Posted by meronpan on November 20, 2008


Actually arrived yesterday… but I forgot the package at work! orz Made sure to bring her home today ^^;  As usual, the full review will have to wait until I get some time, so just these couple teaser shots for now.


November’s turning out to be a great month… more goodies in the mail, though I’m not really sure where everyone’s gonna go. Bookshelves don’t have too much space left…




Detolf has been maxed out for a while…



and now my desk is being overrun ^^;


…not to mention the unsightly stack of boxes by my bed.


gah.  and this problem is only gonna get worse in the coming months ^^;

Reviews take me such a long time I doubt I’ll get through my backlog even with a vacation coming up.  How long does it normally take you?  I usually take about 1-2 hours for photos, another 30 min – hour for editing (depending on how distracted I get since I usually put some anime on while I do that ^^;), followed by a final hour or two to get the post written.



9 Responses to “Backlog++”

  1. Blowfish said

    Ah a Lineage Fan! ^^

    My Detolf is maxed out aswell…I still try to figure out what to do with the coming figures…Some are already in my Billy Bookshelf infront of my Manga and my desk.
    Theres no space left for a second Detolf…

    I got through my Backlog pretty fast and thats the reason why im not doing any figure reviews at the moment.I hope that NoseArt Girl finally arrives.I bet she got stuck with customs :/ I have no idea when the other girls arrive *sigh*

    I dont take a look at the clock but it usually takes me around 4 hours to finish a figure review.Taking Pictures and branding them takes most of the time.

    Oh boy how id like to be able to read your Mangacollection…
    I spot the SchoolRumble Mangas…Is it worth it?I know that the Manga is drawn in a more rough style compared to the Anime.Ive seen the OVA that came with the final chapters and left me pretty pissed.As far as i know School Rumble Z isnt good either

  2. phossil said

    Cool figure collection and what a Huge dvd/manga collection too!! Very impressive!!

    I see you collect the empty boxes too!! I think Its hard to get ride of them… ^_^

  3. xJAYMANx said

    @Meronpan: I’ve done dozens of figure photoshoots, but never really written a full review. Why not? Because just like movie reviews, others can write it instead. So why waste the effort? LOL… One last thing: Of all the stacks and displays, the one thing that caught my eye was ~ guess who? ~ Iria the bounty hunter! ^A^

  4. meronpan said

    @blowfish i’ve got the figures, but actually i’ve never played ^^;;;

    i’d also like to read my collection… there are soooo many volumes i haven’t even taken the plastic off of ^^;;; school rumble has been pretty good for me although i haven’t gotten through the last 3 or 4 volumes yet orz… it’s been awhile but from what I remember the flow of the manga is a little better since there are no artificial endings inserted

    @phossil thanks! not too many dvds though… i’ve got haruhi, kanon and vol 1 of lucky star, but was way expensive so i’ve cut that off (they’re the japanese dvds… ugh horrible idea).

    until i can figure out a better method to transport my collection, planning on holding on to the boxes ^^;

    @xjaymanx hahah, the effort isn’t wasted, you’re just spreading the figure love! :P
    ah iria, an oldie, but a goodie ^_^

  5. Q said

    I’m never tired of your collection – and it’s growing even more and more~ ^^;;

    The only manga collection I’ve got is the 45 volumes of Doraemon short series. Never got bored with them, ever~

  6. Rin said

    Right now, I’m extremely backlogged on many things right now…
    I take roughly the same time as you when it comes to photo shoots and reviews…
    I’m in the same situation as you…I’m running low on room…
    Nov is just the month of figures and things in the mail…

  7. meronpan said

    @q glad you’re enjoying it ^^ i also love seeing others’ collections, seeing how my interests match up.
    wow, 45 volumes? i guess the longest series i’m following is negima (though i haven’t read the last 6 or more ^^;;)… longest one i’ve actually completed is X (though that was many years ago, when I was still taking japanese and so i didn’t really understand much).

    @rin seems like many figure collectors are running out of space and time (and money of course ^^;). makes me wish i owned a place instead of renting so i could spread around more…

  8. lovelyduckie said

    Oh man…I want your manga shelves so bad, they’re the perfect size. I also wish I knew how to read Japanese so I could just import all my manga! That way I wouldn’t have to wait for ADV to shut down and for someone else to gain the rights to it before I can FINALLY get my next volume! It seems like you figure collection has truly blossomed recently. It looks spectacular.

  9. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie just gotta look for dvd shelving! lotsa times the dvd shelves are adjustable for dvd/cd’s which is perfect because them you can make some taller shelves for larger volumes.
    i think it was my impatience with waiting for us game releases that was one of the reasons that got me into japanese. once i was reading manga too it really sealed the deal. perhaps someday i’ll have enough “learn to read japanese” material to actually get people to an appreciable level of fluency ^^;;

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