Anime, Figures & Manga

Posted by meronpan on October 26, 2008

Some ramblings on… anime, figures and manga ^_^

Lately it feels like the only front I’m making any progress in is anime. As posted previously I recently got through Code Geass (Which I again highly recommend if you haven’t gotten around to it. I’d say watch the first 3 episodes to get a good feel for things. I’ll let ya skip this one if you’re not hooked by then :P)

Almost finished with 恋姫†無双 (koihime musou)… love the characters and the ED but the plot hasn’t really grabbed me that much. …Though I guess I didn’t really expect much from an eroge turned anime (not that that’s a bad thing… but I didn’t get the awesome plot vibe from this one ^^;)

Completed 乃木坂春香の秘密 (nogizaka haruka’s secret)… was a nice chaser for Code Geass ^^;

Good stuff, though mami-chan alone is often enough to keep my attention for a series ^^;  If you’re looking for a light hearted otaku-themed romantic comedy, you’re looking at a winner!

Halfway through 怪物王女 (princess resurrection). Grabbed my attention because of good smile’s upcoming release:

Image from Good Smile Company's official listing, linked above

Not bad, although I think I’m still coming off the Geass high and any series that doesn’t have … mmm so as to not spoil anything I’ll just say… such epic content… seems tame by comparison ^^; Be that as it may, liked it enough to preorder ^^;

Also started and got midway through アイドルマスター XENOGLOSSIA (idol master xenoglossia). Also feels kind of flat but again I’m not sure if it’s just relative to Geass or what ^^; Feels like I’d be enjoying a bit more if I’d have played the game…

The mechs (errr “IDOLs” … ^^;;) are kinda weird and so far whenever they try to turn up the drama I’m just not really feeling it.  Something about using them to blast meteors out of the sky before they hit the earth, the mechs having feelings, bla bla… I am getting a strange evangelion vibe thou ^^;

Misato? :P



Aside from that… I’m trying to stay current with the fall season:

とある魔術の禁書目 (to aru majyutsu no index)

Really enjoying this one so far. Index is great. Mikoto is great. Kaori… well, I think I’m right about to watch the episode where we see her actually do something. Katana/nodachi wielding, long hair, great outfit (^^;)… gave in and preordered the kotobukiya version ^^;

夜桜四重奏 〜ヨザクラカルテット〜 (yozakura quartet)

Not bad I guess. Not rocking my socks off, but I’ll probably see it through. Something about a monster city and a group that works to protect it from the monsters that don’t play nice.

ロザリオとバンパイア CAPU2 (rosario & vampire capu2)

As mentioned in my previous post the censoring is absolutely horrid. Be that as it may, I’m still watching to get my fill of moka, kurumu and mizore.

ケメコデラックス! (kemeko deluxe!)

Been enjoying this one a lot too. Picked up vol 1 of the manga, the nendoroid and M.M. ^^;; Something about Love Hina being one of the first manga I read… the osananajimi (childhood friend) theme is often a winner for me.


かんなぎ (kannagi)

Continues to deliver. <3 nagi ^_^

地獄少女 三鼎 (jigoku shoujo mitsuganae)

I love ai, but wished they would move away from the monster of the week sort of style. There is the question of how ai has come back… hoping they move on that issue more rather than saving all the plot for the last 6 episodes.

とらドラ! (toradora!)

kugimiya-san has such a distinctive presence, the show feels like shana – flamehaze + suzu… I love it. Keep forgetting to look for/order the light novel…

ヒャッコ (hyakko)

torako + tatsuki crack me up. At this point I’d prolly rank it under minamike or toradora but so far still worth a spot on my watch list.

あかね色に染まる坂 (akane iro ni somaru saka)

Now here’s an eroge turned anime that’s got my attention. I guess that’s to be expected from a series that successfully pulled off the superfecta (game/anime/manga/light novel) ^_^

In addition to all the characters, we’ve got kugimiya-san in the mix for extra win ^_^

今日の5の2 (Today, in Class 5-2)

Watchable I guess? That first episode was so bad though it’s hard to motivate myself to watch the new episodes ^^;


This one’s looking promising… main character’s sense of reality seems to be messed up or being messed with… kawaii cast, as per its eroge roots… definitely following this one.

…phew. No wonder I’ve felt so “busy” lately ^^; Since my class is near Japan Town I’ve been heading to kinokuniya every week…

on to Manga!

From my last visit, picked up to aru majutsu no index, kemeko deluxe, hyakko & code geass: nightmare of nunnally.

Been reading kannagi lately, vol 2 as pictured above.

Nagi cracks me up.  Also love the art.  The anime is pretty faithful to the style, but the manga still has an edge over it.

Also from the above pic, shikabane hime and nichijyou… we’ll see how those go.

More from my queue, decided to try out the tetsuwan birdy manga since I enjoyed the anime so much.  If you haven’t read yotsubato!, you’re missing out!  yotsuba absolutely wonderful!  The epitome of the 平凡は日常 (ordinary, everyday life) sort of content.  As it proclaims, “enjoy everything.” ^_^

Unlike other series that resort to adding lame new characters to the mix to keep things alive, yotsuba has a solid, lovable cast, and to boot, I get to learn about all sorts of everyday cultural things. Surprised it hasn’t turned anime yet.

The lucky star manga lets me keep getting my fill now that we’re out of both anime and ovas ^^;

To wrap things up, I just went on a figure purchasing rampage…

Incoming Figures!

