エロゲ 音楽 {eroge music}

Posted by meronpan on September 25, 2008

I’m not very creative and easily influenced by what I read so Optic‘s recent music Monday post got me in the mood for a music post of my own ^^;;

image from moe imouto

image from moe imouto, click for source

As titled, for this post I just wanted to throw eroge music out there for discussion!  Ack! don’t run away! If you’re not familiar, no it doesn’t mean the songs are ero (well, usually ^^;). For the 34 people that have actually read the about this blog page, y’all already know I love the stuff.  I think just like OP and ED for animes that really moved me, eroge music often has that sentimental value to it that gives it a lot more oomph in my book.  So without further ado… well, mebbe one more pic…

also from moe imouto, click for moe imouto source

also from moe imouto, click for moe imouto source

I’m sure most of you know about School Days, eroge turned anime, featuring the most excellent yandere kotonoha.  In the game there were an insane amount of different endings… like 15-30 or something.  Anyhow, there were a variety of different ending themes, with 悲しみの向こうへ {kanashimi no mukou he (to the other edge of sadness)} being the one that played for the bloody ones.

Anime watchers got to listen as an insert song in the final episode if I remember correctly.  Was really powerful to have that playing after seeing one of the School Days cast meet her (or his) demise.

I also really enjoyed H2O‘s ending theme, Tomorrow, although to be honest I prefer very similar anime final episode ED Footprints in the Sand.

Music from 聖なるかな ~Spirit of the Eternity Sword 2~ (seinarukana) also fell into my like pile, though it’s a lot different than your usual fare.  Very epic sounding to an epicly long game.

Never played, but really liked “I Hope So” from Leaf’s 天使のいない12月 {No Angels in December}

ToHeart2 was one of the first galge I played after getting a Japanese PS2. Not my favorite song, but the OP definitely has that nostalgia factor.

(Forever a tama-nee fan ^^;)

Has anyone played/heard of Clear? I love that OP also ^_^ (硝子のLoneliness)

itou kanako sang 悲しみの向こうへ (top of this post), and she also sings I Bless Thy Life from 天使ノ二挺拳銃-Angelos Armas- {tenshi no nichoukenjyuu}

I’ve read a little about the game 沙耶の唄 {saya’s song} and it’s well… pretty disturbing. Something about a guy who gets in an accident and his senses get all whacked. He wakes up to find the world looks like it’s made of tissue and organs or some gross nastiness… his favorite foods taste like garbage… but amid all this, there’s one person who appears as a beautiful girl… What she turns out to be and the chilling events that transpire… well, you can read the rest at wikipedia… for me just reading about the game caused this song to put me in a weird mood…

Mizuiro is another galge I was playing on the PS2, alas I still haven’t finished this one yet. I did finish one scenario though and man, I’ve never gone from not liking a character at all to getting all emotional during her ending ^^;; So yeah, this OP gets the sentimental points.

Been playing Tsuyokiss lately, almost done. Really love this ED theme also.

Characters in the anime reaaaallly lost a lot in the media transition. PC-version coconuts >>>>> anime.

Optic’s recent music post was about the ef anime OP song, another great in my book. Just so happens that the anime final episode ED is the game OP, which I also love, so head over for a listen.

Air‘s OP is a true classic, be sure to listen to it if you haven’t already!

Forget where, but I remember someone commenting that it should be Japan’s national anthem ^^;;  Does the anime use the same music?  I won’t let myself watch it until I finish the game so I don’t know ^^;

Another Key work, I love Kanon and so I love the game OP and ED too, which were used as the anime OP and ED when Kyoto Animation did their take on the story in 2006. Full length vids linked below.

Finally, the queen of eroge music, KOTOKO! In an eroge top 200 (based on number of searches for eroge songs), she was the top artist by a lot I believe. …although actually I like her other stuff better (or rather, haven’t played anything she’s sung for yet ^^;;). So here’s UZU-MAKI, from her album of the same name.


14 Responses to “エロゲ 音楽 {eroge music}”

  1. xephfyre said

    LOL I love KOTOKO. (Although her lyrics always leave me shellshocked sometimes)

    Thanks a million for the proofreads yeah? Anytime you want to jump aboard, drop me a line/comment. ^_^

  2. optic said

    ahhhhh school days. No matter how f*ucked the ending was, it was goooood. xD
    Air and Kanon OP are sweet. Love it.
    I’m liking Clear now. ^^

  3. optic said

    oops my bad.
    U can edit that comment if u want so my foul language is not foul. T_T

  4. Blowfish said

    im not really into j-pop but i really like the music of ever17 (wich actually isnt an eroge)

    id love to play school days one time too bad it never saw an english release

  5. meronpan said

    @xephfyre what would i be joining? ^^;; No problem doing the proofreading, I’m always happy to practice my Japanese ^_^

    @optic i still need to watch the anime ^^;; although i think i did watch the ending on youtube to see what the fuss was about hehe. i’ll edit the comment if you want me to, but personally doesn’t bother me in the slightest :P

    @blowfish mmm i’ll have to check it out. playing through school days gives a bit wider of a perspective on makoto i think. especially because playing the game, you’re forced to make his crappy decisions for him, you sort of invest a little into his character so after a couple different endings, it’s not a one-sided hate fest ^^;;

  6. <3 Tama-nee <3

  7. xephfyre said

    @Meronpan: Glad to hear it. And you’d not be jumping aboard anything spectacular, just a humble TM fan’s love for his doujins.

  8. ETERNAL said

    I’ll never get tired of KOTOKO’s J-Pop/techno songs, whether they’re from eroge or not ^^;

    Otherwise, aside from the obvious Key songs, I liked the OP of Clear. I also like the character designs, but I can’t read Japanese…hopefully it’ll get an anime adaptation someday xP

  9. meronpan said

    @pure trance i’d just like to point out how ludicrous it is that she even has to entertain the thought of coming up with a plan for seducing takaaki. takaaki no yarou!!

    @xephfyre well, unfortunately my schedule is pretty unpredictable so perhaps just think of me as a contractor to call on ^^;;

    @eternal kotoko ftw ^_^ clear does have all the supporting media for an anime release… manga and light novels already out, just one final push! ^_^

  10. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Ah, AIR! Tori no Uta is definitely one of my all-time fave anime OPs. I think I have like a dozen different remix versions from all the various Key OSTs, lol.

  11. gordon said

    fell in love with macross frontier OST and have been listening to it whenever i’m on public transport during long journey. ^^;

  12. @ Meronpan – Seriously…if I was an eroge character (and a Lesbian lol) I would totally go for her :P I wish I had more than 2 figures of her, but all the others aren’t so good! :(

  13. optic said

    Well, if it doesn’t bother u then is sure doesn’t bother me. ^^

  14. meronpan said

    @xjaymanx a dozen?! heheh that’s awesome. can’t wait ’til i get around to playing ^^;

    @gordon i’ll have to check that out… i actually… don’t think i’ve seen any macross … ^^;;; gah!

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