Final Package 到着

Posted by meronpan on November 7, 2008

The flurry of packages finally ended Wednesday when the last of my packages arrived.


Hime caught my eye when I saw the preview pics, on a whim started watching the anime recently and that pretty much sealed the deal.  Was kinda confused when wcloudx proclaimed how huge the box was (after all, just seemed like your standard 1/7) but indeed, surprised me a bit when I got it.  Like hime herself the box just kinda has a commanding sort of presence ^^;

Again, sorry to tease, but still working on reviews… was hard to keep myself focused.  Decided to get everyone out of their boxes… didn’t quite make it though.  Gads it’s almost 3 am and nida will have to wait another day.  I think she’s the last one though (well… i had to leave mei feng in shitagi mode because i figured it was gonna take an hour to get her clothes back on ^^;;;).

Airi, Another Blood, Ymir, Hime all made it out, and it was great!  Airi and Ymir are my first Megahouse figures and damn I’m impressed.  I love the hair on both of ’em and amazingly the cast off on Airi wasn’t insanely frustrating!



Next review will most likely be haruka though I may end up taking some more shots which would delay it a little more ^^;


Really need more time -_- If I didn’t have work tomorrow I might’ve stayed up another couple hours ^^;;


Oh yes, one last thing… the base for hime is awesome.  Really solid feeling and looks great.

gyaaaa, ok, must sleep.



16 Responses to “Final Package 到着”

  1. Optic said

    Red Panstu is the WIN!!!! nuff said. =D

    Sadly her character never appeal to me and I heard the anime was below average. Can u confirm?

    Looking forward to ur reviews. ^^

  2. Q said

    @ Optic:
    Are you referring to Aira from Queen’s Blade? Don’t seem to recall an anime adaptation available yet.

  3. meronpan said

    @optic, q as q said… if we’re talking about airi… i think an anime is planned for 2009, but i’m not aware of anything already out? at any rate, i know nothing of the queen’s blade characters, they wield weapons and that was pretty much enough for me ^^;;;

  4. lovelyduckie said

    I plan on watching Princess Resurrection soon. Seems very interesting. And I must say with every review I see of Hime I weaken on trying not to get her. That little sidekick of hers makes her especially tempting, it’s almost like buy one get one free! Also if GSC does a Reiri or Riza…mmm I’d have to get that.

  5. sonic_ver2 said

    Hmm… as expected of GSC, Hime is awesome. I think this figure is far more popular than the anime itself, but i’ve watched the anime looong before the figure released.

    It’s amazing that people start watching Princess Ressurection (Kaibutsu Ojou) because of this figure.

  6. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie Flandre (the nendoroid puchi) was definitely the icing on the cake for this one. love the speech bubble prop they included ^_^ i have to get back to the anime soon… i left it part way through, can’t remember for what ^^;

    @sonic_ver2 i heard the anime didn’t do the manga justice, hopefully i’ll remember to try that out soon…

    for me, figures often get me to try out a new series ‘cuz the way i see it – someone decided that this series was popular enough to warrant a figure release, so it must be good for *some* reason. ^^;

  7. Rin said

    It makes me wonder now how many do you have up to this point…
    Unlike you, my figures don’t make it out of the box due to limited space…I know people say it’s like a crime…I just don’t have the room, yet…
    Wanting to see a shoot of Hime and Haruka!!!!!

  8. gordon said

    hmm… Shitapai… hmm…. (‘~’)

  9. Blowfish said

    nice! if i had the money shed be on my getlist!

    release the german hottness called nida from her prison now ! Rrrrrr ^^

  10. meronpan said

    @rin hmm, well according to my tsukiboard i’ve got 44… i think it’s up to date at the moment… ^^; too bad you don’t have the space, it would drive me crazy if i didn’t have anywhere for display ^^;

    @gordon ^^ didn’t really think much of cast off before but man, airi got my attention for some reason ^^;

    @blowfish if it didn’t take a half hour to get shuraki outfits off to remove the plastic i’d have done so a long time ago ^^;;;

  11. James said

    Wow Hime seems awesome , she’s that big ?

    Want to see the review soon , please :o

  12. meronpan said

    @james well, she’s not super big, i guess i just forgot that she’s 1/7 ^^; trying to get to the review as soon as possible although this week may be rough… deadline at work coming up -_-

  13. optic said

    @Q and meronpan
    Sorry guys, I was kinda off-topic there.
    The anime I was referring to was for Hime not for Aira. I forgot the series name already. T_T

  14. meronpan said

    @optic ahhh that makes much more sense ^^; yeah, the anime hasn’t been terribly engaging for me… i just have a thing for those hime/oneesan types so seeing her in action was enuf to put me over the edge.

  15. phossil said

    Ohh cool set you have in there!!
    It really looks awesome. I like the base of the figure and the scisors..hehe.. Lol

  16. meronpan said

    @phossil thanks ^^ hopefully i’ll get to the hime review soon, but i’ve been terribly busy lately orz

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