み、み、みらくる みくるんるん! Mi-mi-mirakuru Mikurun-run!

Posted by meronpan on August 21, 2008

Double the mikuru love today.

And how could I resist more miku? ^_^

Were I able to budget myself better I probably would’ve just went with the Alter maid version but I really wanted to have the entire Max Factory lineup ^^;

I don't think I'll ever get tired of haruhi in that pose ^^;;;

My apologies to any regular readers, but I don't think I'll ever get tired of haruhi in that pose ^^;;

My usual box shot... now with 100% more figma!

My usual box shot... now with 100% more figma!

Fate to the rescue again ^_^

Fate to the rescue again ^_^

Some of these photos are from the same day I shot tsuruya & Saber… unfortunately a lot of them were way dark -_-

元気です�~  [very "healthy" isn't she?] ^^;

元気ですね~ {very "healthy" isn't she?} ^^;

パンツ! その一 {first pantsu shot}

パンツ! その一 {first pantsu shot}

Wouldn’t be right if haruhi wasn’t giving mikuru a hard time, now would it?

「パンツ見せなさい!」 {show your pantsu!}

「うううぅぅぅ~」 {uuuuu}

「はい! でかした、みくるちゃん!」 {Ok! Good job, mikuru-chan!}

Though the short skirt provides ample panchira opportunities I’ve always preferred mikuru with her hair down… not to mention the maid outfit really suits her ^_^

Fate wants some tea...

Fate wants some tea...

「お茶とみくるビーム一つ、お願いします~」 {some tea and a mikuru beam please~}

「お茶とみくるビーム一つ、お願いします~」 {some tea and a mikuru beam please~}

「いや、ちょっと待ってて�。変わりになのはちゃん一人にします�。」 {On second thought, I'll have 1 nanoha-chan instead.}

「いや、ちょっと待っててね。変わりになのはちゃん一人にしますね。」 {On second thought, I'll have some nanoha-chan}

「あの、この店はそういうじゃないんですが」 {Umm, this isn't that type of business!}

「あの、この店はそういうじゃないんですが」 {Umm, this isn't that kind of shop!}

I liked the Max Factory tsuruya but for some reason their mikuru maid didn’t do it for me. Too outgoing in her pose or something… just didn’t feel mikuru enough. (coulda sworn I left a comment somewhere saying the same thing… ^^;)

Got my two tsuruya but I don't think I'll be getting the Max Factory mikuru maid.  Two is enough for now ^^;

Is it just me or does haruhi look weird straight on? mmm on second thought maybe it's just late ^^;;

Nendoroid inspection

Nendoroid inspection... haruhi: "Not enough pantsu!" miku: "Not enough leeks!"

Wish I had that wonfes edition that came with more props ^^;

On to some close ups…  note to self: I need a tripod and some lighting orz

Very shiny from this angle for some reason...

Very shiny from this angle for some reason...

One thing I enjoy about doing these reviews is that you discover all the little details about your figures.

I love all the little things like buttons or finger nails painted. This is no Alter Saber maid, but it'll do :P

Pantsu fans foiled by tights!  Tights fans service!

Pantsu fans foiled by tights! Tights fans service!

Max Factory mikuru has no chance of escaping the low anglers...

…aaaand back to shenanigans. I also need to get the ac adapter for my camera… it’s pretty annoying to turn it off every time I have to pause to repose the figmas ^^;

miku fell ;_;

miku fell ;_;


oshiri slice!

I’ve seen the term 攻め (seme) pop up in koihime (anime) and tsuyokiss (game) recently. Literally it means “attack” but it can be used to refer to the dominant partner in a relationship ^^; Was happy I understood the jokes – that’s always been one of the frustrating parts about watching Japanese tv for me… all the people in the audience laughing and I’m just sitting there thinking, “wait, what? that was a joke?” …and by then I’ve missed more dialog orz

「前から気になったんだけど…どっちが攻め?」 {It's been bothering me for a while, but which one of you is the "aggressor"?}

It just occurred to me the above comment could be applied to either haruhi <-> mikuru or Fate <-> nanoha ^^;

Skirts make it damned impossible for figmas to sit ^^;

say cheese!

Is it bad I keep depicting my figures as ero or violent ^^;;

Fate! Stop that!

Ack! nanoha too?!

