朝倉涼子 (Asakura Ryouko) Bunny!

Posted by meronpan on November 4, 2008

Probably needs no introduction, but today we’ll have a look at FREEing‘s asakura ryouko bunny.  Hailing from suzumiya haruhi no yuuutsu, this bunny is delicious!


I’m not sure if it’s the blue, the pose, the stockings… but something about her really clicks for me. ryouko wasn’t at all a favorite character of mine but this bunny just screams must get! ^_^

Box is the usual FREEing bunny fare. Thick cardboard, no window, just little peep holes.


No detachable parts (as far as I can tell) so just ease her out and remove some loose plastic..


At long last!


Really gorgeous, if you have the any other bunnies she’s definitely in the top tier.


Outfit is really vibrant and begs for attention.


Personally I think I prefer nekomimi but I’ll this one slide :P


ii oppai~ ^^;


It feels like my shots are improving… and yet it feels like each review I do I’m no happier with the photos than the last one ^^;;  I’m hoping it’s my standards getting higher rather… but I think it’s just the quality leveling out ^^;;  Had to do some heavy adjustments to make up for my lack of skill and lighting…


Luckily ryouko looks great regardless ^^


Just love her legs.  At 1/4, fully extended on her side, ryouko has an impressive footprint – over 30cm long!  Wish her heels were a little more detailed, especially for the scale, but, honestly that (probably) won’t be your focal point anyway :P


View from behind is great too.




Hard to stop taking shots… ^^;

ryoko21 ryoko22 ryoko23

With so many shots I think I sometimes forget the regular straight up angles ^^;


For whatever reason my ryouko doesn’t quite lay flat… her hair’s floating a little off the group… I figured she’ll bend herself into place eventually?


Nice hips.


Super macro… knee shot? Well if you needed it, there ya go :P


Obviously had to be paired with haruhi.


They really look great together.  Wish I liked the others enough to collect ’em all.


On the other hand my roommates were in my room today and one asked how much figures usually cost… so I throw out, “Oh, well, like $30 to $100…”

“How much is that one?”

“… $100”

“is this one $100 too?”


My other roommate pointed out… I could pay someone in rl to dress up and pose like this for that money ^^;;;


Anyhow, back to the review… covered some figma gets in my last post…


"Cancel my appointments for the rest of the day."

Glad lulu could balance on his own without the stand.

Also some more kemeko love~


"Don't get any ideas!"

Absolutely love emuemu peaking out of kemeko ^_^  Review with 1/8 emuemu later~


"On second thought, cancel everything for the rest of the month."



Nanoha finds a new friend.


awww~ ^_^

As you can see, quite a presence compared to 1/8.




"All who oppose nagato must die!"


"...I need a bigger gun."



I’m usually not too prolific in the actual critiques of my figures… and in this case even less so ‘cuz she’s got me under her spell.  Going for over 10,000¥ she’ll hit your wallet pretty hard, but definitely delivers!

Danny’s got some coverage too, along with foobarbaz and …I thought I saw some other reviews, but I can’t remember (ugh, it’s 3am ^^;;;)… if I remember later I’ll update :P



19 Responses to “朝倉涼子 (Asakura Ryouko) Bunny!”

  1. Nice site & wonderful review on Ryoko.

    We get election day off(our school is a voting site), and I was looking for figure blogs to spend the time while I wait for my Haruhi Gothic Lolita figure to arrive!

    I plan to check back often! :)

  2. phossil said

    Cool pictures and very funny. I also think you are taking great pictures.

    I like the dress for this figure. I guess because its all shiny.
    I also like the picture with Nanoha, (Very kawaii…)

  3. Panther said

    Though I would love to have this figure despite hating Haruhi, the high price tag is unjustifiable for me. The blue does it, but the series and the price, nah.

  4. sonic_ver2 said

    Hmm… now i know why people throwing off some number of cash for this beauty. Just watching your photos making me drool even more. I wish i had more money T_T.

