姫 Hime!

Posted by meronpan on November 17, 2008


Today we have Good Smile Company’s recent release, 姫 (hime, {princess}) from 怪物王女 (kaibutsu oujo {monster princess}). Turns out hime’s real name is リリアーヌ (Lilianne), and perhaps you’re more familiar with the English title for the series – Princess Resurrection. The series originated as a manga and had a 26 episode anime run in 2007.

Picked up hime from hobby search, she’s still available if you’re looking for her. Box pic was in a previous post if you’re interested.


As you can see she comes with a nendoroid puchi フランドル (Flandre) and a pair of scissors.


Unfortunately she doesn’t come with shana ^_^;

While the anime hasn’t been that spectacular for me, hime’s got that… well… hime personality ^^;  Always a plus for me, and she also wields a variety of weapons if her servants fail to deal with her enemies.


A while back I translated a short blurb someone had written about Alter’s upcoming Signum … the author spent half the time talking about the folds/wrinkles in the clothing… since then I’ve found myself looking for such detail also ^^;


Love her outfit.



I’m also a fan of long hair, so again no disappointment… wish I had a version of this pic that wasn’t overexposed ^^;


Love the… well, I guess they’re evening gloves?  Though they don’t cover any of her fingers ^^;


Her scissor holding hand.


Now with scissors!



A healthy pair of eyes.


Haven’t tried them yet, but Danny mentioned he could actually cut paper… the scissors, not her eyes ^^; They’re plastic but constructed accurately so you can open/close them to display them as you wish.



Remember the word ぎりぎり (girigiri)? “Just barely” as in girigiri se-fu (barely safe) or as in just barely hiding her pantsu :P Here’s this week’s girigiri shot.


Though I’m not one to tease, so here’s the maru-mie shot ^^


Feels just very well executed in general.


You can feel her air of confidence.


Jumping all over the place, but here are all the included goodies


Bad shana!  Wait your turn!

Bad shana! Wait your turn!

Another look at the base with hime attached.

Another look at the base with hime attached.

As I briefly mentioned previously, the base is very sturdy and as you can see, very detailed. Definitely appreciate the effort put into this one.

Crown looks pretty good, too bad it doesn’t have a metallic finish thou :P


ummm... ear shot?

ummm... ear shot?

...ear shot 2 ^^;

...ear shot 2 ^^;

Until I get some creative juice flowing again, here’s another installment of menekko theatre~

Hmm... well, ok fine, saber isn't a very good copy cat.

Hmm... well, ok fine, saber isn't a very good copy cat.


Does give a pretty good size comparison though. Saber's 1/6, even on the base, hime's 1/7 still comes up short.

nanoha, on the other hand...

figmas can get the job done right ^_^

and don't forget saber ^^

manekko saber touchaku!

Let’s see I believe I linked Danny’s review above, and there’s also… hmm… well, actually I can’t remember seeing any other reviews recently ^^; I’ll add some if I find ’em.



9 Responses to “姫 Hime!”

  1. Len-Vesper said

    Very nice. I love the look of the bodice, cinches up the dress nice.

    Good shots indeed. :3 Red eyes are <3

  2. Blowfish said

    This is one of the figures id really love to buy but simply cant afford in my current situation.I think its her ojou-sama aura that makes me want her^^

  3. Rin said

    Lovely pictures!!!!!
    Do love!!!!!!
    The base is really nicely done too!!!!!

  4. meronpan said

    @len-vesper thanks! her eyes make her that much more menacing when she’s angry, luv it ^_^

    @blowfish indeed, you got hit pretty hard with a bunch of stuff to deal with… hopefully things will take a turn for the better and you can pick her up!

    @rin thanks! i really love the base though mine is sliiiightly warped … won’t lie completely flat ;_; guess that should work itself out over time though?

  5. lovelyduckie said

    I love the face/hair/skirt on this figure a ton. And that little nendoroid looks great next to her! Unfortunately I already bought a Princess Resurrection figure I really like and am trying to limit myself to 1 figure per series these days. But I was skeptical of this figure at first but after seeing all the wonderful reviews on her I can see she really is a GREAT figure.

  6. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie she definitely is great ^_^ i kind of had the opposite initial reaction – when i saw the prototype pics i had a strong urge to impulse buy… finally caved after watching some of the anime ^^;

  7. sonic_ver2 said

    Very good shot as always.

    Hmm… yet another masterpiece from GSC. It’s really a great figure. That scissors look so deadly and she really has nice butts and eyes, looking so delicious.

  8. oneandonlyjem said

    That Hime look absolutely great! I can’t wait to get mine.

  9. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 thanks ^_^ i think it’s a testament to the quality of the figure in that it got me to check out the anime to see what the fuss was about ^^;

    @oneandonlyjem nice! you won’t be disappointed!

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