Next Pantsu Post Preview

Posted by meronpan on August 18, 2008

So I’m just a little busy, not dead ^^; Since I’m planning to get shots of my entire collection up, I’ve definitely got a huge backlog queued up… not to mention manga and anime blurbs I’d like to post…

Some mikuru love incoming, and perhaps some H2O later…

Also got notice of my wave kiriha shipping… fortune arterial fans out there? ^_^


11 Responses to “Next Pantsu Post Preview”

  1. James said

    Don’t die :'(

    H2O = Love (L)

  2. gordon said

    i look forward to your next pantsu er… i mean post. ^_^

  3. Blowfish said

    I always knew that Haruhi looked up to Mikuru (`s pantsu)

  4. Deathy said

    Haruhi is impressed that Mikuru still have any pantsu left.

  5. I need a Mikuru figureeeeee~

  6. meronpan said

    @james indeed, good stuff. alas i have no hayami figures ;_;

    @gordon not to say there won’t be pantsu… :P

    @blowfish she’s sneaky like that ^_^

    @deathy who’s taking them? ^^;

    @pure trance well, at least there’s a wide selection out there… just need to pick one and scrounge up a little cash ^^;

  7. optic said

    Looking forward to ur Mikuru review. ^^
    So far, the nendo Haruhi has been in almost every shot.

  8. Rin said

    Your not the only one who is also been busy.
    I do understanding, been busy and unable to post and you get backlogged with a ton of stuff. Me too!!!!!!
    I still have a lot of things to do too!!!!!!! blog wise…

  9. lovelyduckie said

    Me too! I’ve recently started trying to take nice pictures of each figure in my collection. Does take quite a bit of work, I think I’ve only done photo shoot of 6 figures so far. The longest part is after the photo shoot is done picking which photos you want and then compressing each one a bit. I’m also doing little anime blurbs :) and it looks like we read quite a few of the same manga series judging from what I see in the background of that picture. It looks like Full metal Alchemist on the right and Wild Act right next to it?

    So I’ll definitely keep an eye out on whatever you reviews! :)

  10. meronpan said

    @optic she does have her way of getting attention ^^;

    @rin heh, and you’ve just been in japan! which just adds more blogging work! :P

    @lovelyduckie yeah, definitely takes a while to process the pics… i do some cropping and adjustments in photoshop which prevents me from using a nice batch process. also, figmas and nendoroids are adding to my shoot time since i have to pause to repose/reconfigure ^^;;

    hmm don’t think those are the manga you think although I can’t quite remember myself… i’ll have to check when i get home. those are some i got my brother that he was trying to get rid of… think it might’ve been battle royal and gto? sliightly better pic from my room page:

    (although it’s an older pic and doesn’t have the manga in question ^^;)

    been looking to get into fma but sadly have made no progress on that yet ;_;

  11. Deathy said

    @meronpan: If I say it’s Haruhi who’s taking them, she’ll probably kill me. o.o”

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