Weekend Goodies

Posted by meronpan on August 23, 2008

Short blurb on the figures I got this week ^_^


As you can see my Wave kuze kiriha and my Max Factory haruhi have arrived! This marks the first and last figure order that I will suffer through having items held until all items have arrived. In this case the other items happened to get delayed so it wasn’t until I finally got fed up and canceled every other part of the order that I was able to get haruhi to ship -_- kiriha wasn’t part of that fiasco, but had the normal us release delay -_-;

I think it’s because I don’t have my collection on display at the moment, but when I got haruhi out of her box, it was just, wow, excellent. Looking forward to having everyone out of the box…


I really enjoyed kiriha’s scenario so I had to get a figure of her… now the cursed set completion mindset is corrupting me… might end up getting everyone orz

Couldn't quite get Fate's arms to mimic the pose ^^;

Alrighty, back to trying to write that H2O stuff I wanted to post…

[update: pics now clickable for full size… not sure why they didn’t automatically have that… wordpress must be updating their stuff again -_-]


13 Responses to “Weekend Goodies”

  1. gordon said

    lol, seems like every otaku blogs i went to, the owner will most definitely own a Max Factory haruhi. it’s like a standard figure for all fans. ^^;

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    Max Factory Haruhi is a mandatory for every Japanese PVC figure collector. And congratulation for getting one of this Haruhi!

  3. James said

    That Kiriha seems nice :o

    More pics soon please :p

  4. Q said

    I know nothing of Fortune Arterial, but that is a nice figure of Kiriha. I can see how eager you are to complete a series / collection. It’s awfully tempting and I had that when I was collecting my little tank miniatures back then lol…

    Btw I got myself my Fate-chan! Want to spend more time with her, but haven’t got the time to do so ._.

  5. meronpan said

    @gordon yeah when I checked the listing @ tsukiboard, the “owned by” section was the largest I’d seen ^^;; really cute and really captures the haruhi feeling though, I can see why fans like this release ^_^

    @sonic_ver2 thanks! very happy to add her to the collection ^_^

    @james hopefully i can get to her this week, but if not, i have a vacation coming up the next ^_^

    @Q it’s a great game ^_^ one of those eroge i can totally see getting an anime treatment (like ef or kanon, not an ero release, although with any eroge, that’s a possibility ^^;;).

    Grats on your fate get! That reminds me I need to get her zamber form bardiche out again…

  6. Blowfish said

    Seems like Haruhi only enjoys peeking under other girls skirts and not under her own^^

    Seems like im the only one resisting Haruiism :D

  7. zenical said

    I don’t have any Haruhi figures =/

  8. optic said

    So which one are u missing? Asakura Ryoko?
    It’s corrupting u because u a resisting. Don’t fight it, just let it consume u. xD

    Looking forward to ur whole haruhi shoot when u get the entire set. ^^

  9. meronpan said

    @blowfish i’m sure she’ll get around to it, give her time ^_^ I remember thinking “Ah, this is why this is so popular” while watching, but looking back on the series now, I can’t remember why at all ^^;

    @zenical my wallet envies you ^^;

    @optic my set’s complete in my eyes ^_^ Have ryoko, foget if I’ve ever posted a pic of her… Technically I’m missing the school festival mikuru but I don’t plan on getting her, soooo yeap, complete! ^^; Hopefully I’ll get that shoot done soon, been looking forward to it too ^^;

  10. meimi132 said

    I bloody hope I can get the GSC Miku. Cos she looks equally as yummy. Although a bigger, more adult form of yummy lol

  11. Saku said

    Kuze Kiriha looks nice. I am like Blowfish and has not gone into Haruism…………yet ^^;;.

    Looking forward to Kuze Kiriha photo shoot ^^

  12. BandAiD said

    Kiriha has always been one of the girls I liked from anything related to FA, the other being the silver haired one. They look great though!

  13. meronpan said

    @saku indeed she does! figures that she would precipitate my first wave figure purchase ^^;

    @bandaid shiro? yeah, she’s terribly cute ^^; kiriha’s probably my favorite… long hair and she’s mean! …now that i think of it, that’d be why I also like nagomi (tsuyokiss), motoko (love hina), eriko (kimikiss)… … ^^;;

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