SOS団 Extravaganza

Posted by meronpan on September 4, 2008

To dive right into things, here’s the preview pic from the last post un-scambled:

My current haruhi figure collection.

The current haruhi collection.

After seeing that I’m sure no one will believe me when I say I’m not really that much of a haruhi fan, but it’s true ^^;;  What you see here is the result of my inability to resist set completion and the power of suggestion… and cute nendoroids ^^;;;

I recently completed (to my satisfaction at least) my set of max factory haruhi releases.

haruhi and nagato were the only ones I was able to secure from stores.  Everyone else was obtained on ebay.

I’ll be “reviewing” haruhi and ryoko… skip to the end if you’re just looking for more group shot shenanigans.

copy cat

出なさい! {get out of there!}

haruhi is packaged with her pointing hand…

…but as you may have noticed, I’m partial to the megaphone ^_^

Alternate uber director arm band also included, and ryoko gets her choice of bag and knife ^^; Figma like ball joint for swapping ryoko’s parts… first time I’ve seen this kind of joint for 1/8 Max Factory figures. Looks the same over at foo-bar-baz so I’m guessing it’s legit.

Danny mentioned in his kurushima kanu review that haruhi’s pantsu were originally orange! Obviously a check was in order.

Glad they made 'em change the color ^^;

Better check on ryoko while we’re at it…

mmm well, she’s got that knife so we’ll keep our distance and leave it at that for now :P

haruhi demands that erika drink more tea and show more pantsu.

Seemed to have a good amount of light coming in my room, so tried some macro shots again…

Serrated! Ouch! ...and looks like I didn't push that hand all the way in ^^;

Turned out pretty good this time (for me at least ^^;;)

I don't quite get why, out of all the things to list, they include the figure total height on the base ^^;

This figure is making me like the ryoko character more for some reason ^^;

So it seems this haruhi figure came out over a year and a half ago! Luckily she’s had 4 releases and I was able to get her pretty easily.

‘course that also means there must be a million reviews out there. Guess another wouldn’t hurt :P

ryoko came out in November, 2007, so I wasn’t surprised to have to go hunting for her.  Not that I enjoyed scouring ebay -_-

All together now!

Max Factory haruhi girls unite!

Was a relief to finally get everyone in hand.  While I was at it, got everyone else out for a group pic.  Kind of surprised myself that I had so many ^^;

How many haruhi figures are in your collection?

Breaking down by character…

Danny’s coverage and constant praise of the freeing bunny convinced me to get a hold of her. So far I’m not planning to get anymore of them but if I did, definitely ryoko next.

The Max Factory nagato was actually the first 1/8 figure of my collection. I kept considering her while in Akihabara but finally decided to restrict myself to the nendoroid. (good thing too since there was no room in my suitcase ^^;)  Ordered her later online.  Kind of wish I had two to display in each of her configurations.  Stuck with one I’m going with the hat and cape for now.

If I weren’t collecting the Max Factory series specifically, I probably would’ve stuck with just the Alter version in this case. Alas, my wallet weeps silently…

ryoko is the loneliest for the time being ^^;  Looks like the chibi one has mikuru’s ring ^^;


Once I get my collection back on display I’ll probably have more group shots like this.

…I don’t know how I’m going to fit everyone into the detolf.  Guess I’m gonna have some dusting work to do this winter ^^;;

omake!  Found a bunch of wallpaper on my hard drive, threw them up in the wallpaper section.

No figma shenanigans this time… was trying to get Fate’s hand repaired which really distracted me -_-  Alrighty, that’s a wrap~


18 Responses to “SOS団 Extravaganza”

  1. Blowfish said

    Im always impressed by your manga collection^^

    I actually dont own any Haruhi figures.I didnt like the series that much at all.It was a fun thing to watch but nothing to get too hyped about.I guess im gonna get lynched by the angry otaku masses now ^^;

    If id buy a Haruhi Figure id be Tsuruya.I love catfangs and her overall design.

    It sucks to hear of all that broken Figmas.You hear people complaining everywhere.My first Figma was shipped a few days ago and i hope that i wont break her when im unboxing her

  2. Nomad said

    I love your haruhi collection! are you going to get the mikuru, tsuruya and asakura nendroids also?

