Posted by meronpan on October 15, 2008

A figure I got after reading too many reviews.  Originally I was only going to get her boost state version (though at the moment I’m really skeptical the store I ordered from will actually be able to fill my order… wasn’t she a limited mail order item?  they have enough trouble getting regular kotobukiya figures to me ;_;), but in the end I caved and ordered the loli version too.

素敵だろう? She’s great, isn’t she? ^_^  My first Alpha Omega, and definitely a great figure to start with.

Mmm be forewarned, we’re dealing with a castoff loli… don’t come complaining to me if you happen upon suppadaka Alice pic when someone walks up behind you :P


I’ve never really understood the whole Queen’s Blade thing… (well, in this case, Queen’s Gate)

SOS Swim Team out to investigate

As far as I can tell… you buy a (slightly? very?) ero book…

Find another person who has bought a similar ero book…

Then you… play some sort of combat game…?

...battle damage? :P

(pics from official site)

Well, anyhow, back to Alice ^^;

I’m glad her corset thing is pretty easy to work with… was so much better than the shuraki stuff ^^;

More shiro pantsu

Not that I even would but I’m definitely not in a position to be displaying her in marumie mode.

Any Alice owners with her out ‘n about with only her pantsu?

A handful of parts to take care of after getting her unpackaged...

I’m not sure I was using the right method get her knife-pistol-things in her hands… swore I was gonna break something again.

Was soooo relieved when both were situated safe and sound.

Didn’t know her tail could come off and is only loosely wrapped around her foot. I tried like hell to get it to go through the little loop in her clothing (it seemed like that’s what it was there for?) but couldn’t get it to fit.

おしり! oshiri! ...errr, sorry if that was a little sudden :P

Alice & Char ^_^

Attaching the holsters was kind of awkward but I think they’re finally in place now. As briefly mentioned in the last post, I got a tripod! As such I was fooling around with more of my cameras settings to see I couldn’t get some better results.

Woo! No flash for once, thanks to a 5 second exposure ^^

Look ma, no shadows (well, at least none from a flash ^^;)!

Hmm guess she's not any less immodest with her full outfit ^^;;

Saber, stop that!

I’ll have to follow up with more shennanigans later.  In the meantime, if you haven’t already, stop by happy soda, exelica meteor, foo-bar-baz, and dannychoo to get your fill.

hmm wordpress added polls so i’m editing this in to try it out ^^;



21 Responses to “Alice”

  1. Nomad said

    ooooh soo pretty!!

  2. sonic_ver2 said

    Queen’s Blade or gate or whatever… isn’t really my thing.

    All i know is, your photos are improving, but yeah… each time you take a picture, you’ll have to wait at least 5 seconds :P.

  3. Blowfish said

    Oh man! Ive seen her already countless times on blogs and yet i cant see enough of her.
    Its so hard to resist….Gotta Be strong….

    Your giving me one hard time mister!

    I wish i had the cash to get her^^

  4. Lsio said

    nice pictures.

    Alice is my first figure from the Queen’s series too, and I like it so much, so I just buy 3 more Queen’s figures.. Airi is on its way, Nanael and Reina are in my pre-order list…

  5. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Haha, yup, she’s one of my last five orders. She should be in-transit as we speak. ^_^

  6. meronpan said

    @nomad ain’t she? ^_^

    @sonic_ver2 thanks ^_^ although for some reason these pics looked better yesterday when i was writing the post ^^; maybe it’s this work laptop screen… ah well, baby steps! next i think i should get a lamp to improve the lighting…

    @blowfish i blame alpha omega :P she’s so nice, you won’t be sorry if you give in ^_^

    @lsio ooo nice, i have airi and nanael on order too ^_^

    @xjaymanx excellent ^_^ she’s definitely worthy of your final five

  7. Blowfish said

    Shes totally worth the money just to recreate your last picture.
    If im lucky enough ill get some money before the preoders at archonia finish. *prays*

  8. James said

    Aww you got Alice !

