Catchin’ up and gettin’ behind

Posted by meronpan on September 7, 2008

Just some ramblings about my recent otaku activity~ ^^;

Headed over to the semi-local Kinokuniya this weekend… finally made a list of all the volumes I wanted to pick up.  Also needed to return a volume of かんなぎ {kannagi} – I accidentally bought it twice ^^;

Unfortunately the Kinokuniya inventory leaves a lot to be desired. I know they’re no K-Books but it’s still annoying when they have so many partial sets and I have to order missing volumes (luckily at no extra cost).  I remember an online store I used to get manga from would charge $10 or some crazy amount for each item not in their inventory, so I always had to deal with whatever they had in stock.

As pictured I got kannagi 4 and 5… but what I really needed was 3!  It’s on order atm -_-  Also, that’s 月姫 {tsukihime} 6 … but I needed 5.  ロザリオとバンパイア {rosario & vampire} 8 and 9… but I needed 7.  And they didn’t have any セキレイ {sekirei} in stock!  It was popular enough to spawn an anime for crying out loud!

sekirei volume 1

sekirei volume 1

Been following キミキス {kimikisu} in it’s various manga adaptations… There’s actually 3 different series that I’m aware of, above I got the latest for two of ’em.  I like the ~various heroines~ series (volume 4 with eriko above) a lot – each volume has been a complete story arc for a different character.  Content differs slightly from the game so it’s not just a rehash for those that have played.

Volumes 1-3 of kimikisu ~various heroines~ published by Jets Comics

Volumes 1-3 of kimikisu ~various heroines~ published by Jets Comics

And yeah, that’s negima volume 23… Love Hina was one of the first manga I read, so of course I had to follow Akamatsu sensei’s latest shenanigans.  I’ve bought all the volumes, but I think I’ve only read up to 18 or 19 atm ^^;  Same with ToLoveる … I’m only on 4? or was it 5?  gah! so far behind orz.

negima overload ^^;

negima overload ^^;

And thus my manga collection has been brought up to date a bit… and my backlog grows ^^;  My latest strategy is to keep the plastic on volumes I haven’t read to more easily keep track.

Tried to make some progress with 一騎当千 {ikkitousen} and made it to volume 10.

I really have only the vaguest idea of what’s going on since I was just enjoying the eye candy and not looking up words often enough… ah well.

Also been watchin 地獄少女 {jigoku shoujo}… many thanks to those who pointed that one out when I made a little post on seiyuu’s @ dannychoo.com.  Got through the entire first season in the last couple days!  ^^;;;

Makes me want to pick up the enma figure by Alter ^^;

Image from Alter's official listing on their website.

Image from Alter's official listing at their website.

Really though, I’d like one in her kimono.  Third season is coming out, so maybe then? ^^;

Finally, I’m on the last scenario for つよきす {tsuyokisu}!  Yoppi is kawaisugi~ ^_^

Alas I’ve also really far behind on blogs…

;_; Ok, so 91 of the 233 items are foo-bar-baz which I probably won’t get around to, but still!  At this rate I’m never going to catch up orz


24 Responses to “Catchin’ up and gettin’ behind”

  1. Yeah I am missing #11 of High School Debut and probably some other things that I have had to special order or have transferred from SF.

    We should go to Kinokuniya togeather some day!

  2. Ps. SJ Kinokuniya has most of Sekirei but not the first few in stock, since I am guessing you went to SF.

  3. PPS. What is Kimikiss about? I keep seeing the manga and want to pick it up but I haven’t the slightest clue >>;

  4. optic said

    Nice manga collection.
    I passed on Emma Ai because I already got the wallscroll but no doubt the series is awesome. I manged to finish S2 last week which was good.
    I’m sooooooooooo looking forward to S3. More string pulling and hell sending. I like that. xD

  5. James said

    Jigoku Shoujo is awesome :o

    I love this show , especialy the season 2 :)

