Posted by meronpan on November 1, 2008

Sorry, no reviews yet, just more rambling on my arrivals ^^;

Front 6 are new, boxes in the background... mmm well I'll get to that later ^^;

I think 6 is a new record for most arrivals in a single box… was quite a package to haul around all day ^^;  I think Optic brought up the question of most figures in a month earlier

Usually I don’t make such large purchases, but this case was a bit unique.  You may have noticed I kinda stealthily added the figure store review page, where I’ve been chronicling my experiences, including some unfortunate Kid Nemo cancellations.  Incidentally 2 of my remaining incoming items are from Kid Nemo (both Alter preorders no less) so thank goodness there’s still some good left in them.  Anyhow, Airi, Ymir, Sairenji, and Omega Supreme (yeah, the transformer, was supposed to be a gift for my brother) were all canceled on me so I had to look elsewhere to fill my lost orders.

Desk 'o goodies

Thank goodness for hlj.  They had the Queen’s Blade girls and Omega Supreme in stock, and are slated to have sairenji this month.  In classic impulse style I decided to pick up some other goodies while I was placing my order… figmas are so addictive with their relatively low price… having finished Code Geass I figured lulu would be a good extra for my reviews ^_^; (also happens to be my first male figure (well… i guess technically my nendoroid puchi shiraishi  was the first))… seeing danny romping around tokyo with kagamin convinced me to pick her up too.  Seems I was just in time – she’s out of stock at hlj at the moment.

The Another Blood reviews made her a must get a while ago… decided to grab her before it was too late.  Lastly, max factory’s emu emu for kemeko combination goodness! ^_^  I think I’ll be doing at least 2 combo reviews to try and get thru my queue a little faster ^^;

Geass + Vampire

My weekly Japanese class has translated to weekly trips to Kinokuniya… this week’s damage is pictured above.  Ummmm yeah, so you may have noted I still haven’t quite gotten my fill of Geass ^^;;;  Currently following Nightmare of Nunnally and (as far as I can tell) the manga version of the anime’s plot.  Was going to try out the Suzaku series (seems to be another spin-off where the knightmare frames don’t exist) but had to order it because volume 1 wasn’t in stock.  Finally remembered how many volumes of Rosario & Vampire I owned so finished off the first “season” and started collecting the second season volumes.

Blegh, I should get working on those reviews, I’m not even sure what I’m writing anymore ^^;  Guess I’ll end with some random pics…

Rin recently made a dc post about his tower of figure boxes so I thought I’d try the same ^^;

Just remembered that I forget to get Nida and Mei Feng out of my closet (ack, why haven’t I gotten them unboxed yet?! /ore no baka!), but otherwise that’s every scale figure box I have at the moment ^^;  Was fun to construct, reminded me of making forts out of couch cushions ^^;

My collection will pierce the heavens!

My collection will pierce the heavens!

And now back to your regularly scheduled internet…


17 Responses to “第2GET”

  1. Kairu Ishimaru said

    Ohwow :D

  2. Panther said

    Too many. Too many!

  3. gordon said

    nice! but is your LCD too bright?

  4. Blowfish said

    Oh Sweeto!
    Im still waiting for any of my preordered figures to arrive…Thats why my blog is so boring right now^^

    Looks like well see some nice reviews the next time.
    I finally bought some Mangas after a long time and of course they didnt have any of the series i wanted to continue…So i ended up with mostly new series ^^;

    I think ill try that with my boxes too

  5. Q said

    Meronpan is building his own Tower of Babel ^^;;

    I seriously wouldn’t know where to store my boxes if I were to have that many (and figures as well!). Yours is truly impressive!

  6. meronpan said

    @kairu ishimaru ^^; still nothing compared to folks like sbeibiwan and lu-k

    @panther and yet my wish list continues to grow ^^;

    @gordon hmm it might be bright, but it was also a pretty long exposure ^^;

    @blowfish i hate it when they don’t have the manga i want in stock… luckily ordering isn’t too bad at kinokuniya but it’s just annoying.
    i need to get some more review time built into my schedule… as it stands i’m usually choosing between getting sleep or finishing up a review ^^;

    @q soon i’m not sure what i’m gonna do with my boxes either ^^; though i’m still no where close to the mega collections others have… i’m starting to see why danny throws out his boxes ^^;

  7. phossil said

    Your box tower…..is very high…

    You have a very cool collection.

  8. Eetaku said

    Very very nice! You got the Queen’s Blade Airi color variant! She’s one of my top figures…

  9. meronpan said

    @phossil at first i was pretty worried it was going to come crashing down on me, but the tower was surprisingly stable ^^

    @eetaku I actually like the other outfit color better… but couldn’t find that version anywhere. On the other hand I like the hair color of this version more so it wasn’t that much of a settle ^^; At any rate I need to get mine out of the box and have a closer look… ^^;

  10. optic said

    For a moment I thought 13 was the most u got in a month because i was counting the boxes with the figures insides. lol
    A really nice loot. Because of their low prices, it’s not surprise ppl are adding a figma into their loots. Besides, there are fun to play around so why not? lol
    I think I should try and do a leaning tower of figma boxes. xD

  11. meronpan said

    @optic hahah yeah 13 would’ve been pretty spectacular ^^;

    Kinda wishing i had the entire figma sos-dan and lucky star girls (oh, and miku) … but most likely my next figma will be hayate.

  12. Rin said

    Well, what makes my figure tower different from yours is that the figures are still in the box…
    I had a dangerous work…
    Still, nice figure box tower!!!!!

  13. meronpan said

    @rin definitely more precarious than mine ^^; with all the scale figures don’t think i’d ever want to risk it ^^;;

  14. lovelyduckie said

    mmm nothing better then a big haul. Which one did you open first?

  15. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie lessee from this haul, it actually happened to be lulu! ^^;; i like to get pics of the boxes and packaging as I’m opening scale figures… didn’t have time for it that day so i went for the figmas ^_^; ymir ended up being the first scale figure of the bunch get out of the box.

  16. potato said

    oh I just noticed you have a Wave Kiriha.
    I want to put the stand together but Im not sure if I want to buy all 5 of them I only have Shiro atm.

  17. meronpan said

    @potato argh! i also wanted the whole stand, especially after i saw pics of all the whole set ;_; so expensive though… for wave figures, it felt too pricey for my blood…

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