Posted by meronpan on August 27, 2008

Are you an H2O fan? Great, let’s talk H2O… anime and game!

Since I’ll be talking about the anime and game plot differences at times, be forewarned, spoilers abound!  {Afterthought: I suppose most of this post ended up being explanations of the game plot so people who can’t/never got around to the game can get a feel for it.  And of course, this post acts as a reminder for me since I have a terrible memory ^^;}

Stories of discrimination really get my blood boiling, but this was the first time I’d seen an eroge/anime having such a theme. As such it really killed me to see poor hayami-chan getting beat up and chastised for no apparent reason.

Lots of the confrontations in the game have scenes like this…

"Step on her! Step on her! Step on her!"

"hirose's a cockroach! hirose's a cockroach! hirose's a cockroach!"

The anime shows it directly, of course… (note: these aren’t from similar points in the plot at all)

Man I hate boy A and boy B

The game never has any CGs of hayami getting beat up so it relies more on the verbal assault, peer pressure, and cultivating a sense of despair. During one confrontation takuma goes to try and get the teacher to help but she ignores him and eventually tells him to go the hell away. Compared to the direct visuals in the anime, I think both were effective… but man, it was hard for me to watch hayami get the crap kicked out of her in ep 11. -_-

takuma’s blindness was handled much different in the game…  You start out with the color sapped out of everything.  It was an interesting effect having the world lose so much of its life.

The game version of takuma's first encounter with hayami ^^; Color is all dull because of takuma's eye condition.

Same CG without the "blindness" effect

Same CG without the "blindness effect"

Eventually in hayami’s arc, takuma is desperately searching for her, cries up at the sky for help and his wish is granted.

"Then my last question... hirose... do you... umm.. do you l-l-like me?"

Was a really great moment in the game for me. Everything you’ve been used to seeing in subdued colors suddenly comes to life, and you get a kokuhaku scene to boot! ^_^ I can’t remember exactly how far through, but it felt like half or more of the game had passed before takuma gained his sight back… as opposed to at the end of the first episode in the anime ^^;

I can see pantsu now!

So yeah, significantly more build up in the game… caught me off guard when I was watching the anime ^^; Also in the anime we find takuma has not actually regained his sight… this kind of snowballs and suddenly we find takuma going back to the city with hayami… who he thinks is his mom!  kimoi!  Personally I preferred the game in this case… other plot devices are used to separate takuma from the little town.

Mom?   ... ... ... ^^;; kimoi yo ne!!

Mom? ... ... ... ^^;; kimoi yo ne!!

At least in hayami & hotaru’s scenario takuma eventually must move back… and we get a whole part of the game with the older characters!  I love this sort of content, and in this case, it’s a major part of the game!

sasara? whoops, wrong eroge ^^;

sasara? whoops, wrong eroge ^^;

mmm hizamakura~

mmm hizamakura~

Each of the three scenarios are broken up into three stages basically.  From takuma’s arrival in town to his first departure, his return and the regular game end, and a final chapter that’s basically omake and some ero.  Although otoha’s final section might’ve had more to it… I haven’t actually played through her scenario yet orz.

maid hayami! dai-sa-bisu!

maid hayami! dai-sa-bisu!

If I understood correctly, hayami dies trying to save a kid and is resurrected at the end in the anime?  In hayami’s game arc it’s a lot less fantastic… takuma must return to his father in the city, leaving hayami behind. Years pass and takuma is able to visit, he meets up with hayami on the hill he promised to return to. After spending a day together and reconfessing his love… hayami rejects him! She’s from a poor background, she doesn’t belong in his future and so forth…

"That's... the wrong choice." "eh?" "takuma, you're about to do something you mustn't do. Falling in love with someone like me... simply won't do."

Luckily takuma can’t resist twin-tail hayami, finds her out on the hill in the middle of the night, and tells her so (err, well not that exactly ^^;).

awww~ ^_^

awww~ ^_^

Yay, happy ending, she goes to live with takuma in the city as he attends university ^_^



hayami’s omake chapter includes meeting up with yui in the city… who ends up… mmm… teaching hayami about some… things.

Still chibi

Still chibi

Hotaru’s scenario is different of course… takuma regains his sight when villagers are going to attack him & hotaru (can’t quite remember the specifics, must be for hotaru’s friendship with hayami).  We then get an interesting development… takuma’s grandfather comes… and he’s some super pimp that even hotaru’s grandfather won’t mess with.

