源千鶴 Minamoto Chizuru

Posted by meronpan on October 21, 2008

I discover a lot of new series because I can’t resist the kawaii cover art. かのこん {kanokon} definitely falls into that category ^^;

It was during my last trip to Japan that I happened upon the latest releases of the kanokon manga/light novel at K-Books in Akihabara. Couldn’t resist picking it up and that’s what precipitated into this purchase ^^;

Volume 1 of the light novel and manga

Volume 1 of the light novel and manga

chizuru is part of Kotobukiya’s 4-Leaves series, weighing in at an impressive 1/5 scale.

I believe she’s modeled after the anime art more than the original light novel material?

As you may have seen in my preview, yes, she comes with that pillow on the right. It’s a real pillow, not a giant pvc terribality ^^;  Remember to dig it out from under the packaging if you get her ^_^

If you’re one to follow figure releases, you’re probably already aware of her exorbitant price ^^; Hobby Search currently has her listed at 12,160¥ so she’s not a purchase to be made lightly.

hmmm legs are pretty overexposed? ^^;;

So was she worth it? Well, to be honest if I had the choice again I’d probably go with a FREEing bunny instead ^^;

On the other hand, going into these higher scale figures, you kind of have to expect to pay more… I have yet to find a cheap 1/5 or larger figure ^^;

And she’s still cheaper than that Daiki Kougyo Kan’u ^^;

Her hair has that kind of chunky feeling that I generally dislike.

But I do like her face more than I expected… and her pose is pretty nice… and she looks great on the pillow ^_^

Back to negatives, unfortunately her outfit has some pretty nasty seams in it.

From straight ahead it’s hard to notice, but from other angles it’s pretty painful.

I guess she’s kind of cast-offable, but not her sleeves, so I didn’t even attempt to try and get her top off. Plus, she’s got a pretty revealing outfit already ^^;

…and the way she’s lifting her skirt is great ^_^ The skirt does have a weird kind of look to it because it’s so thin at the edges though…

These next shots are from a headless chizuru, so you can what’s normally blocked by her huge hair ^^;

So luckily, even though there’s some pretty nasty marks, you’d normally never see them unless you display her headless ^^;;;

She does look pretty nice without the skirt, but I haven’t given in to displaying her as such yet ^^;

Here you can see that seam in her shirt…

Here you can see her pantsu… errr… it’s my duty to provide a… thorough review! ^^;;

And is it just me or do her toes look a little odd?

The thinness of her skirt is a little more visible here (among other things ^^;)…

Her shirt can’t contain her oppai…

I apologize to any readers who aren’t so interested in the pantsu shots, but hey, what do you expect from a pretty ecchi series ^^;;

Even at 1/5, FREEing haruhi still wins the size contest at 1/4.

tsukasa omake ^_^

This pic was in the preview, but I shopped out the stand for the hell of it… Didn’t really do that good of a job this time thou ^^;

Kan’u stands at 1/6 but her size seems on par ‘cuz she’s so tall ^^;

I dunno why but it was fun to pair chizuru with everyone

nanoha doesn't approve of something ^^;

In the end, she did have quite a few flaws that makes it hard to recommend to others. On the other hand, if you’re a die hard kanokon fan and have some cash to spare… she’ll deliver for ya ^_^;

Digging around foo-bar-baz, found some more thorough reviews of her that also detail the extent of her cast-off ability.

Azure Toy-box, 天羅Blog (tenra), insecure zone, and akiba hobby all have more.



17 Responses to “源千鶴 Minamoto Chizuru”

  1. Danny Choo said

    Got mine yesterday. She looks fine but having difficulty removing skirt ^^;

  2. Blowfish said

    She isnt perfect but i think perfect figures are kind of boring.Its the flaws that give the figure its Character ^^

  3. phossil said

    She really looks great (and big).

    Thanks for the complete photo review…(and pantsu shoots..) ^_^

  4. meronpan said

    @danny choo indeed, she looks nice but (for me at least), not as nice as I’d expect for the price. perhaps i was just spoiled by the haruhi bunny ^^;; no regrets though, she’s a valued part of the collection now ^_^

    took me a while but eventually i got her frikkin’ body to separate… i think her shirt kind of inhibits the process but i didn’t quite know how to deal with it ^^;

    @blowfish hahah true, plus the flaws give me more to talk about ^^; luckily looking at her straight on, none of the flaws that bother me are really visible, so on display she’s fine

    @phossil i seem to gravitate to the figures with large footprints ^^; glad you enjoyed it ^_^

  5. Blowfish said

    Btw i just noticed that your Pictures look great!
    Care to tell me your secret?Those kick my pictures butt *100

    I never found out how to get that partially getting darker backgrounds.