    Anyway, your photos are really great. Some photos also have interesting angle which showed her sexiness even more.

  5. meronpan said

    @uzumakiworld thanks! hopefully i’ll be able to keep delivering content ^^;

    @phossil glad ya like the pics, my philosophy is that if i’m enjoying myself, hopefully others will enjoy the review too ^_^ wish i had tried to seat nanoha a little better, but yeah, i liked that shot too ^^

    @panther maybe freeing should churn out a lower priced 1/8 version of the bunnies ^_^

    @sonic_ver2 if you value size at all, she definitely delivers for the price – for example the 4-leaves chizuru is a smaller scale, higher prices, and lesser quality ^^; I think a great thing about these bunnies is that despite their large scale and relatively simple outfits, they don’t feel awkwardly huge.

    it’s kinda too bad they decided to go with the 1/4 scale… the size is neat and all but makes it quite a commitment for the buyer. everyone needs this bunny!.

    I believe finally getting a tripod made a difference although it has been a challenge getting some of the angles that I used to do when free handing it. thanks for the encouragement, i’ll continue to drive towards better shots ^_^

  6. Blowfish said

    From the Quality point of View shes excellent but since i dont really like the Haruhi series ill pass on this one.The only one i like is Tsuruya^^

    Im still envious of that background effect

  7. meronpan said

    @blowfish i also really love tsuruya but for some reason her bunny version doesn’t quite do it for me. well, at least lucky for you you can save some money ^^;

    you’re not talking about the colored gradient background are you? in my previous response I for whatever reason thought you meant the ever so slight darkening of the white background. if it’s the colored one you’re talking about… magic wand tool + new layer + gradient tool ^^;; Because the white background is nice and uniform, as long as the figure has a well defined outline, you can easily select a surrounding region and then just add the gradient.

  8. Blowfish said

    I was talking about both^^
    Im really bad at photoshop but i think even i can achieve that! Ill try it on my next shot.Whenever my next figure will arrive ^^;;

  9. gordon said

    ryoko must be the only freeing bunny without those unsightly “scars” on the knees.

  10. meronpan said

    @blowfish looking forward to it ^_^

    @gordon hmm does haruhi have’em then? if so, i never noticed ^^;;; guess i can check when i get home…

  11. Q said

    Nice bunny indeed. It comes to no surprise as to why Ryouko is one of the most popular one for the FREEing line.

    30cm in length and the price tag… Hmph, it is a bit too much for me to take. Really good pictures though, keep it up!

  12. meronpan said

    @q she is quite demanding ^_^;

    thanks! i’ll try my best ^^

  13. optic said

    Well, if I find her on my trip then I will pick definitely pick it up. Wait, on second thoughts, she’s gonna take up half the space on my suitcase.-_-
    Either way I could ship it home which is another alternative.
    Love the detail put into her. I find it’s the colour which gives out that appeal. ^^

    “I could pay someone in rl to dress up and pose like this for that money ^^;;;”

    The differences is, that will last for a day while these will last with u forever. ^^

  14. meronpan said

    @optic i’m kinda afraid to go back to japan now that i have figure fever… you can fit quite a bit of manga in a carry on, but no so much for figues ^^;

    true, figures do last longer ^^;

  15. James said

    I so want her , i hate you now :D


  16. meronpan said

    @james ^^; she demands a lot of space and a lot of money, but she’s worth it! :P

  17. James said

    no no , i can’t accept that , just send her to me , NOW !


    i think i preordered her in a french shop (not sure) so i’ll get her in one month or two (if i find the money :/)

    and i don’t have anymore space :'(

  18. Yes, you can pay someone $200 to pose for you, but they don’t look as good as the FREEing bunnies ^^ I got the Yuki Bunny, but I think she’s the worse of the releases because her pose is rather boring ^^; But I love my Yuki Bunny.

    • meronpan said

      i think the yuki bunny is an awkward case… it’s yuki in a bunny suit… but to stay in character… she has to look bored/static ^^;; wish i had spare cash to get the rest of the gang…

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