He's even got a pimped out cane!

He even has a pimped out cane!

All the kids start being nice to hayami… because they’re afraid takuma-jiji will ruin them.  There’s a little interlude with the trap… err hamaji not getting along with boy a and b, but then takuma’s jiji takes him back to the city.

What's with the locks? I missed that explanation if it was there... ^^;

takuma comes back as he’s deciding whether or not to take up some family business (i think?)… and finds some hotaru in the road!

"I so wanted to see you again, takuma!"

"I so wanted to see you again, takuma!"

She’s not so weak anymore and has some new moves…

Emergency mode!

Emergency mode! Panchira uppercut combo!

Hayami had some moves too… don’t remember seeing them in the anime thou…

Again we get trouble… takuma’s family situation makes it impossible for him to get together with hotaru, who’s heartbroken… or at least that’s what hotaru’s jiji would have her believe!  takuma refuses his family obligations and chooses hotaru ^_^

I really should finish playing this game… ‘cuz hotaru’s extra chapter includes hayami working as their maid or something?

I call shenanigans... and demand to see them!

I call shenanigans... and demand to see them!

As mentioned above, I haven’t played any of otoha’s chapter so sorry to dissapoint otoha fans out there ^^;  I think she may come back to life… but that’s just a guess based on cg i’ve seen…

err, not this cg though ^^;

Some more chibi cg… the game diverts to chibi cg for many scenes and it’s great ^_^

More random media… The anime really grabbed me with the OP song. Lay the cheese on me, I love it ^^;

強い君の声に 嗚呼 何故か涙が溢れてた

“If we became birds, if we became one with the wind, would our dreams come true?” I teased.
“If we hold hands together, we’d make a pair of wings, right?” you said resolutely.
“Yeah…” And for some reasons, my tears overflowed.

I also love the Game ED and ep. 12 ED ^_^;

Sadly I have no H2O figures, owned or ordered.  I’d love a hayami figure but the only one I know of is the Good Smile Company one.  I probably have figures I’m less excited about currently in my collection, but it just feels like she’s lacking something and I’ve been holding off.  Maybe I’ll get lucky and Alter will surprise me ^^;


8 Responses to “(H2O)^2”

  1. Persocom said

    I read bits and pieces of this after seeing the word spoiler. I have yet to watch the anime or play the game, I really should find some time to though. I have heard it’s on par with Kanon and Air, both excellent animes that I enjoyed. I tried to keep myself from having been spoiled by browsing the pictures and scanning through the post. This makes me want to see it now though, I’ll definately add to my watch soon list.

  2. meronpan said

    @persocom Kanon is still probably the most moving game I’ve ever played but unfortunately I haven’t finished the anime yet ^^;; Crap, can’t remember if I got all the dvds yet either…i think so… (my second, and last, full japanese anime dvd set. soooo expensive, what was i thinking?! orz) And I’m waiting to watch air until I finish that game too ^^; …poor clannad is last in line -_-

    I go through the 2 of the 3 endings of the original game (which reminds me i haven’t even touched after & another…) so yeah, definitely avoid reading anything if you’re concerned about spoilers. ^^;

  3. Blowfish said

    I did the same as Persocom since i didnt want to be spoilered but the scenario sounds interesting.I expected the usual harem scenario.
    Ill have to check it out for sure

  4. meronpan said

    @blowfish some of the stuff in the extra chapters for each character leans slightly in the harem direction, so it’s not a complete void ^^;

  5. James said

    H2O (the anime) was great , i loved the ending a lot (L)

    Didn’t look at the pics because the game is surely different than the anime and maybe i’ll play it someday ^^

  6. meronpan said

    @james Indeed it’s pretty different. If you ever play, it also features less routes than most galge so in a sense it’s less bang for the buck (errr pun not intended ^^;;;). I suppose if you combine it with after and another you have a normal amount, but by itself it’s just hotaru, hayami and otoha!

  7. Saku said

    Seeing your post reminds to watch H20 anime which is sitting nicely in my hard drive XD. I need to watch it one of these days ^^;;

  8. meronpan said

    @saku yes you do :D and i should finish playing the games ^^;;;

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