Censored pantsu -_-

Posted by meronpan on October 20, 2008

I can’t believe they’re censoring Rosario & Vampire CAPU2.  This is blasphemy. (episode 3 “spoilers” to follow… if fan service can be spoiled ^^;)

Well, so if I read correctly, season 1 was censored on some stations (luckily not the ones I downloaded), but this time around it seems like there aren’t any uncensored stations left?

And no, I’m not angry ‘cuz I’m desperate to see Moka’s sister’s pantsu.

It’s ‘cuz I desperately need to see shirayuki-chan’s pantsu!

I wonder how many people will believe me when I say I’m joking ^^;;

But at any rate, the whole show is a fan service festival. Why would you censor pantsu? Especially when… they don’t censor pantsu!!

Yeah, the above shot is from the same episode… so what gives? Seconds later you’re presented with more bats…

But earlier we had groping!

This just makes no sense. To top it off, we’re treating with eye beams…

Again uncensored…

And this last scene…

I’m still not sure how this is less bad than a 5 second pantsu shot.

Umm hello?  What gives?  Overall there weren’t that many bat censors, but it’s just that when they were on screen they’re so distracting and annoying.  I’m guessing this is some ploy to make otaku buy the dvd releases -_-

Well, at least they haven’t deprived us completely.


9 Responses to “Censored pantsu -_-”

  1. Jed said

    It’s almost like the entire TV series is just an advertisement for the DVD boxset. Galaxy Angel Ru~ne left me with the same impressions.

  2. optic said

    I just don’t get the point as they show anime series at like 2 or 3am in the morning. that time, which under-age kid will still be awake.
    They show some and uncensored some so it’s going now where really. T_T

  3. Blowfish said

    Uh that makes no sense at all that some is censored and some not but there are two possibilities:
    1. They want people to pay cash for the uncensored DVDs
    2.They try to be funny

    I vote for the first one

  4. phossil said

    Maybe Blowfish is right, but theyre arent thinking in OUR pantsu needs!!! hehe
    I think there’s no need to censor the pantsu shots, because its the whole reason of fanservice shows.

  5. meronpan said

    @jed that’s too bad about galaxy angel. i played the first game but never got around to the rest of the trilogy nor any of the anime.

    @optic they really need to let parents handle this sort of thing. let the viewers make the call as to whether or not it’s appropriate by watching or not watching. and let’s be realistic, if a kid wants to see smut nowadays, it’s all just a webpage away…

    @blowfish i also vote for one -_- i really wouldn’t even mind if they did the bright light or steam or less obtrusive censor. the frikkin bat is sooooo annoying though!

    @phossil yeah totally! it’s like taking the chocolate chips out of chocolate chip cookies!

  6. Q said

    What mediocre censor work there. I don’t watch much anime of such genre, but at least they could have done steam/flare stuff like the ones used in Strike Witches for censoring. Perhaps they’re indeed trying to encourage people to buy the DVDs in order to watch the uncensored scenes.

  7. lovelyduckie said

    I like how panties are censored in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei :) definitely way better then seeing the panties.

  8. meronpan said

    @q yeah, as i alluded to, it’s not even the lack of pantsu that’s annoying, it’s that the bat looks like utter crap. boo i say!

    @lovelyduckie what do they do in sayonara zetsubou sensei? i’ve been meaning to read/watch but still haven’t gotten around to that one orz

  9. Vrist said

    Dose anyone know where can i donwloaded uncesored Rosario + Vampire seson 1 and Seson 2?
    I readed all manga episodes and they were quite good..
    Well if anyone of u know i would be glad :D

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