Posted by meronpan on November 22, 2008

Another recent arrival post ^^;


Quick Japanese tidbit: This post is titled ‘mokkai’ which is I believe is slang for ‘mou ikkai’ (if not directly derived, they do happen to have the same meaning ^^;).  Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, ‘mou ichido’ (once more, again)?  ‘ichido’ and ‘ikkai’ have roughly the same meaning, ‘one time’, so yeap, ‘mou ikkai’ also means ‘once more’ or ‘one more time’.  Yotsuba-chan uses this phrase in volume 3, right before the fireworks display when Jumbo is mad Asagi wasn’t coming along.

…errr sorry ’bout that, got carried away ^^;

Word of warning about the above pic… It may be my terrible luck with figmas… but I ended up breaking one of Saber’s hands posing her with graf eisen ;_;  It fits perfectly in her hands but is so heavy, I think I wasn’t supporting it enough and *snap* orz  Luckily the break off left a easily grippable part of the joint so I was able to remove the broken piece and can still use other hands (unlike my fate).


After my Fate incident, I kinda expected things like this to keep happening to my figmas and it wasn’t too much of a downer.  You is having figma woes?  I know optic is ^^;;

Anyhow, my Japanese class final is tomorrow so I really need to get back to studying.


p.s. As you may have noticed from other reviews, the base is absurdly large! whyyyyyy ^^;;



7 Responses to “もっかい!”

  1. Blowfish said

    Good Luck with your Finals!

    Ah…Sairenjii…Shes one cutie but cant shine against Lala or Golden Darkness.
    I wonder how often she accidently got into “interesting” situations with the male lead during the series ^^

    Yuck! Im sorry to hear that your Sabers Joint snapped…Im still not convinced to get any further Figmas besides the Ikki Tousen ones…My Brother Revoltech Saber is nearly indestrcutible! Okay maybe im exaggerating a bit ^_^

  2. Q said

    Gosh I’m sorry to hear that! I thought things will work out with the tips I’ve found not so long ago, but I didn’t expec that either! Btw did you get Fate’s joint fixed at the end?

    Hope things go well for you. Gosh I really need to find some time to look at those Japanese again…

    Btw that’s a huge base indeed!

  3. lovelyduckie said

    That base on Haruna makes me cry. She is honestly SOOO perfect otherwise! I’ve yet to really break a figma but I treat them like glass…I’ve decided that after I get Suzaku I’m not going to spend any money on any other limited figmas (no Lily Saber, Black Haired Shana, or SOS Brigade Konata figmas for me). The thought of a $60+ figma breaking is just too much for my little heart to handle, I’d always be worried.

  4. Rin said

    Do love the shoot!!!!!
    LOL at Saber with Vita’s hammer…
    I have figma woes too…Konata won’t it into the base…Why must it be my Koanta out of all figmas…
    Do love the photos!!!!!
    Good Luck in Jap class!!!!!!

  5. meronpan said

    @blowfish thanks! well.. though actually i think it went pretty bad ^^;;; was kinda sick and busy at work during the week… didn’t study at all. luckily it doesn’t matter though :P It’s a private course, not a university thing so i don’t get any credit whatsoever.

    i really fish figmas were more sturdy. i don’t get how danny can take his around everywhere and not have it in pieces ^^;

    @q fate’s joint still isn’t fixed ;_; the ball is still stuck in the socket and i haven’t had the heart to try and wrench/pick it out lately.

    @lovelyduckie i buy figmas soley to play with and pose for reviews so unfortunately mine get handled regularly… as much as i hate to see them break on me, i keep telling myself it defeats the purpose if i just let them sit there ^^; the limited figmas would be more of a collector’s item for me if i got one… like you, no way i’d be handling that thing and risk breaking anything ^^;

    @rin thanks ^_^
    dang, seems like everyone has a figma problem to talk about. they need to make ’em more sturdy!

  6. Q said

    It may not be much, but you may like to consider this guy’s method of extracting the stuck ball joint:


  7. meronpan said

    @q hmmm that sounds promising. i’ll have to try that out soon… i miss posing my fate!

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