忙しい! {busy!}

Posted by meronpan on September 15, 2008

ごめんごめん! So yeah, been busy with lotsa crap, really been showing in my lack of updates -_-

narukana from 聖なるかな {seinarukana} ~The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2~

…I wish I had been “busy” like narukana ^_^;;  Alas no, busy getting my car fixed (stupid flat tire -_-) and was out of town this past weekend.  My blog reading material is overflowing and I should really be catching up rather than writing this random post ^^;

Work has been busy too, but luckily none of this inhibited me in signing up for the JLPT this year!  I think I took level 3 two years ago or so, but that wasn’t much of a challenge given the course work I had done in college.  This year I’m going for level 2 (which I believe is where my professors said I should’ve been after taking 3 years of class ^^;;)… hopefully I won’t have too much of a problem.  Danny mentioned the test in a post a little while ago if you’re wondering what the average dannychoo reader’s JLPT plans are.  Anyone here studying Japanese?  Did I ask that before?  I have a terrible memory ^^;;;

nozomi and satsuki (also from seinarukana)

I also decided to sign up for a class… was a pretty good deal recommended to me by a relative… $150 for an 11 week course, 3 hours a week… there’s 1 week off, but it’s still only like $5 an hour!  Hopefully that’ll keep my studying on track.

katima would also keep me on track...

Any seinarukana players?  That game is epically long.  I think I’ve only played through one route so far…  love the characters so I’ll have to make it through the rest someday…  Not sure what prompted me to decorate this post with pics from that game ^^;;  For those that haven’t played… it actually has a pretty dang good rpg battle element to it.  Combine that with tons of story and you’ve got a small vacation’s worth of gameplay awaiting ya ^_^

Oh yes, it’s cooling down!  Gonna start unboxing pretty soon and finally get my collection back on display!

Here’s a few pics of my collection taken before summer set in…

I remember worrying at one point that my display case would look rediculous for lack of anything in it…

…but with Exelica taking up one shelf…

…and what will most definitely be an overcrowded haruhi shelf… I think I may have to ask for another detolf for Christmas ^^;;;


8 Responses to “忙しい! {busy!}”

  1. optic said

    Well take it easy. I’m happy to see ur still alive. ^^
    I’m looking forward to more of ur playful figure shoots in the weeks to come. ^^

  2. Panther said

    Ah Shinra-sama. And GSC’s L2 Dark Elf argh. Well at least the heat is leaving for you and you can get them out again soon.

  3. James said

    yay ! you’re alive !

    take care and don’t get too busy , we miss you :o

  4. Ah.. Its good to see you alive after all this while.. ^^

    Well, its nice to see Tohsaka Rin and Excelica are doing fine under your great care.. xD

  5. meronpan said

    thanks for the kind wishes all~

    @optic me too ^^; i haven’t picked up my camera in so long! and my figmas are lonely orz

    @panther two reviews i definitely want to get around to… which reminds me i have so much more of kimiaru left to play ^^;;

    @james thanks, i’ll try my best ^_^ 頑張るよ! {ganbaru yo!}

    @fariz asuka i love exelica so much, can’t wait to get her on display again ^^;

  6. Blowfish said

    Yay for Cerberus Kanu!

    Take it easy and dont stress yourself! youre doing this for fun and theres no need to force yourself.Ill hope youll learn alot in that class

  7. Deathy said

    Huge Excelica is huge! And I need check this game, nice girls, especially the last one since I’ve a weak spot for girls in armors.

  8. meronpan said

    @blowfish i know, she’s great, right? ^_^ i hope i learn a lot too, i want to pass lvl 1 next year ^^;

    @deathy most all the characters have battle outfits so it’s not just one chick with armor either ^_^ (although she might be the only one with full plate mail)

    exelica is definitely the most space hungry 1/8 out there ^_^

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