ハルヒお中元セット! [haruhi bon festival gift set!]

Posted by meronpan on August 30, 2008

Limited?  Check.  No patience?  Check.  Bleeding wallet?  Check.  All systems go!  Engage impulse buy limit break!

Brought to you in full by shenanigans.

Brought to you in full by shennanigans.

I blame Lovelyduckie for this one. Saw her review recently, went hunting on ebay, and now I’ve got a mini-review for y’all ^_^;;;

I had given up on getting this set after finding out it was gonna be pretty hard to get outside Japan… After release I hit up ebay and luckily restrained myself from dropping $100.  Prices are lower now, but was still pretty pricey at $55 (and I bumped up the shipping to EMS for another $20 ;_;) but, but… but it was limited! orz

Well, enuf crying, I have no regrets!  Saber is disappointed in me though.  ^^;

Good Smile Companyの涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱ねんどろいどぷちお中元セット{Good Smile Company's Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu Nendoroid Puchi Bon Festival Gift Set} ... what a mouthful ^^; Presented by Fate!

It wouldn’t be an いつも いつでも いつまでも review without nendoroid haruhi~

Tape took off that part of the box on the left... meh, wasn't planning on displaying the box :P

Jail break!

Fate: 「逃がしません!」 {You won't get away!} Miku: 「あわわ~」 {awawa~}

They’ve run away… to conduct a swim meet?

「おい、長門。 競泳する時は浮き輪を使うんじゃないぞ。」 {nagato, you don't use swimming rings during races!}

From all the pics, I never realized there was the usual plastic support in the back ^^;

浮き輪可愛い! {The swim rings are kawaii!}

Fate finally catches up…

「ただで済むんじゃないよ!」 {You won't get off so easily!}

The starter blocks interconnect so they line up nice and neat without a lot of fuss. And of course, they can be separated…

Fate: 「あたしは誰だと思ってんのよ?!」 {Who do you think I am?!} Saber: 「。。。」

Nanoha to the rescue?

Saber: 「いい加減Testarossaさんを何とかしなさいよ!」 {Please do something about Miss Testarossa!}

konata isn’t one to miss out on such fitting shenanigans!

nagato is greedy.

「あのう~ 私のだけを返していいでしょうか…」 {ummm... can I at least have mine back?}

As you probably noticed, I’ve taken a liking to uncharacteristically-violent-and-cruel-Fate-chan.

Fate: 「覚悟!」 {Prepare yourselves!} Saber: 「いつの間に...?! 私の剣!」 {When did she...?! My swords!}

Was it really worth $15 a piece for these nendoroid puchis?  Probably not.  Are they cute as hell?  Definitely.  ^_^

Gomen if you were hoping for some kiriha coverage.  I have a week off though, so I should definitely get that review done soon!

Update: Make sure to get a full helping of coverage!


23 Responses to “ハルヒお中元セット! [haruhi bon festival gift set!]”

  1. Nomad said

    waaah!! i really want this set too, i almost got it on ebay for 100 lol but decided my wallet has to save up for all my pre-orders lol, now i’ll have to try to fight the temptation again.

  2. lovelyduckie said

    Mwahahahaaha I’m glad I was helpful! Putting on the tubes was a little difficult for me at first I kept trying to force it up over their hips before I realized you need to put them on by taking off the arms and head and slipping over the top of the body.

  3. andra said

    so cute! ^^ but should I say lucky me for my Haruhi fever had disappear and I wont have to go hunting on ebay ^^;

  4. optic said

    I almost won this set on ebay for $50 but I lost in the last 50 seconds. T_T
    I still plan to get the set but don’t know when.
    lol, I think coming 2nd doesn’t fit konata. xD

  5. meronpan said

    @nomad hopefully gsc is planning to rerelease for next year’s bon festival… they’re too awesome for a limited release!

