)}

「覚悟なさいよ!」 {kakugonasaiyo! (prepare yourself!)}

…only to be caught by a low angler ^^;

「パンツを見ないで下さい!」 {pantsu wo minaide kudasai! (don't look at my pantsu!)}

「パンツを見ないで下さい!」 {pantsu wo minaide kudasai! (don't look at my pantsu!)}

I love how her hair is adjustable. Unfortunately you need to keep her on the stand if you want to move it up, since normally it keeps her balanced ^^;

「ひどいです!」 {hidoi desu! (you're horrible!)}

About as much detail as you’d expect from a figure like this. It amazes me that the vocaloid text is so crisp.

「どうしてこんな事に…」 {doushite konna koto ni... (why did it have to be like this...)}

Seems haruhi and nagato decided to retreat for now…

戦勝! {senshou! (victory!)}

戦勝! {senshou! (victory!)}

「もしよかったら、このネギを…」 {moshi yokattara, kono negi wo... (If you'd like, please take this leek...)}

「もしよかったら、このネギを…」 {moshi yokattara, kono negi wo... (If you'd like, please take this leek...)}

Poor miku!

「欲しくな~い!」 {hoshikuna~i! (we don't want that!)}

「欲しくな~い!」 {hoshikuna~i! (we don't want that!)}

Be sure to stop by ..:: Anime Baka ::.. for intense miku love more coverage. Fariz Asuka has no less than 39 posts tagged hatsune miku at the time of this post ^_^

aaaand more at Excelica Meteor, Gordonator (ultra kawaii shots in a mini house), How a Girl Figures (miku + Lagann = win), foo-bar-baz, wcloudx, and I’m sure more on my blog roll that I’ve forgotten to list ^^;

And thus my review extras group doubled in size. You’ll probably be seeing a lot more of everyone in reviews to come ^^;


26 Responses to “Finally! My third Nendoroid: 初音ミク [hatsune miku]”

  1. Persocom said

    Ah the more I see her the more I want her. I’ve been spending so much lately that I decided to not order her just yet. I managed to find her on J-List, in stock, but there’s only a few left and she’s $52 USD… So I decided to put her on reserve elsewhere and wait for the December re-re-re-release. Awesome pictures looks like you had fun ^^

  2. ^^ Awesome shoot. Grats on the nendo. Would you perhaps like to blogroll eachother? If you want, send me a post at my blog and I’ll add you.

  3. gordon said

    hey thanks for the mention. ^^

    i’m surprised u can keep her twin tails in an upward position. mine keeps dropping off. O_O

  4. James said

    Great shots , made me smile , good work ^^

    And i’m glad you got Mikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :o

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Nice shots there.

    Seems like fun combining nendoroids and figmas in a scene. :D

  6. nanu said

    Haha, that is quite chaotic.

    I’m still waiting for my Miku ;o; (gg SAL) so I can join in with the tomfoolery soon.

    You’ve linked Nendoroid Theatre before:

    I wonder how that one guy got striped pantsu on his Miku…

  7. meronpan said

    @persocom yeowch $52? that’s quite a markup. about how much i paid for my nagato nendoroid (i was a noob in akiba that didn’t know better orz). and yes, lotsa fun ^_^

    @clear tranquil thanks! i’ll add ya after this

    @gordon anytime, just trying to spread the (miku) love. one of her tails kept falling out if i kept playing with it, but after putting it in snugly it seemed to stay in place…

    @james glad you enjoyed ’em! i’m also glad i got her… it’s almost been half a year! ^^;

    @sonic_ver2 since i’m not taking well lit, well framed review photos i leave it to my other figures to spice things up a bit ^_^ the figmas make me feel like i’m in grade school again ^^;

    @nanu looking forward to it! does another nendoroid have striped pantsu? if so, you just gotta swap the legs, right? otherwise… nothing a little paint can’t do… ^^;

  8. Very nice, I’m planning on getting Miku as soon as I can find her somewhere in stock… and I have the money, that is. xD

