紅瀬 桐葉 {kuze kiriha}

Posted by meronpan on September 3, 2008

Hailing from Fortune Arterial (nsfw) we have kuze kiriha!  Definitely one of my favorite routes from the game, though I still can’t decide if I liked her or erika’s true route better…

Not too many figures I know of, so I had to settle for this one from Wave.

Saber on guard.

The “now on sale” news for this figure was announced at akibablog with quite the headline – 中出し率75.0% 「紅瀬桐葉」フィギュア発売. I’ll… uh, leave the translation of that to the dedicated and curious ero aficionados ^^;

Long black hair, healthy eyes and an ice cold attitude to cut you to shreds. My favorite ^_^

The figure, on the other hand leaves me with a bit to be desired, especially for the price -_-

The hair has a chunky kind of feeling I don’t like, and the face just doesn’t quite capture that cool look she has in the game art…

In the game kiriha has this smirk that’s just delicious. A “nice try, baka” sort of smirk. For me at least, this figure just doesn’t capture it.

Close, but no banana.

Close, but no banana.

After getting erika I really wanted a kiriha in my collection and had few other options… so she’ll have to do for now.

haruhi is back at it.

Nendoroid haruhi vision.

Nendoroid haruhi vision.

Seems like they could've done a better job with the emblem.

Hair aside... something's just not right with her face...

Fate… actually had a little accident… of the optic nature… while I was posing her today… still trying to get her recovered ;_;

Have some TEA!

Saber ninjas the tea.

The Wave Fortune Arterial figures all come with a matching base and section of the back drop. Catch ’em all to form the Fortune Arterial logo.

…this of course has me considering the rest of the set ^^; At the moment I’ll pass, as tempting as a full set may be.

Not something you'd display without the whole set ^^;

As pointed out in the foo-bar-baz review, kiriha is taller than the backdrop ^^;;

Maybe they’ll make an anime and then Alter will do a collection of figures… I can still dream I guess ^^;

In the end, despite all my complaints, I’m still satisfied with this get.  If I wasn’t familiar with the game at all, it definitely would’ve been a pass, but nostalgia + mediocrity == good enuf for now ^_^;

Next up, a group extravaganza!


10 Responses to “紅瀬 桐葉 {kuze kiriha}”

  1. optic said

    Ouch. That hurts. Looks like I passed on that dilemma. T_T
    I would suggest blue tack to fix her hand up or get a new one if it’s bothering that much.

    As for the figure, I thought wave did a ok job. The face looks kinda off. If they added the smirk, I think that would have changed the perspective of the figure.

    Overall, nice shoot. I can already make out the characters in ur group shoot. xD

  2. Q said

    Ouch! If that were to happen on my Fate I think my heart will break.

    The face does feel a bit different to how she should look like in the game. Not “tsuntsun” enough I guess? ^^;; But it’s still a good buy I hope? Maybe the bases will urge you to complete the whole collection~ Tempting indeed~

    Wow that’s quite a group photo there! Is that 2 whole sets there?

  3. zenical said

    My Fate also had a little accident. Seems that everyone is having problems ^^”

  4. meronpan said

    @optic yeah, it’s looking like blue tack to the rescue for this one -_- given how much force it was taking to get the hands into the joint (and seeing your post), i had a feeling this would happen someday … but so soon! orz

    @Q indeed i think it’s the lack of tsuntsun that’s brings the figure up short. 2 whole sets? mmm i suppose you could say there are two whole (different) sets… Soon to be revealed once I get the post up ^^;

    @zenical it’s a plague! I wish they used a more resilient joint -_-

  5. James said

    I kinda like that figure , the face is typical Wave work i guess ^^

    Still , it’s fine but i never played the game so yes ^^

    Get the set , buy them ! :p

  6. Nomad said

    group shot = HARUHI!!! lol

  7. Blowfish said

    I love Nendo Haruhis Vision.Shes up to no good again!

    A pretty classic pose but she looks quite nice.Wave seems to do some nice work here and there

  8. meronpan said

    @james the rest of the set is so expensive! looks like it’d be 15k yen before shipping ;_; i’d drop that much without a second thought for figures that blow me away but alas, that wouldn’t be my main motivator in this case ^^;; well, time will tell…

    @nomad ^_^ i was surprised how recognizable the characters were after the pixelization ^^;

    @blowfish i think this is my first wave figure… not great, but good enuf to satisfy my otakudom ^_^

  9. sonic_ver2 said

    I broke Fate’s hand just after i opened the box and played first time. And that hurt, ALOT!

    Anyway, judging from her face and hair Wave’s figure quality isn’t really that good. That’s why i tend to avoid figure from manufacturers other than MF, GSC, Alter, and Kotobukiya.

  10. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 thank goodness she has a cuff on her sleeve to hide any reworking.

    i also tend to buy from mf gsc and alter, but i’m open to others if i see a good review. freeing bunnies, daiki kougyo’s recent kanu and some of the megahouse queen’s blade stuff all made it past the test ^_^

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