〆切 Deadline

Posted by meronpan on November 13, 2008

Got a software release coming up at work at the end of the week, so I haven’t made any progress on my review queue, next reading lesson or any other post orz.


What the women at my job are... nothing like orz

Weekend looks a little busy too but I’ll try to squeeze in review time. If nothing else, I need to get emuemu and nida out of their boxes… and prepare for more incoming goodies ^_^

hiyori wants your attention now!

hiyori wants your attention now!

Unfortunately small breaks during work are also my usual blog catch up time so falling even more behind on everyone’s blogs too, gomen! m(_ _)m

Quick Japanese note before I go, in the title of this post, the kanji 〆切 stands for 締め切り, which in turn reads しめきり (shimekiri, deadline). I’ve always been curious about the 〆 character and whether or not it was just shorthand for 締め or alternate character or alternate writing or what. At any rate, it’s a helluva lot easier to write than 締 and very distinct from most kanji so pretty easy to remember. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


7 Responses to “〆切 Deadline”

  1. optic said

    Well, I will be away for the next 4 weeks so that will take the pressure of a bit as it makes 1 less blog to catch up. lol

    My pile of catch up will sky rocket when I get back with anime already piling up. -_-

  2. Blowfish said

    Take your time and deliver a shiny product to your customer!
    I wish you good luck with catching up on all the News and blogentries tough XD

  3. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: Ah, I definitely know the feeling. While our software competitors are dying or desperate, our company is still feeling the crunch, which means putting in more hours per week. T_T

    But you’ll be glad to know that I posted my final batch of figures. Well, except for one left to ship~ “Gothic Lolita Noir Rei Ayanami” (with her odd little hat, lol) should be my final figure. x_X

    P.S. Just noticed in your blog roll, my blog URL should be updated with an extra “x” in /toyboxx/. Doh! >_<

  4. meronpan said

    @optic hahah, well, at least you’ll be on vacation ^_^ 4 weeks is so long! i think i’d die of withdrawal

    @blowfish luckily for this software it’s an alpha release so it doesn’t have to be compleeeetely perfect ^^; but yeah, still trying to get it as polished as possible, thanks for the well wishes ^^

    @xjaymanx ah yes, i stopped by the other day and updated your feed in my rss reader but totally forgot my blogroll ^^;; it should be fixed now.

    i’m still not sure what i think about those hats, but it’s rei so she can pull it off :P

    hope alice is treatin’ ya as well as she is me ^_^

  5. Q said

    Take your time, and hope things will go smooth for you. I’ve got a lot of catchup on blogs as well! >_<

  6. acesan said

    I may be a bit confused, but I don’t get the first pic ^_^;;

  7. meronpan said

    @q thanks! it’s a lot of work to read so many blogs ^^;;;

    @acesan err as in, there are no hot women at my office ^^;;

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