アニメ連携攻撃! {anime renkeikougeki!}

Posted by meronpan on October 6, 2008

I have a feeling that 連携 {renkei} in the context of FFXI might not apply when trying to declare a chain of anime… ^^;;  anyhow… I dunno about you but my anime queue is bursting at the seams.

Decided to put everything on hold and check out some of the new titles for this season…

今日の5の2 (Today, in Class 5-2)

In a word…

うっせい! (SHUT. UP.)

Ugh.  Gammagreen_Zero and Shugo weren’t kidding when they said this thing left a lot to be desired.  I read the manga a while ago and from what I can recall… all the stuff I hated was the new stuff they conjured up for the anime.  Lots of scenes just dragged on with the terrible repetitive screeching of the seiyuus orz  I’ll probably keep watching for my love of sakuraba sensei but my expectations have been significantly lowered ;_;

あかね色に染まる坂 (akane iro ni somaru saka)

Aaaaaah, much better.  Opening scene is still a mystery to me, but you’re quickly surrounded by kawwwaaaiii~ characters all around ^_^  Really like the art and characters so far, figures, as this one appears to be based on an eroge ^^;  Expecting great things from this one!

ヒャッコ (hyakko)

Still not through the whole episode yet, but all I can say is… 平野 綾 (hirano aya)!!  Hope this one turns out ^_^

So those are three I got through so far… but still waiting to get evaluated…

とらドラ! (toradora!)

I actually have no clue what this one is about but it looked like something I should try ^^;

地獄少女 三鼎 (jigoku shoujo mitsuganae)

Looking forward to this one, although truthfully the first two seasons dragged on a bit much for me.  I’d totally prefer 12/13 episodes for this one.

かんなぎ (kannagi)

Reaaaaally looking forward to this one!  The manga has been great (even though I’ve only just recently finished the first volume ^^;;  I swear I’ll catch up!), love the character design, love the way nagi speaks, the expressions all around… just my kinda stuff.  High hopes!

ケメコデラックス! (kemeko deluxe!)

Must give a try after danny mentioned it ^^;

ロザリオとバンパイア CAPU2 (rosario & vampire capu2)

I admit I’m only here for the panchira.  errr *cough cough* *ahem!* Deep story line and intriguing personalities.

とある魔術の禁書目 (to aru majyutsu no index)

I’ve seen the figures and almost bought them so I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to get to know the series!

夜桜四重奏 〜ヨザクラカルテット〜 (yozakura quartet)

From anidb’s summary…

And Akina…well, he’s just a regular guy, surrounded by three supergirls!

Yeah, good enough for me. We’ll see if it pans out.

Also on my watch list… EF!  Is it available yet?  Haven’t checked but I loved the first season.

Finally, Chaos;Head seemed like something I should check out, but again, I have no previous exposure to it.

All told, 13!! new shows!  I’m never gonna catch up ;_;  Any other suggestions for must see shows this season (not that I have time, but might as well make my list complete while I’m at it ^^;)


14 Responses to “アニメ連携攻撃! {anime renkeikougeki!}”

  1. Blowfish said

    I actually enjoyed the Today in Class 5-2 OVAs.
    It sucks to hear that the TV Series seems to blow :/

    This Season my watchlist is huge too^^

  2. optic said

    Lot’s of series to watch this season. I’ve lost count already. T_T
    Most anticipated one is jigoku shoujo mitsuganae and ef.
    akane iro ni somaru saka looks interesting as well. ^^

    Clannad ~after story~ not on ur list?

  3. meronpan said

    @blowfish yeah i keep hearing the ova was good. i’ll definitely have to follow up with that to cleanse my palate :P

    @optic ah yes, i’ll be watching clannad… eventually. i’m holding fast to my “play game before watching” rule for anything by key. unfortunately i’m totally behind on key games. i have air and clannad sitting on my shelf but haven’t touched either. i completed kanon years ago (prolly my favorite game to date) so i’m not sure what’s kept me from starting the other two ^^;;;

  4. James said

    Gundam 00 , Clannad and Jigoku Shoujo for me (L)

    But i’ll try watching the rest , first episode of Tora Dora was cute :)

  5. kielmaru07 said

    Watch Toradora too!

    I hate the Kyou no go no ni TV ver. I liked the OVA most.

  6. meronpan said

    @james ahhh gundam… i wish i could find time to get back into gundam.
    and now i’m looking forward to toradora ^_^

  7. meronpan said

    @kielmaru07 not sure why your comment was binned as spam -_- toradora’s on my list! hopefully get thru the first episode tonite

  8. Q said

    Currently watching Gundam 00 and Clannad After Story. I don’t think I have the time to watch so many for this season!

    On a side note, Random Curiosity seems to really like あかね色に染まる坂 (what a long name). With the attractive character designs and the number of well known seiyuus on the list I had a quick peek on it. Katagiri Yuuhi looks nice, and I’m surprised that she’s voiced by Kugimiya Rie, but her voice sounds more natural compared to her well known Shana and her equivalent, which is a nice and interesting change. May watch the whole thing in one go when the season ends.

  9. meronpan said

    @Q nor do i ^^; luckily i can at least get through at least 1-2 episodes of something every weekday because i watch something while exercising.

    akane iro ni somaru saka <3 as i mentioned, i really liked pretty everything it threw at me the first episode. had no idea that was shana/louise behind yuuhi ^^; i did see toradora ep1 today and immediately recognized the “うるさい! うるさい!” (urusai! urusai!) ^^;

  10. Q said

    So how is Toradora? I know that the signature voice (aka Kugimiya virus in some places) is there for Taiga, but not sure how the series is like.

  11. meronpan said

    @q toradora looked good enuf to me – seems like standard high school romantic comedy/drama fare …which I’m not too picky about ^^;; you may have seen danny’s short blurb on it? he didn’t care for taiga’s violent personality but for me she was great ^_^

  12. Blowfish said

    I just saw the Today in Class… Episode.
    Yuck…The Artstyle,the reduction of ecchiness and the fact that they were basically reusing the OVA plot with minor changes made this episode pretty lame.

    Check out the OVA it is better in every way and even has Milk Bukkake ^_^

    I liked ToraDora and hope that theyll hurry up with the Sub of Ep 2

  13. Q said

    Yea I’ve read about Danny’s comments on Toradora; he didn’t seem to like Taiga’s violent behaviours, or rather he doesn’t like violence in general :o

    I may pick it up at the end of the season the opinions are positive in general.

  14. meronpan said

    @blowfish yeah, i definitely plan on checking out the ova. now that i think about it, i think a big problem with the anime is that they make the kids act… like kids. in the manga it’s the uncharacteristic maturity (or mature situations ^^;;) that makes it hilarious.

    @q rewatched toradora ep1 last nite… just the fact that it’s kugimiya doing taiga’s voice in a romantic comedy setting makes it a win for me ^_^

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