    @lovelyduckie ahhh they’re supposed to go from the top down?! i absolutely hate dealing with nendoroid puchi arms (they always fall off and don’t fit snug! -_-) so it had never occurred to me to try that ^^;

    @andra my budget would be a lot better off if it weren’t for haruhi ^^;;;

    @optic dang that sucks. i try to stay away from bidding ‘cuz i find i always overspend ^^;;; ah, are these supposed to be 1st/2nd place sorta blocks or the ones you start on to jump in the pool? ^^;;; i had assumed the later if the former… well, she’s up against some rough competition! :P

  6. Q said

    lol I take a liking to Fate as a tough and not-to-mess-about-with mahou shoujo who also has a great sense of elegance. You gave a whole new meaning to her! XD

    Don’t know about this set at all until I saw your post. I suppose it’s worth the money if it’s not easy to get anymore. What matters is how much you value something in my opinion. Make sure that the feeling to *have* is greater than the feeling to *want*, or else you may regret it. I now treasure my Fate as much as my crazy military miniature collection (which I won’t talk about in an extent unless there is a demand) that hardly anyone here appreciates. And that is a good feeling I must admit.

    It must have been my poor awareness recently, but didn’t forgot to blogroll you until now orz. Thanks for the add!

  7. meronpan said

    @Q ooo have you written any posts about this military miniature collection? i just like seeing other people’s collections in general… be it figures, cards, stamps, spoons, whatever :P

    good point about having versus wanting. there is that moment when i come off purchasing euphoria and think, “nooo, not again!” but in the end, when the package has arrived, i’m excited like a kid on xmas morning ^^;

  8. Q said

    When I think it’s time to do a ‘my room’ kind of post, I will very likely show some of my collection out. I got quite of my friends going like o_O before. Maybe there are otakus out there who are like me with a strange mixture of interest out there?

  9. Deathy said

    Poor Mikuru even during swimming classes she gets bullied. And Faito-chan is so angry, I guess she needs some love… from Nanoha?

  10. optic said

    they are first and second block placing but they can be both. Actually, taking a closer look, i’m not too sure anymore. lol

  11. Rin said

    Konata is not going to lose to any of them!!!!!
    Fate is so mean…Konata uses her ultra gaming skills to stop her…
    I would want that too…ebay hunt now…

  12. sonic_ver2 said

    Finding limited figures means that you have to prepare for a critical wallet damage. That’s why i always try to avoid getting attached to limited things.

  13. gordon said

    US$15 a piece!? O_O that’s expensive but then again they are cute as hell alright!

    somebody stop feito please!

  14. Saku said

    $15 a piece is expensive but it’s all good since they all are cute lol. No surprise Saber is disappointed with you XD.

    Gosh, what have you done to me ? I am browsing ebay looking for this too lol ^^;;

  15. meronpan said

    @Q lookin forward to it ^_^

    @deathy alas, poor mikuru’s whole existence is based on getting bullied ^^;;

    @optic ^^;

    @rin i think konata’s only chance would be distract fate with eroge talk ^^;

    @sonic_ver2 i also try to avoid getting attached to them… i’m just very bad at it ^^;;; but yeah, i need to get a second job or stop going gaga over every limited release ^^;;

    @gordon yeap, after shipping and everything, $15 a piece orz… somehow i need to work the hayate figma into my budget so she can help restrain fate ^_^

    @saku i tell ya it’s lovelyduckie’s fault! :P

  16. James said

    Awww thanks for the pics , i’m waiting for them too , finally decided to buy them after seing the price drop :)

    Btw you’re quite violent , there’s always lots of action in all your pics :( some of these pics made me cry :'(

  17. meronpan said

    @james fear not, no nendoroids were harmed during the shooting of this review ^_^;;

    …i should get some figmas that aren’t so heavily armed ^^;; the accessories make me do it!

  18. zenical said

    Almost won them on ebay for 55, but decided I wasn’t that much interested. I was short of cash T_T

  19. xephfyre said


  20. meronpan said

    @zenical the plague of every figure collector ^^;

    @xephfyre ^^;;; gomen gomen! eventually! ^^;;

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  23. […] and checking out a few reviews but readers who are interested but still undecided can check out Meronpan and Exelica meteor reviews as […]

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