Figure Drought

Posted by meronpan on September 20, 2008

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten a figure, I’m getting withdrawl. ;_;

Worst part is that a handful of preorders should’ve arrived by now, but thanks to the chaotic stocking of US based stores, who knows when they’ll come in ;_;  Recently started ordering more from Hobby Search and Hobby Link Japan… we’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime I’m going to obsess over my preorders…

From Alter

Images from Alter's official site... except for Alice from AkibaHobby coverage

From the upper left, rei, haruka, hayate, signum, vita, KOS-MOS, Teana, KOS-MOS, and Alice.  Alter really kills me ‘cuz I can rarely resist their offerings…  Somehow they even got me excited over the rerelease of KOS-MOS.  I was not a fan of Xenosaga and lukewarm on KOS-MOS because of the game… but between Alter’s great figures and Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga… yeah, I’m hopeless.  Looking forward to the nanoha releases and hope they have something great planned for nanoha herself ^_^

From Good Smile Company

Pics taken from the official site

Pics taken from the official site, except for Exelica, snagged from tomopop

yoko, Excelica, shana, miku, shana, human mage, and shiki… Exelica and normal shana are burning holes in my wallet, those mischievous little nendoroids…  Can’t wait for miku, but again, she’s from a US based store so I’m worried how long I’ll have to wait before she arrives.

From Alpha x Omega

Images taken from the official site

Images taken from the official site

Looking forward to getting some ToLoveる added to my collection… had to reorder Alice because hlj didn’t get enough in stock orz.

From Megahouse

Images taken from official site

Images taken from official site

Think I mentioned yumiru and airi previously… recently decided to take the plunge and order nanael…

From everyone else…Kotobukiya, Kurushima, Volks, Art Storm, Griffon, Shueisha, Daikikougyo, and Wave

kanu, sairenji, shiro, kanu, chizuru, narika, limit gunz, kaguya and sasara…  kanu is actually poised to end my drought!  Danny’s coverage convinced me to take the plunge and get the kurushima cold cast… Combined with daiki kougyo’s release… my wallet is in really bad shape.

So yeah, that’s it ^^;;;  All this stuff is usually updated at tsuki-board, although I’m planning to add everyone to my figures page and perhaps color code preorders vs. items in hand.  What I should really do is get another job because this hobby is going to bankrupt me.

Supposedly kanu left Japan 41 hours ago via EMS… which would usually mean she’d be at my home in about 10 hours… but for some reason the tracking page hasn’t updated since the original departure message… no clue where she is now ;_;  Figures… /sigh  Anyhow, the waiting continues… this weekend I need to get everyone I do have back on display!!  Horray winter ^_^


16 Responses to “Figure Drought”

  1. Nomad said

    woah that is quite a pre-order list! mine are slowly coming in now and I should have a big batch on them next week ^_^ I’ve started buying from HobbyLink also, I find they are a lot better ^_^

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    WOW that’s a lot of pre-order… You know, you should learn a little more self control, or else if you want to keep them all get a job, and work harder…

    Let see… From the list above I ordered:
    Alter : Hayate, Teana
    GSC : Nendo Shana (red), Ryougi Shiki
    Only 4 of them are in my order list, haha… :P

  3. optic said

    NOW that is a lot of preorders.
    I would have to agree with sonic in this case. Self control is the key to avoid bankruptcy while on the other hand a 2nd job can be considered if it fits into ur lifestyle. To be honest, I personally wouldn’t get a 2nd just to satisfy my figure hunger.

    In any case, I can’t wait to Unison Vita. Signum will be my best birthday present. ^^

  4. Panther said

    Your preorders list is mad, and I still have 11 more to go on my side too, and I think that is mad. Where do you find the money? Job?