Max Factory haruhi is supposedly in the mail, which I believe will finally complete my MF haruhi collection (to my satisfaction at least). I find it strange I’ve gone to such lengths to grab all these haruhi figures seeing as how it’s really not my favorite series or anything. I guess it’s just so influential in the oktakusphere I couldn’t not collect them ^^;

foo-bar-baz has a bunch of relevant review… wf summer uniform haruhi w/adventure of mikuru prop set, Max Factory mikuru (mikuru beam version), Alter mikuru maid, and Max Factory mikuru maid

And more Max Factory mikuru coverage from blogs I read – Opticzone, ~Koi Aichaku~… it’s late and that’s all I could remember at the moment ^^; Drop a line if you’ve got more pics~ Didn’t find any Alter mikuru owners ^^;

それじゃ、おやすみなさい~ {and with that, good night, folks!}


15 Responses to “み、み、みらくる みくるんるん! Mi-mi-mirakuru Mikurun-run!”

  1. optic said

    Saw a pingback in my comment list and I knew ur review is up. xD
    I like ur funny shoots. Lots of variety. ^^
    “I find it strange I’ve gone to such lengths to grab all these haruhi figures seeing as how it’s really not my favorite series or anything.”
    We share something in common mate. I should get the Max Mikuru fest. ver. as well to complete my Max Haruhi set even though it’s already complete. I might get it someday.
    I find the Alter one just looks too plain when it comes to colour.

  2. James said

    Some pics are really funny , i love what you do with your reviews , nice to look and read them :)

    Now you have two Tsuruya and two Mikuru :o

    You’re a real fanboy aren’t you ? :p

    But they are awesome , so it’s fine :)

  3. Rin said

    A lot of figures!!!!!!!
    It’s Mikuru overload time huh!!!!!!!
    I do like the Alter version…I should had got it in Japan…sadly I didn’t…so sad…
    Still, they’re so awesome!!!!!!!!
    I want your Fate figma!!!!!!!!!

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    Man, i didn’t know that Alter’s maid Mikuru is that good. I cancelled pre-order of this figure because i bought too much last July. I kinda regret of having Alter’s Mikuru cancelled T_T.

  5. I saw Maid Mikuru at Kinokuniya yesterday–$70 ;_;

  6. Eetaku said

    Love the pantsu shots!

  7. Blowfish said

    Your Pictures are funny as always!
    i love the Picture where Saber wants to have NAnoha and touches her chin. Absolutely Priceless!

    Im not that much of a Haruhi fan but id take the MF Mikuru out of the two.

    Youre right the Haruhi Nendo looks straight on weird.It could be that im so used to her pervy upskirt looks^^

  8. meronpan said

    thanks everyone for the compliments~ ^_^

    @optic i think it might be the subtlety of the coloring that I like… reserved like mikuru ^^;

    @james it’s emergent fan boy behavior ^^;; The haruhi shelf of my detolf is going to be packed though ^^;;;

    @rin you weren’t able to find fate? well, at least you got lots of other loot. 8 boxes was it? i limit myself to a suitcase (‘course that was before I started collecting figures… ^^;;)

    @sonic_ver2 at least you have some self control… Once I’ve placed an order it’s reaaaally hard for me to cancel ^^;;

    @pure trance she was at kinokuniya? sf or sj? Last time I was in sf they mostly just had atelier sai and some other random stuff I wasn’t particularly keen on. think after taxes & shipping I prolly paid about the same. ;_;

    @eetaku so do i… so do… *ahem* I’m merely providing a service to panchira fans out there! ^^;;

    @blowfish they just seem to gravitate towards those poses… it’s hard to resist the yuri ^^;

  9. @ meronpan – You live around here???? I live in Santa Clara :)

    She was at San Jose Kinokuniya…I don’t think I am going to get her though, I have too many preorders xD;;; Maybe if it was the other one you had in the picture…I prefer her pose xD;; San Jose has quite a few good figures when they want to, mostly from Haruhi and Evangelion though. I got my Haruhi and Kyon figmas there, as well as my Haruhi 1/8 figure. ;)

  10. meronpan said

    @pure trance yeah, been all over the bay area… feels like i move every year ^^; i actually work in santa clara though!

    i’ve tried to go to the sj kinokuniya on two separate occasions but was foiled both times. First time it was too late (dinner ran long), second time they were closed for an inventory check or some crap! ;_; Ah well, I consoled myself with pastries from clover ^_^

  11. @ meronpan – That’s pretty cool :3 I work in Saratoga.

    Maybe we should go together some time :P There is lots of good stuff! They are usually open, you just had bad luck lol.

  12. Q said

    Your figure collection is building up quick meronpan. I’m impressed~
    Btw since when has Fate-chan has gone perverted and naughty?! XD

  13. meronpan said

    @Q It’s been growing at a feverish pace… I can’t sustain this growth for much longer ^^;;;; Maybe Fate got a hold of some doujinshi… ^^;

  14. suneo said

    haha lots of miku/ru happenin there. Some pretty entertaining shots. Oshiri slice! I’d take a slice of Mikuru Oshiri… ^^;

  15. meronpan said

    @suneo mikuru is always getting picked on ^^;

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