Trigger Heart Exelica!

Posted by meronpan on September 29, 2008

Alter’s Exelica!  One of my first figures, in fact she was the 2nd 1/8 in my collection.  Finally got around to reviewing her.

Wallpaper from the official site (linked above)

Wallpaper from the official site (linked above). For more check the Exelica Wallpaper page (on the left nav bar) or the download section of the official site.

Exelica hails from the arcade game Trigger Heart Exelica, which was later ported to Dreamcast and recently the xbox 360.  Figure collectors are probably also aware of the upcoming PS2 release, the limited edition of which will come bundled with a nendoroid!  …which I preordered… I’m insane, woo!  Well, at least I’m legitimately interested in playing and have a japanese PS2 so the game won’t be put to waste ^^;

When I was looking earlier this year, beNippon was the only place I could find Exelica.  She arrived in a huge box… My gawd the postage was epic orz

These pics are actually from the day I got her… lessee that would be mid-May. Anyhow, that’s why there’s plastic on the box, still hadn’t gotten all the packing material off ^^;

The box isn't very deep, instead you have a huge Exelica sandwich.

The box backing has a huge picture of the completed figure.

Everything all spread out

Everything all spread out

Being a figure noob, I was surprised by all the assembly I had ahead of me. Last time I built a model or had any action figures was probably more than 15 years ago… and just my luck the parts take a fair amount of force to separate (at least at first), so I was paranoid about breaking something.

To give you an idea of what’s involved…

1. Attach leg to armor

1. Attach leg to armor

"I can't get up!"

"I can't get up!"

2. Snap on the other half of the leg armor.

2. Snap on the other half of the leg armor.

3.  Affix foot armor thingy.

3. Affix foot armor thingy.

4. Attach the front section of leg armor.

4. Attach the front section of leg armor.

5.  Attach the side... unit... thing.

5. Attach the side... unit... thing.

Tada! You’ve just completed one set of leg armor! Now repeat for the other leg (and if it’s your first time, you have to do it in reverse to take the leg units apart before even thinking about getting Exelica outfitted ^^;)

After Exelica’s armored up it’s just a couple more pieces to assemble…

Add Exelica aaaaand…!

じゃーん! って何やってんだよなのは?! {tada~! wh-what are you doing nanoha?!}

おい、みしろ! パンツ! パンツ丸見え! {hey mishiro! your pantsu! your pantsu are showing!}

おい、みしろ! パンツ! パンツ丸見え! {hey mishiro! your pantsu! your pantsu are showing!}

Diviiiiiiiiine bustaaaaaa!!

... ... 何も来なかったけど? {... ... nothing happened?}

Ahem, aaand completed Exelica!

I really have to get some lights and take some pics without those shadows ^^;;;

Exelica's anchor unit... ディアフェンド {dear fend?... dia fendo? ^^;}

アールスティア {all steir? allstair? ...something like that?}

You can read more about Exelica’s equipment on the materials page at the official site.

I guess it’s the half mech, all moe nature of this figure does it for me. The two accessory units are also a nice touch, even if they don’t quite fit in my detolf as I’d like ^^;

Sorry for the photo spam, got carried away ^^;

And now, random pairings for size comparison!

Exelica vs Dark Elf

Exelica vs Dark Elf

The only figure I have that comes close in terms of footprint is Fate, with her outrageous cape (which I also love ^_^)

Exelica vs Fate

Exelica vs Fate

1/8 Exelica vs 1/6 kanu, 1/4 haruhi and 1/8 haruhi

1/8 Exelica vs 1/6 kanu, 1/4 haruhi and 1/8 haruhi

Can’t wait for chibi exelica… and I would kill for Alter to release the other two girls! I’d have to devote a whole detolf to them, but I’m willing to make that sacrifice! :P

More at foo-bar-baz, Exelica Meteor, HappySoda, Fulgur-o-blog senkyu very much!, Through the Looking Glass… and probably many others… she’s been out for so long ^^;;


14 Responses to “Trigger Heart Exelica!”

  1. sonic_ver2 said

    Wow, so many works to do just for a figure there. Half mecha girl isn’t really my thing but she looks really cool!

    Anyway, that’s a nice idea to attach Exelica’s weapon to figma Nanoha!

  2. Blowfish said

    I didnt know that you had to put her inside her armor.I thought shed come in it.Thats a nice touch since youre able to decide if you want to display her with or without armor.

    I bet your postmen cursed you for the huge package

  3. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 i wanted to put fate and saber in there too, but their skirts/armor made it too difficult ^^;;

    @blowfish he probably cursed me twice because he had to drag it to my house, then back to the post office because i wasn’t home ^^;

  4. vixion said

    u’re lucky :( somehow my excelica paint knd a strange , one the weapon part [the one attached to her hip] the paint of the right and left part didn’t same

    the right is a little yellowsh, i don’t know if this is, the alter’s fault of it is couse the color is white

    my friend told me, white can change into yellowish colour….

    but i don’t know what causes it, he said it can’t be helped >_<

  5. Q said

    A figure that requires parts assembly? That’s rather unusual, but I suppose it’s like a mixture between mecha parts and cast-off feature?

    And gosh the box the huge! Is that your largest box so far?

  6. James said

    Exelica is still the best awesome figure ever from me because of the size and look ! just great ^^

    Like you i hope to see the other girls … :(

  7. meronpan said

    @vixion a little yellowish? hmm if this is the type of plastic that can turn yellow when exposed to UV/heat, perhaps the box was in the sun? i am thankful there wasn’t anything wrong with mine… those shipping charges aren’t something i’d ever want to pay twice -_-

    @q indeed that’s exactly what it’s like ^_^ It’s definitely the widest box I have, but the Alter Fate box is the deepest.

    @james yeah, though she’s a space hog, she deserves it ^_^

  8. gordon said

    so how much was the shipping?

  9. meronpan said

    @gordon …7500¥ orz

  10. optic said

    I reckon nanoha will be the most powerful mahou shoujo with all this gear on. ^^

  11. meronpan said

    @optic indeed, specially since she wasn’t doing so bad as it was :P

  12. ETERNAL said

    It’s expensive, but I really like the look of this one…looks like a lot of work to put together though >_>

  13. meronpan said

    @eternal more than the average figure yes, but nothing like gunpla ^^; the only “hard” part is the leg unit but even that’s really quick once you get used to it.

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