  5. Wow.. Thats alot of preorders you got there.. Comparing mine to yours, mine is like 1/10 of what you are pre-ordering.. xD

    I wanted to get GSC Shiki but I have a tight budget.. I would love it if you do a figure review of each and every one of them when they are released.. :D

  6. Aaron Sparks said

    Where can i get that kanu that is wrap in white bandages? Any clues where i can preorder it? Love to have it! @@

  7. meronpan said

    @nomad i was warming up to hlj until they weren’t able to deliver on my alice order ;_; I kind of expected it (preorder was sold out everywhere and suddenly turned up) but was disappointed that they didn’t notify me that they didn’t get as many as they expected in stock (i had to mail them). As I said I kind of suspected it was an inventory glitch or miscalculation though, so I won’t nix them yet :P

    @sonic_ver2 funny thing is that i’m usually self controlled for all my other spending ^^;; Luckily because of that it’s not like i’m in financial trouble right now, but in the long term it’s not sustainable ^^;

    @optic yeah, i definitely need to try to be more diligent but as i commented above i’m still ok for now ^^; according to my spreadsheet (tracks how much I spend per figure, per day on figures, per week on figures, etc) I had been doing pretty good… but then alter went and released figures I’d already labeled ‘must have’. … guess I need to add forecasts based on what manufacturers have announced and trim the must haves down too ^^;;;

    @panther yeah, i’ve been working since i got out of college, was a programmer, now i’m a manager … but you’re right, my list is madness nevertheless ^^;;

    @fariz asuka on the other hand, you should see some of the other preorder lists of people on tsukiboard… ^^; I’ll definitely be reviewing everyone, just might take a little time, but someday! i will not rest until everyone has a review posted ^_^

    @aaron let’s see, i think i ordered her at hobby search –
    also at hlj –
    are you in the us and prefer us stores? if so, kid nemo –
    or toys logic –

    and probably many others ^_^

  8. James said

    OMG you have more preorders than me , how can this be possible ? :o

    I’m stopping my collection in january so i can’t really preorder much anymore :'(

    still you have good taste :o you’re buying some figs i would love to get :)

  9. Q said

    It looks like that your mouse has offered no resistance on clicking those buttons ^^;;

    But this list is kinda beyond my expectation. You have to be very confident in terms of money and space to have all these preordered! All I’ve got is just that one figma reserved! XD

  10. lovelyduckie said

    I don’t recommend KidNemo at all. I’ve had very poor customer service and have had two of my orders canceled after I bought them, they were listed as ‘in stock’ at the time. But thats only my experience.

    10 of our pre-orders match. I have quite a few myself :)

    Although I find it odd you don’t have that Haruna yet…I ordered her the slowest possible way and I got mine recently.

  11. meronpan said

    @james stopping your collection?! noooo! why would you do such a thing? ^^;; well, i’ll do my best to review anything you don’t end up getting ^^;

    @Q yeah, my mouse is no help at all. *click* *click* *click* *wallet screams* Definitely not confident about the space… although I guess the one up side is that instead of confining everyone to my detolf, spreading them around the room will create more balanced feel.

    @lovelyduckie before i fully understood the ramifications of ordering from a us company i placed a ton of orders with them, so i’m riding that out now -_- hopefully they’ll gain some of my confidence back but… meh, just had to e-mail them the other night to ask about order status ‘cuz it never seems like they know what’s going on with their stock (and if they do, they never tell you, you have to ask them ;_;)

    i saw the gift saber on your list and realized i forgot to add her to my tsukiboard…and hence left her out of this post ^^;; you’ve got quite a few queued up, i suppose it’s as i expected after seeing your collection post @ the toyslogic forum ^_^

    my haruna is from kidnemo… they say she won’t be in stock until the end of the month ;_;

  12. Lsio said

    …your pre-order list completely beats mine. . . lol that is a hell of pre-order. Did you just rob a bank? lol how can you pay for that?

  13. Blowfish said

    Im glad that im not the only one drowning in preorders^^
    Ill try to sneak up your doors and take your packages from the postmen^^

  14. meronpan said

    @lsio hahah well, i work full time and don’t really spend too much otherwise so… ^^;;

    @blowfish definitely keeps our review queues full ^^; good thing i’m on another continent :P

  15. ETERNAL said

    Like everyone seems to be saying, that’s a LOT of preorders. Good luck paying for and reviewing all of them ^^;

  16. meronpan said

    @eternal actually what i need most is luck in is that they all get delivered ^^;;; *sigh* i feel like a broken record constantly complaining about order status ^^;;; *ahem* On the bright side, someone from the list above arrived today, hope to review her soon ^_^

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