  6. meronpan said

    @pure trance indeed, we should! Plus I want to check out the SJ store to see how they compare to SF’s.
    Kimikiss is your typical galge – you’ve got a guy without a girlfriend, a girl he likes, a childhood friend, an athletic girl, a smart girl and an upper class girl… The game originated and is still only on the ps2, so like ToHeart2, there’s no adult content (although TH2 eventually went that route ^^;;;). The anime spins things a little differently – made the main guy’s friends play a larger role and there’s a lot more interaction between everyone (in the game it’s mostly just you and the girl you pick). Plot wise there’s nothing crazy or magical… just high school students working out their troubled love lives. I could ramble on, but I think I’ll leave this comment at that and hopefully post on it later ^^;

    @optic mmm I could totally use a wallscroll… that would be a lot cheaper too ^^; I’m a few episodes into season 2… hope things pick up a little though. Season 1 was pretty slow paced… I expected the main plot to develop sooner, more like in Shigofumi, but instead it was just vignette after vignette… which is fine, I just slightly prefer when things start to go somewhere ^^;

    @james ai-chan is great. and I like the old man ^_^ I must say I feel sorta weird after long sessions of watching… all the talk of hell, and the fact that both people eventually get sent… makes one uneasy ^^;

  7. @ meronpan – I go every Friday, at around 6:45 (I get off of work at 6:30, it takes me like 10 min to get there tops). So just let me know when is a good day for you and we can just meet there :) I think both SF & SJ have their charms. Sometimes one has something the other doesn’t have but you can have them transfer it which is only a week. I feel like SJ’s manga section is larger than SF but it might just be the way it is layed out.

    This Friday maybe I’ll check out the Kimikiss manga you mentioned, if I can.

  8. Deathy said

    Manga overload… ok, not that much. I need to start buying Tsukihime, I read the online version but I miss having the physical mangas. The Kimikiss ~varios heroines~is quite nice, I only readed the first volume and it was quite nice.

    As for the ones I don’t know, how good is Kannagi and Sekirei mangas? I’m following the Sekirei anime so if it isn’t that much of a difference from the manga I’ll pass on this one.

  9. Blowfish said

    I simply hate when that happens…You go into a store and search for the next volume and youre only ble to find 3 and 5 but not that tricky 4.Happened to me with GTO 11 and 12.They are nowhere to be found so i jumped over those because the basic plotline is still the pretty canon in those volumes.I hope they reprint those soon

    I stick to Amazon most of the time since they have the biggest selection over here.I never started 20th Century Boys because some Volumes went out of print and there are no plans for a reprint.

    A big YAY for Ikki Tousen <3

  10. meronpan said

    @pure trance sounds good! this week is lookin kinda busy and i’ll be out of town on the weekend… guess sometime after that…

    @deathy i’m juuust about done with the first volume and i love kannagi so far. Then again, i have a thing for that goddess style (or whatever it is… horo speaks the same way…) speaking and in general am easy to please ^^;
    i’ve gotten stalled on sekirei … only on volume 1 ^^;;; and i’ll probably refrain from watching the anime until i’m caught up. So alas, can’t really tell you much on that ^^;

    @blowfish out of print? strange i’ve never had that problem… ‘course that’s with japanese stuff… we talking japanese or translated? ^^;
    ikkitousen is amazing ^_^ sooooo many characters though! and i’m so bad with remembering names. and it’s even worse because all the kanji for these names are not the ones i’m used to.

  11. Saku said

    Hobby Search just restocked enma ai figure by alter so might want to hurry up if you are planning to get her ^^

  12. @ meronpan – Ok, whenever just let me know :) Maybe you can email me or something when you want to go. I literally go every Friday, so any Friday you can go is fine :)

  13. Blowfish said

    Im one of those losers thats not able to read any kanji or japanese so yeah im talking translated stuff ^^;
    German Manga scene is very onesided.Most Manga readers here are girls crazy for yaoi thats why more serious series are having a hard time here or get dropped. <.<

    Where eaxctly is that Kinokuniya store?Ive heard all kinda bloggers across the globe talk about it but honestly have no idea where its suppsoed to be

  14. meronpan said

    @saku you sure that wasn’t just their annoucement that they have her ready to ship? ^^;; at any rate it’s sold out again but that’s best for my wallet anyway…

    @pure trance aiai, will letcha know~

    @blowfish kinokuniya is a japanese book store that actually has branches internationally. According to their webpage they’re in Japan, Signapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and the US. I believe they’re main business is just regular Japanese books, but for all us outside Japan, it’s also an excellent place to pick up manga. ^_^

  15. Lsio said

    I just finished the jigoku shoujo last weekend. And it is awesome. Need to find some free time to start second season.

