Rize! Rizfis?

Posted by meronpan on October 9, 2008

I suppose most are familiar with the shuraki girls, and as titled, today we have Rize! From her SECRET FILE, one might note her full name is Rizfis Luttiva Mente… which in romaji comes out as rizefisu rutetiiva mente… ^^;;

Also from her SECRET FILE, we find that she likes pasta, tomato cuisine, Japanese sweets, cute things, and sleeping.  She hates cold foods, dark places, crows, and taking medicine.  The booklet has some nice art to look at, along with (I believe) details on her background and story in general.  I… have yet to read it all or listen to the drama cd though ^^;;

Her box is pretty huge, necesary to house the outrageous skirt/dress thing she comes with.

Just to reiterate and get the message out… her huge outrageous skirt is also pretty heavy and may end up stressing and eventually breaking a foot peg.

Real disappointing news for me because I love any sort of huge space hogging things like that. They give the figure a real presence that begs for attention. At any rate, because of that and the terrible time I have with the shuraki cast-off crap I didn’t get any pics of her in normal mode with the full outfit ;_;

Speaking of cast-off woes, I ended up smudging her body to all hell while messing the outfit… trying to get it on, get it off, fit the stupid tiny peg to hold it in place… ugh. So yeah, no pantsu mode shots either -_-

On the bright side, battle damage mode makes for great panchira shots.

…never mind, disregard that last comment, she’s not in battle damage mode in the above pic ^^;;

I swear someday I’ll upgrade my review setup (which shouldn’t be hard, I have nothing! -_-). Until then, here’s Rize in front of the box background on my window sill! ^^;

It was sunny out so I played around with some settings and I think some of these photos turned out better than usual (I actually really liked how the top pic in this post turned out), though that’s not saying much ^^;

So far Rize’s base is my favorite out of the shuraki set.

Alrighty, now let’s throw Rize out on the battlefield aaaaand…

I’m wondering if Rize’s halberd will ever droop into her left hand. It’s floating a good couple millimeters -_-

Battle damage pantsu.

Back battle damage pantsu?

Under battle damage bewb?

Was originally going to do a double review with Alice but got some group action goin and had so many pics, figured it’d be overboard for one post.

Kept trying to take the above pic but couldn’t get the lighting to behave -_-

Still have Nida and Meifeng in the box, so for now it’s only a set of three.

Now to get back to my roots.

Whose side is mishiro on?

今だ! なのは行け! {now! go nanoha!!}

ハルヒ! 頼んだよ… え、 パンツを覗くのをね… {haruhi! we're counting on you! ... to ... look at pantsu}

aaaand we’ll wrap up with a picture that’s way too busy for its own good ^_^;;

にゃんと?! {what the?!}

Blowfish, wcloudx, and pure trance all have more rize love, check ’em out for more coverage. Lovelyduckie unfortunately has coverage of the heavy skirt -> pegs breaking problem if you’d like a closer look at the potential damage.

Next time, shenanigans!

err make that, Alice ^_^


14 Responses to “Rize! Rizfis?”

  1. Hey, me too, I also ended up smudging my Shuraki especially Char argh!!! I got Nida last and I didn’t even bother to mess with her outfit anymore.

  2. Lsio said

    I like her pantsu…

    hmmm I think I use that line a lot lately when comment on figures.

  3. Blowfish said

    Im still jealous that you got Char :/

    Thanks for the link^^

    I didnt even consider displaying her in non damaged mode just without her dress.Looks pretty good!
    Ahhh…yeah youre actually able to understand whats written in the secret files and the drama CD.Im only able to take a few good guesses while listening to the drama.
    Oh and im able to understand the random german words in Nidas file ^_^
    She owns alot books on the topic of sexual harrassment

    lol Haruhi is up to it again and some pantsu grabbing action is never wrong

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    Wow, there’s so many low angle photos XD i like that!

    Rize maybe cool, but she isn’t really my favorite among 5 Shuraki girls.

  5. meronpan said

    @divine fang ugh, i had a terrible time getting char’s outfit off… to simply remove the plastic that she was packaged with ^^; luckily because of that i don’t think she suffered any markings but i didn’t even try the other outfits which feels like a waste -_-

    @lsio the shuraki pantsu are very nicely detailed. ^_^

    @blowfish i’m still amazed i got her ^^; weird they haven’t done a rerelease… seemed like she was pretty popular, so you’d think everyone would benefit from it.

    gah, that reminds me i need to get nida out on display! books on sexual harassment eh? now i’m curious… definitely have to read her file.

    @sonic_ver2 just trying to make sure the sculptor’s detailed work is appreciated ^_^ i actually didn’t think too much about rize when i first ordered her (honestly at that point it was just to complete the set ^^;;;) having her in hand i do like her a lot more than i thought but, i think i like char (the hair!)/mishiro (seifuku + katana!) better.

  6. You can get rid of the smudges with a cotton bud and non-acetone nailpolish just make sure you wash it with water right away and don’t scrub too hard :)

  7. Q said

    Interesting profile/secret file~ I have rarely heard of peopple talking about the stuff that come along with the Shuraki figure(s).

    The base is very nice indeed. I remember seeing a review from Valiant Ho who did some blue lighting underneath, making the base looking icy-crsytal. It’s really cool :D


  8. Kairu Ishimaru said


  9. optic said

    Yep, my Char body has already been smudged quite badly so I’m not gonna do the whole cast feature for in her in my review.

    It’s a pity I’m gonna have to display her battle dress. Her normal dress was the whole point in getting her in the first place. T_T

    Nice review.
    Looking forward to ur group Shuraki shot.

  10. gordon said

    lol, what’s up with haruhi and looking at pantsu anyway? ^^;

  11. meronpan said

    @pure trance it’s the “was it with water right away” and “don’t rub too hard” parts of that procedure that worry me ^^;;; mmm well i guess some day when i decide to display her in pantsu mode i’ll try…

    @q damn that review you linked is great. it’d be really neat to display her like that all the time

    @kairu umm, yes, pantsu! ^_^;

    @optic been so long i can’t remember if i smudged char up or not ^^;;
    for rize, if i was more hobby inclined i’d probably try to make a custom support myself but given my current set of skills… it’d either look terrible, not do it’s job, or both ^^;;

    @gordon good question ^^;; i think it just happened kinda naturally… her chibi size gives her the perfect low angler vantage point. ^_^

  12. I did it to one of my Shuraki figures and it was fine…if it looks bad it’s worth a shot. :)

  13. James said

    you did great with the pics , looks good !

    but too much pantsu , it’s scary :'(


  14. meronpan said

    @james thanks ^_^ i’m totally desensitized to pantsu shots, didn’t notice how many i posted ^^;;;; plus, with the battle damage, it automatically makes every shot a pantsu shot :P

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