  9. meronpan said

    @wickedclown good luck in your miku acquisition endeavors ^_^ luckily she’s a nendoroid so she shouldn’t break the bank

  10. 6pack said

    lol at the story telling. i would have just shot some pics of my miku and put them up. seems i lack some creativity like you :(
    Congrats on the purchase. So you balanced her on her hair? Hmm.. i must try that for my miku while taking some pics xD

  11. meronpan said

    @6pack glad you enjoyed it ^_^ and yeah, her twin tails balance her quite nicely. I think I had read about that at wcloudx’s blog originally (linked above at the end of the post).

  12. Saku said

    The pics and the story made me smile after a long day at work ^^. Good read hehe.

    I will get my first miku nendroid one day.

  13. optic said

    Nice purchases. It’s ok to live a little. Besides, we only live once. xD
    Like ur shoot. U make it so fun.
    I also ordered my miku from hlj from their july restock. It’s been almost 2.5 weeks now and she still hasn’t arrived. I’m starting to get worried now as usually I would get my loot in 2 weeks (SAL). I kinda think it’s delayed longer than expected but I will see.
    I’m tempted to get the GSC mikuru fest. version. to complete my max haruhi set.

  14. meronpan said

    @saku thanks ^_^ luckily they’ve had a pretty generous rerelease schedule so she should be available for a while hopefully

    @optic i really should go with SAL and save some money… the excuse i’ve been giving myself is that with EMS they take it back to my local post office if i’m not home… which i prefer ‘cuz otherwise it’s sitting outside all day. luckily lots of my orders are from a us based shop and the shipping isn’t too bad for those.

    set completion really fuels my impulse buys… ^^; i think i’m subconsciously making up for all those sets i never completed in diablo II ^^;;; personally i went with the alter version because i liked the expression more. The MF version was a little too… mmm… outgoing? …not reserved enough? …not that I wouldn’t buy her if I had the extra cash :P

  15. Q said

    Although I’m not into Nendoroids, you have made a nice coverage on Miku with other Nendos and figmas!

    Fate is completely sold out over my area… I thought it would have official imports from Japan but it didn’t turn out to be so T_T

  16. meronpan said

    @Q glad you enjoyed the review ^_^ these manufacturers need to increase their output! everyone should have at least 1 fate ^_^

  17. Blowfish said

    Oh man i just love your photoshootings.
    Especially love the AHh dont look at my pantsu picture^^

  18. Saku said

    Meronpan, I am adding you to my blogroll list. Hope you don’t mind ^^;;

  19. Lsio said

    wow a big loot you got. what a coincidence, we just happen to have the same Nendoroid collection; my miku is on the way; hopefully can get it this week.

  20. リョ Ryo said

    Nice shots man! Also Miku nendoroid is cute~ ^^

    BTW, add your blog to my blogroll.

  21. meronpan said

    @blowfish heheh, i felt bad after terrorizing miku ^_^;

    @saku don’t mind at all ^_^

    @lsio that is pretty random considering i picked up haruhi on a whim at an anime convention ^^;

    @ryo thanks! so glad to finally have her ^_^

  22. Q said

    Haha meronpan I would so agree with you there : P

    Just don’t like the feeling how the market here got turned outside down because of import issues, whereas Taiwan has them in healthy stock…

  23. xephfyre said

    I picked up Haruhi wallscrolls at a whim when I was at a local cosplay con….=x

    Also, good review, but nendoroids were never my thing.

  24. meronpan said

    @q sounds rough… best of luck getting ahold of her~

    @xephfyre thanks ^_^ mebbe someday you’ll develop the chibi love :P

  25. lovelyduckie said

    I’m catching that Miku nendoroid on the 2nd re-release myself. I’ll probably end up getting her in the same shipment as the nendoroid twins Ren and Lin.

  26. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie ooo the twins ^_^ for the moment i’m holding back, but i’m eager to see others’ reviews ^_^

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