  16. meronpan said

    @lsio i wish the seasons were only 13 episodes… i have enuf to watch as it is ^^;;

  17. Len-Vesper said

    I miss you Meronpan~ ( ;o;)/ XD

    It’s good that you’re catching up, I always enjoy your posts even if I admit I comment rarely. I don’t know why but I’m always… strangely shy about commenting on other blogs even if I am obnoxiously ‘loud’ on my own. D:

    Good swag, loved the H-ism collection in your previous post as well. I promise to comment moar in the future. D:

  18. meronpan said

    @len-vesper hahah 久しぶりだな~ {hisashiburi da na~} been awhile since i commented on your blog too ^^;; picking up spore recently hasn’t helped my blog queue either ^^;;;

    glad you’ve been enjoying the posts, これからもよろしくお願いします {kore kara mo yoroshiku onegaishimasu}

  19. gordon said

    thanks for having on your blog list. i use google reader as well. very useful.

    i also find myself unable to keep up with blogs sometimes, especially on weekdays so i will usually spend the weekend reading all of them. ^^;

  20. meronpan said

    @gordon i usually catch up on the weekends too, but this time i was out of town… now i’m behind even more! orz

  21. Hey there! I noticed that you are reading your mangas in japanese and i wonder how you started to learn japanese.Id really love to start doing so but i have no idea where to start.

  22. meronpan said

    @philthylizard if you’re in school or otherwise have access to one, i would definitely recommend taking a class. you can get along ok without one, but it’s a lot better to have a teacher to guide you.
    Personally I learned hiragana (the basic “alphabet”) from my mom and just kind of sounded out words whenever I saw japanese writing ^^; That lasted until I started college, where I took 3 years of japanese classes. Midway into that I started reading manga in Japanese, but man, it was slow going. It was probably taking like 2-3 minutes a page and I was only able to slightly understand because of the pictures ^^; I’m not sure how it is for most people but it took me many years to get my reading speed up.
    If you can’t take a class, I would just search for “learn japanese” or “hiragana” and start from there. Getting a book or two might also help… when I get home I might be able to figure out what our text book was for 1st year japanese…

    this reminds me, i was going to start a series of posts for begnning japanese… anyhow, good luck! if you have more questions feel free to ask

  23. Philthylizard said

    ahhh im not complete sober yet (yes ive got an an real life ^—^ ) But im in school here, but in germany youve got nothin like japanse workshop or anithing its more like: you choose , You Learn. here are teacher for anything but nothing means you want to!! learn netherland ? the teacher is here . You want to learn Spanish The teacher is here . You want you Learn english ? the teacher is here ….. But not for japanese… have asked in my ( you would call it highshool) if they can do this but theay couldnt tell if there was an tea´cher in the wholde country !

  24. meronpan said

    @philthylizard hmmm that could make things difficult ^^;; i guess you’ll have to turn to the internet and books then… i’m not really sure how good/effective any of those software or audio lessons out there are… but as far as what to learn

    –hiragana – this is the first step towards learning to read. if you want to get anywhere in the language, you’re going to eventually have to learn to read.
    –grammar – any sort of beginning japanese book should hopefully start teaching the grammar to you. if it’s just phrases to memorize, that’ll help you learn… phrases, but in the long run you really need to pick up the underlying grammar.
    –vocabulary – as you start to learn the grammar, you’ll start building your vocab as you go through the examples.

    once you’ve gotten hiragana under your belt you can pick up katakana, and after that, the kanji fun begins.

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