Placed a lot of orders, although lots of these were reorders after Kid Nemo bailed on me.  Finally a good word for them though – hallelujah they billed me for Vita and haruka!  Of all my orders with them, I worry about the Alter ones the most.

As mentioned above, hime, kaori, kemeko and M.M I added after watching the respective anime ^^;  Same for lulu, figured he’d make a good addition for reviews ^^;

My Alter obsession continues so Louise and senhime were shoe-ins.  Dunno why but I decided to pick up hiyori of chu x chu idol.  Another Blood has been eating away at my defenses after seeing so many great reviews, finally caved.

Finally we have the FREEing ryoko and figma kagami… ryoko i just couldn’t resist any longer and she happened to come in stock at hobby search.  Kagami has been a favorite of mine for awhile so it was high time I got some sort of figure of her.

…I really shoulda split this post up ^^;  Ah yes, all figure pics from official sites or hobby search, screenshots taken from anime.


13 Responses to “Anime, Figures & Manga”

  1. Panther said

    Lots of preorders there, I only have ten left now, but 5 of them are in November. Bad for health still.

    Watching a lot of anime I see, but I had no idea Xenoglossia was actually an anime, no wonder someone told me it was a filtered version. Whenever game adapts to anime, most of the time it is a fail thing. Bah.

  2. meronpan said

    @panther i really need to put together a calendar to figure out when all my orders will be coming in ^^;

    true, most games are garbage when adapted into anime/movies/etc although visual novels seem to fair pretty well.

  3. Wow.. You have so many preorders to collect.. I used to have alot of orders, including old ones last month and it was hectic.. I hope I dont have to experience another one again.. x.X

    I certainly will re-watch iDOLM@STER: Xenoglassia.. Its a nice show IMO… ^^

  4. Blowfish said

    Ahh i see Kanzaki on your preorder List^^ Shes on mine too.
    If i had the money id also get Hime and Kemeko but id have to sleep under a bridge with my figures then.

    Today in Class…Is a total waste of time….Continues the Path Episode one went.I dont even know why i even watched so many episodes

  5. optic said

    I’ve put all current airing series on hold after my trip. I know I won’t finish them before I go and besides, they won’t be finished airing either.
    I enjoyed XENOGLOSSIA. I know it’s one of those series where it’s not for everyone taste but I like those ‘save the earth’ genres so it’s for me. ^^
    Ironic, u did a rampage of preorders while I did a rampage of cancellations over the pass couple of weeks. The AUD is at it’s lowest rate ever and purchases figures and other otaku merchandises is just not worth it anymore. T_T
    if u plan a trip to Australia, now’s the perfect time. ^^

  6. meronpan said

    @fariz asuka got a little further in xenoglossia yesterday… the series seems to have everything i normally like in anime, but i think it’s the characters and the back story i haven’t bought into… i.e. it’s close to the end of the series and i still don’t buy the whole relationship between haruka and her idol… and for some reason none of the characters engage me… if you asked me who my favorite was… geh, at this point i think i’d say the section chief ^^;;;

    as such, i don’t mean to talk down the series for those who enjoy it… as with many things in life, slight differences in taste can lead to much different outcomes – i think i’d totally be into it if i could just get attached to the characters ^^;

    @blowfish she’s hawt! ^_^
    the mental image of an otaku sleeping under a bridge with his figures is just too sad ^^;;

    i actually thought episode 2 wasn’t as bad as 1. basically the material is the same as the manga, so as long as they adhere to that it sort of has a baseline acceptability for me. unfortunately it does looks like crap and just feels shabby overall so while i (illogically) continue to give it a chance… it’s definitely at the bottom of my queue ^^;

    @optic perhaps i haven’t been enjoying it as much since i haven’t been watching with my full attention (and thus miss a lot more things due to my lack of fluency ^^;). but yeah, i guess the comments i wrote above to fariz basically explain my current feelings on the series.

    ugh, don’t remind me of the xchange rate. ;_; totally didn’t notice that at the time of my order and basically am paying 8% more than i woulda a couple months ago.

  7. phossil said

    Im going to start watching IdolMaster Xenoglossia and I think its a cool series (well the images seems very cool, I dont know about the plot yet…)

    Wow, you preordered a lot of figures… Im thinking in gettin Miku and Yoshika nendoroid versions…

  8. Q said

    That’s a lot of anime on your watch list as well as a lot of figures on your preorder list!

    Nightmare of Nunnally o_o Although I haven’t read it, I was told that it’s *very* different to the original Code Geass anime (it’s like two different stories).

  9. meronpan said

    @phossil i suffer from in stock impulse syndrome ^^;; 3 of the items were reorders since my original order was cancelled on me… but another blood, ryoko, figmas, mm, and nendoroid all just added on a whim because they were available ^^;

    @q i’m not too far into nightmare of nunnally yet but yeah, it’s an alternate story, and i believe the premise is that nunnally gets a geass power or at least involved with someone with geass powers. so far so good – it’s helping me recover from geass withdrawal ^^;

  10. lovelyduckie said

    I hate ADV….I want more Yotsuba *glares at Yotsuba Volume 8*

  11. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie was curious and did some brief poking around the interblags… adv is still trying to get vol 6 out? -_- gads that’s really too bad. are you interested in/currently learning japanese? ^^; a long term project but definitely a solid solution to the problem ^_^

  12. Saku said

    Kanzaki Kaori is in my pre-order list too :D.

  13. meronpan said

    @saku excellent ^_^ i wish my stitched up screenshots of her blended together better… i need to find some wallpaper…

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