I’m slow with reviews -_-

Posted by meronpan on October 6, 2008

So in the meantime…

Woohoo!! yes, my Alice came. Hlj overdid their preorders so I had to cancel, but thanks to James I was able to find her at J-List. 9 more in stock at the time of this post, but I admit, it is a little more pricey than most stores ;_;

Also in the works…

Took some pics of Rize the other day, hopefully get her review up soon too. Blasted both of these pics with shadow/highlight adjustments in Picasa if you’re wondering why the lighting is all messed up ^^;


17 Responses to “I’m slow with reviews -_-”

  1. Persocom said

    I’m afraid to go look at the price on J-List… I’ve shopped there before they’re great and all but some of the figures are way high compared to normal.

  2. Blowfish said

    Your lightsetup makes Alice look like a naughty poledancer :D

    Yay for Rize! Its a shame about her big dress but otherwise a lovely figure

    If somebody is still looking for Alice check out Archonia:

    You can still preorder her there!!
    Expected Arrival Date is 30.12.08

    Am I great or am i great? ^_^

  3. optic said

    Looking forward to ur Rize review.
    if HLJ ever restock Alice, then I promise myself, I will get it but from else, NO!!!!.

  4. phossil said


    Pantsu shoots~~~~~ (*nose bleeding*)


  5. Eetaku said

    Man, I really wanted the adult grown up version of Alice. Too bad it was over $100. The young version looks cute too though. Love the Queen’s blade series.

  6. James said

    Glad to see you got her !

  7. meronpan said

    @persocom perhaps i shoulda looked around more/had some patience but yeah, she was marked up like marked up by like 60% ;_;

    @blowfish well, she is already pretty naughty :P hope everyone looking for alice can get a hold of her. reviews look spectacular and once i had her unboxed, she did not disappoint ^_^

    @optic but she’s sooooo sexay! ^_^ hopefully hlj will get her in stock again someday~

    @phossil once i get around to posting alice’s review it’s more than just pantsu :P and for more than even that, you should check out james’ latest gathering acquisition

    @eetaku i ordered her during one of my past frenzies but it was through kid nemo so i’m not sure when she’ll ship. i also prefer the adult version but lolis aside, this version is still exquisite. ^_^

    @james thanks! and thanks again for pointing me to j-list so i could get my hands on her ^_^

  8. lovelyduckie said

    J-List…ya their prices are very scary. In most cases I’d rather resort to eBay than them.

    Sigh…my Rize is broken. I still love her but her base design flaw really defeated my spirit on Shuraki. Who’d have thought that GSC would be able to have Meifen have such a dynamic pose without leaning/breaking and they miscalucalted this figure (Rize) that has two feet planted firmly on the base. I’ll never do any reviews on my Shuraki even though I love them because they’re a hassle to handle.

  9. gordon said

    better late than never. ^^;

  10. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie sorry to hear about your rize ;_; i was also totally surprised to hear about the weak peg. like you said, meifeng fine, rize no? insanity -_- i love and hate the cast off so much… each of the display options is appealing to me… but switching is a pain beyond pains so i never do.

    @gordon indeed! gambarimasu!

  11. Q said

    Interesting preview. Looking forward to your reviews~

    Yea I did hear that Rize has a few problems, mainly with the base and the heavy full battle dress. At least that’s what I’ve read from some blogs.

  12. meronpan said

    @Q was working on them tonite but ack it’s late! will have to wait another day.

    i admit the full dress is pretty dang heavy but still sad nothing was done about it or that it slipped through quality control… or even if maybe it’s just concentrated anecdotal evidence from unfortunate owners… i’m still not willing to take the risk -_-

  13. Blowfish said

    Alice is right at the sweet spot between too naughty and too tame.Very sexy without exposing too much :P
    I like her alot but im soooo broke that i have to pass her :/

    Hehe im exactly the same as you about Rize.I prefer to play it safe even if that means ill have to stick to the battle damaged mode instead of her dress.

    Looking forward to your pics

  14. Lsio said

    I love that alice picture. especially the way you took it. I am thinking to use that effect for my own review of her.

    By the way, she becomes my top one favorite in my collection.

  15. meronpan said

    @blowfish well, if ya ever get the cash on hand, pick her up quick! ^_^

    @lsio thanks ^_^ as mentioned it’s been altered with software lighting effects – i have no clue how i’d even begin to try and get a natural light setup for that ^^;

    alice is definitely one of my favorites now too ^_^

  16. picchar said

    Don’t worry, I’m slower! I haven’t even gotten one review out yet, haha XD

  17. meronpan said

    @picchar that would indeed be slower ^^; hopefully tonite i’ll have my chizuru review out although i’m not sure i have all the shots i want yet… ganbarimashou!

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