  3. James said

    Ryoko looks nice :o

    But i believe you are crazy for buying all these Haruhi figs :p

    Nice group shots ^^

  4. optic said

    Nice shoot. I own almost half of what u have and yeah, I won’t feel satisfied unless i own the whole set. I feel I completed my max set but I will never be satisfied until I get the last cultural fest. mikuru. What’s holding me back? A LOAD of preordered FIGMAS. lol

    Let see how it goes. I might be able to squeeze her into my budget.

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Wow, that party is really something else. From all of your SOS-Dan collection i only have Haruhi MF and the nendoroids.

    Very nice photos, especially photo of Haruhi’s face, Ryoko’s face, knife, and shoes.

    As always, MF figures give the best quality of sculpt and paintwork ever.

  6. gordon said

    add in figmas and the family will be even more complete. ^^;

  7. meronpan said

    thanks everyone~ ^_^

    @blowfish that reminds me i have lots of manga to post about ^^;;
    Totally know where you’re comin from with haruhi. I also don’t really understand its runaway popularity.
    Good luck with your figma ^^; You’d think they woulda made the parts a lot more resilient for an action figure -_-

    @nomad if i had the spare cash i would… as it stands i have no budget for it ;_; perhaps someday as an impulse buy at a con… ^^;

    @james no argument there, i think i’m crazy too ^^;;

    @optic a load of figmas… are you getting all of them? ^_^;

    @sonic_ver2 sadly the haruhi girls are the only max factory figures in my collection… but judging from another blood and fauna reviews, they definitely do other great stuff!

    @gordon alas with my budget constraints and recent fate accident it’ll probably be awhile before i get around to that ^^;;

  8. Q said

    After reading more of broken figmas, you’ve made me even more worried on my Fate ._.

    But gosh that’s quite a Haruhi collection you’ve got yourself there. Will your Haruhiism end here, or a blatant “no” and continue to strife for more?

    I personally think that the whole figma SOS-dan is quite a nice thing to collect if you have the money to “catch-em-all” ^^;;

  9. Keke, I am getting Freeing Ryoko :3 She is awesome! She will also be my only Freeing bunny though.

  10. lovelyduckie said

    Do you prefer the Alter Haruhi figures of Mikuru and Tsuruya or the Max Factory ones?

  11. Deathy said

    Lovely shots, after I saw the Ryoko figure for the first time a while back I started liking her a lot more. I still want to get her and Tsuruya-san… but low money and my wallet is already pissed at me for buying so many figures. ^^;

  12. meronpan said

    @Q just be careful when changing parts ^^; i miiiight get the ryoko bunny (assuming some store carries her at the time i decide to buy ^^;;)… after that… that daiki kougyo haruhi looked pretty nice too… and finally, a figma collection would be my final addition. …but currently, I’m done! too many other preorders! orz

    @pure trance be sure to photograph the hell out of her when she arrives :D

    @lovelyduckie i actually prefer alter for mikuru bit max factory for tsuruya. For mikuru… I think it’s because I don’t like seeing her distressed ^^; and for Tsuruya I just like the pose more.

    @deathy you and me both ;_; i’m trying to keep myself in check so I can afford all the alter stuff announced at wonfes ^^;;

  13. optic said

    haha, if i had that much cash to blow on, I would but I’m just getting the ones that I like. It’s just a coincidence where 95% of the characters realised are ones that I like OR from the series that I like. ^^

  14. super rats said

    Ton of Haruhi figures and you say you aren’t a fan? I had 12 Fate/Stay Night figures before I even saw the anime, so I get where you’re coming from as far as amassing large quantities of figures without being a fan of a show.

  15. Saku said

    Nice collection of Haruhi figures XD. Are you sure your not a fan ? lol.

    I don’t have any Haruhi figures yet ^^;; and very unlikely I am getting one in the future, however, if I do get one or two, I will get both Mikuru ^^

  16. meronpan said

    @super rats hahah, i also have a couple fate/stay night figures… and haven’t played the game or watched the anime yet ^^; i’d like to wait ’till after knowing the series but i’m always afraid things will be out of stock by then ^^;;

    @saku well, i’m a fan, just not as much as my figures would suggest ^^;; if you ever get some mikuru be careful, it’s hard to stop once you start ^_^;

  17. zenical said

    I’m guilty.. I dont have any haruhi fig yet, though I like mikuru XD

  18. meronpan said

    @zenical haruhi would be glad she roped in another fan with her moe mascot ^_^;

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