それだけ?! That’s it?!

Posted by meronpan on October 5, 2008

Well, just finished episode 13 of 鉄腕バーディーDECODE {tetsuwan birdy decode (iron arm birdy decode)}…

and all I… err… well, guess I’ll keep this post spoiler free so I’ll leave final thoughts to a hidden section somewhere…

Despite my post’s title, really enjoyed the series, if you haven’t checked it out, you might wanna do so.  I guess it was more of a, “That’s it?  I want more!”

In my opinion, a good show if you’re looking for:

  • Hot space chicks

  • A dash of high school slice of life romance

  • A dash of gay(?) alien

  • Good ‘ol melee combat with alien technology

  • Hot space chicks

  • Nakasugi-san

  • Hot space chicks

Truth be told no, it’s not a fan service fest like my list might have you believe ^^;  But yeah, anyhow, it’s a self contained 13 episode series (though another season seems to be in the works), just how I like ’em.

Evidently the anime is based on the manga, which has kinda quirky history – The original run was only like 10 chapters long.  A 4 episode OVA followed that… then many years later that the autor (ゆうきまさみ {yuuki masami} tried again and his second attempt at telling the birdy story I think just concluded, coming in at 20 volumes.

Some spoilers in my thoughts on the series as a whole: (highlight or whatever you like to do to read white on white text :P)

Gah, it’s series like this that pushed me back to follow the source material whenever possible.  Obviously, not having read the manga I’m not sure how the story goes there, but there’s a least a chance that the plot was a little more flushed out.

The ending just seemed a little rushed for me I guess… blast tsutomu, get the ryunka, put tsutomu’s mind back in birdy (did anyone not see that coming? ^^;) and wipe everyone’s memory…?  meh.  and then having nakasugi transfer schools seemed pretty crappy… tsutomu was ready to die for this girl and so now… he says good bye as she transfers schools and doesn’t remember their time together -_-  weak!  I guess I’m also spoiled with the usual galge handling of these types of situations.  Even so, I don’t mind the tragic or bittersweet sort of endings if they make a little more sense…

Other than that I really enjoyed the series, and really liked the OP/ED songs.  I watched most of birdy while working out and the songs had a nice energy that got my blood goin ^_^

With the next batch of anime just starting, I’m glad to get this one off my plate, but I’m still drowning… probably post about that soon ^^;



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