    Plaese tell me.Pretty pretty please ^_^

  6. meronpan said

    @blowfish you’re too kind with your praise, i’m definitely not worth of such ^^; first of all, let me preface my answer with the fact that most shots are adjusted quite liberally in software… tweaking contrast, highlights, shadows, white balance etc. this definitely helps a lot when i don’t get the lighting right in the original pic (which is pretty much always ^^;)

    other than that, my setup is very crude… white poster board for the background, tripod that lets me do long exposure shots, and the lighting is all from my room, i don’t have any suitable lamps yet.

    the slight gradient in the background was completely unintentional ^^;; i believe it’s caused by the fact that it’s resting at an angle and i have no additional light sources, so the top part is leaning back more and thus shows up darker? or maybe it’s because of the ambient overhead light that does that, since it’s shining down making the bottom part lighter, but the slope a shade darker?

    again, i have only the faintest idea of what i’m doing, so it’s kind of hard to describe the things that are the main contributors to my results ^^; for this latest batch i think i was generally using iso 50, f/8 and 2-5 second exposures, though i’d have to double check the photo data…

  7. James said

    you did a pretty nice job with the shots nd the review is nice . you made me wanting her again ^^

    but i can’t buy her , as i’ll have to pay like 80 dollars in taxes just to get her … france sux ^^

    but she’s quite nice and i love the pillow so much !

  8. meronpan said

    @james thanks ^_^ 80 in taxes?! that’s outrageous ;_; guess i should count my blessings that i haven’t had to deal with customs or crazy taxes…

  9. James said

    For each 1/8 figure (at least 80 % of them) , i have to pay 50 dollars to the transporter . Yes you read right , for ONE figure . Just to pay the taxe for getting in the stupid country .

    Consider yourself lucky ^^


  10. gordon said

    a free cushion. nice.

    and yes the toes does look odd? is it because of the angle at which the pic is taken?

  11. meronpan said

    @james that is absolute insanity. it also makes the collections of french figure fans that much more impressive ^^;

    @gordon yeah, i think the slight difference in color may have been exacerbated by the angle/lighting. luckily it’s not really noticeable from a normal viewing distance.

  12. Q said

    Nice shots!

    Didn’t think that the shirt was cast-offable at first, but looking at those seam lines makes me understood (but it didn’t make it look as pretty). I kinda find it strange as for why they chose 1/5 and other common scales, but I guess figures are quite flexible on that aspect then?

  13. Blowfish said

    Ahh a tripod and long exposure?
    Thanks for the lenghty reply.I have absolutely no idea about camerasettings and the book i bought some time ago rendered pretty useless to me since it focuses more on Ebay pics when it meant macro Photography :/

    I think ill spend a few bucks on a tripod and try to take my next shots with a similar setting like yours

  14. sonic_ver2 said

    I never liked Kotobukiya’s figure skin. They never made somewhat realistic skin, unlike Alter ad GSC.

    But one thing for sure, Chizuru is definitely sexy, especially with that big boobs and nice butt. It must be delicious XD.

  15. meronpan said

    @q thanks! not sure i understood your comment about scale… but if i had to guess i’d say scale selection is probably a combination of business, and artistic considerations… from a business aspect, the larger figures cost more and limit the target market, while smaller figures are generally cheaper and more accessible. Artistically I think larger figures are better suited to figures with lots of detail since the sculptor has more room to get all the little things in. however, if the original character art isn’t very interesting, a big figure can just leave you a boring hunk of pvc. …but yeah, i’m obviously no professional sculptor so who knows how they actually decide ^^;

    @blowfish no problem ^_^ i still don’t know much about how lenses work so i should probably read up more on what the macro setting is actually doing and how I should adjust when using it ^^;

    ah yes, might be common knowledge, but i’ll thow it out there just in case – i also use the delay setting so that i can press the button and get my hand off the camera so it’s absolutely still when the photo’s actually taken.

    @sonic_ver2 ah good catch… yeah the skin wasn’t anything special for me either, though i do prefer it to the kurushima kanu ^^; (so pale! orz)

    ..and delicious is an excellent way to describe her ^_^

  16. optic said

    A big sexy figure but the flaws are kind of a stand out. Her big toe got me raising my eyebrows as well. :/
    Despite the flaws, she is a nice figure overall. For the price, I don’t find it’s worth it but it’s expected for a scale of this magnitude.
    Nice shots. ^^
    Panstu FTW!!! ^_^

  17. meronpan said

    @optic she does have some nice pantsu. it’s too bad her arms aren’t cast off to display her in full pantsu mode. if she was cheaper or the cast-off was fully implemented i think i woulda been satisfied, but alas ^^;

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