    And again lots of pantsu pics :'(

    Last pic is awesome :p

  9. sonic_ver2 said

    Laptop screen has higher contrast rate, that’s why it looks brighter than any other LCD / CRT. Try editing it (with Photoshop) in LCD / CRT (better than LCD) / any monitor with low contrast rate.

    Anyway, your photos still look normal in term of brightness on my LCD screen.

  10. super rats said

    Yeah, getting those pistol knives into place was rough. Tripods help, especially if you have a camera that doesn’t have stabilization…mine doesn’t so I use a tripon 99% of the time.

  11. meronpan said

    @james but any shot not taken from the front 30 degree arc is a pantsu shot! ^^;; saber has been mischievous lately ^_^;

    @sonic_ver2 ah, thanks for the info. at home i’m using a normal flatpanel… don’t think i have any crts anymore though (thank goodness too, since i’ve been moving so much after college ^^;)

    @super rats i think my camera actually does have stabilization but i guess it’s probably unrealistic to expect to compensate for movements during long expose shots ^^;

  12. optic said

    All Alice reviews are lovely. Ur no exception.
    To be honest, reading all of her reviews makes me feel like I own one already. lol
    But still, not beats owning an actual one. ^^
    *cracked up laughing at the last pic.*
    Saber will never do that. :P

  13. Q said

    This succubus is killing one after another…

    But then the figure is indeed of high quality with a good face to tempt all those who shall fall for her, so I can understand why one said this is a collector’s must-get.

    Nice shots; at least you don’t have to pile lots of books in place anymore~ Keep up the good work meronpan!

  14. gordon said

    everyone is getting alice. except me! O_O

  15. meronpan said

    @optic thanks ^_^ it’s all alice though – i still have a ways to go for improving my shots ^^;; saber’s more mischievous than you think! errr… ok fine, just my figma saber ^^;

    @q it can’t be stated enough, she’s really nice ^_^ so glad i picked up the tripod. just got a cheap $30 one but damn it’s a world of difference

    @gordon you should join the fun! ^_^

  16. Anonymous said

    I require your help
    I for the life of me cannot get her gunknives on
    I am a retard and do not know how, there is this part that juts out so I cannot fully slide it through her hand
    There is probably some magical way of putting it on I just cannot see
    Save me or I will be fated to pose her without her gunknives for eternity

  17. meronpan said

    @anonymous hmmm, crap i can’t quite remember how i did it, but i do know i was scared as hell something was gonna break ^^; let’s see… well lessee perhaps this was it… i believe there’s that part of the blade that sticks out, so as you said, you can’t slide it into her hand from the blade side. Because of that I think it was a matter of basically putting the grip part in her hand directly and just kind of rotating it into place? mmm perhaps the trick was getting the handle between her thumb and fingers a bit and from there you can kind of twist it? …not really sure if that helps, but good luck ^^;

  18. Anonymous said

    I kinda broke off her thumb while trying that once
    Luckily that wasn’t really a big deal since there was already a seamline thing around it and it was easy enough to adhesive it back on
    But after running around various figurine review sites in English and Japanese it appears I am the only one in the world who cannot get it on orz
    There is pretty much no space between thhe thumb and fingers, but one comment I did read from a Japanese site mentioned that her hand was soft and he had a much easier time getting the weapons on than with Airi

    …Okay I just tried again and holy shat it worked. Her thumb was a lot more flexible for the hand that it broke off of and her fingers did bend enough. Thought it wouldn’t go so well for the other hand and that I’d break off her thumb but it miraculously went well enough! Probably because I focused on bending the fingers. When I broke her thumb off before I was kind of just trying to jam it into the space between her thumb and fingers hoping both will bend enough but it appears that I needed to manually focus on bending the fingers

    Anyway I wouldn’t have had the courage to try this again without your confirmation so thanks much

  19. meronpan said

    @anonymous dang, sucks her thumb already broke once… but happy that you finally got the pistols in. omedetou! ^_^

  20. *puts hands up for planning on having Alice out and about with pantsu only*

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