Oppai Omake

Posted by meronpan on November 25, 2008


Pictured above are some new arrivals, I’ll be wrapping up this post with the oppai omake so scroll to the end if that’s what you’re here for ^^; I guess suzu qualifies for oppai omake material but narika is definitely pettanko ^^;; At any rate, really happy to finally get these two as it brings to a close another long drama with Kid Nemo. As you probably know, both of these figures were released ages ago and after recently asking for an order status update, all I got back was, release date TBA. I’d had enough so after a cancellation and order at hlj, had the figures in about a week.

I’ve got this whole week off (forced vacation… so I get paid… but had to use up some vacation time -_-) so I’ve been able to make more progress than usual on reviews. Vita will be next…


Followed by Human Mage.


Thanksgiving is coming up and I’ll be heading back home to spend some time with family so I’ll probably be off the radar later in the week.  Also working on the next Japanese reading lesson which will cover 15 kana!

Alrighty, and now for oppai omake!  Wasn’t sure if I should censor or not, ended up doing so – click the pics to get an uncensored full size version.

First up is our mage, you may already know that her eyes have no pupils!  Very strange decision, makes me wonder why they bothered with the cast off at all… I suppose you could keep her top on and display her without the skirt?


Next up is Kanu. The cast off is actually pretty simple, her shirt separates into a front and back half which is (relatively) easy to then get off. Kanu shows us oppai done right.


Kanu’s got an unsightly seam at her waist to get her skirt off, so if I were gonna display her impressive oppai, I’d probably leave the skirt just like the above pic.


Finally, Airi!  Again, I must say I was pleasantly surprised with her.  She looks great, instantly made a Megahouse fan out of me.


At first I was sad I couldn’t find her black outfit, but ended up very happy I got this version. Love the hair color.



Pantsu for good measure.

Well that ended up being longer than I intended. Must sleep and finish more reviews!



10 Responses to “Oppai Omake”

  1. Blowfish said

    I love that Pig! What was its name Tonkatsu?

    I never bothered to undress my Kanu mainly because im afraid that i wont be able to dress her up properly again ^^;
    The barbielike mage castoff is really unneccasary.Who needs something like that?

    I somehow dislike the last girls pupils but love her pantsu the more!

  2. Potato said

    not sure where kidnemo is located, but most of the US importers get their supplies from AAAnime distributor.
    Kind of strange seeing 2 people who know about Cast Away Island. The wave version of Suzu was on sale at hobbysearch if u were collecting the series
    btw, do u play lineageII?

  3. phossil said

    Why are the pictures censored?? Ok, I felt funny watching the oppai pictures censored… (good the pantsu pictures werent censored too!!)…

  4. meronpan said

    @blowfish yeah, it’s tonkatsu, i love ‘im ^_^ i wouldn’t be too concerned with kanu’s cast off since it’s relatively simple. on a scale from easy to shuraki, i’d put it pretty close to easy ^_^
    no love for airi’s pupils? ^^; well, we do agree about her pantsu, they’re hawt!

    @potato well in that case i suppose aaanime sucks ass, but as a consumer… i still put the blame on kid nemo because ultimately they’re the ones i’m interacting with. i.e. they could’ve offered me some sort of compensation, they could’ve managed my expectations better, etc. well… blegh, i could go on and on and on, but i’ll leave that to my figure store review page (which i need to update ^^;).

    was nagasarete airantou that much under the radar? ^^;

    alas, no i don’t play lineage at all… was just captivated by these figures ^^;

    @phossil as i mentioned in the post, you can click the pics to see the uncensored versions ^^;; i’d never completely deprive my readers :P

  5. Q said

    How unusual mosaic you’ve used there!

    I lol’ed at Suzu winning – being the girl with the age that doesn’t match her fine body at all! :P

  6. meronpan said

    @q was just going through the photoshop filters until i found something that actually censored the image ^^;
    i still can’t fathom why the creator made suzu/how suzu could possibly be so young ^^;;

  7. lovelyduckie said

    Wow you really have gotten a lot of figures lately.

  8. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie i think changing to hlj/hobby search along with my huge backlog at kid nemo has caused a lot of orders to stack up ^^;

  9. sonic_ver2 said

    It’s good to be back online ^^ . I bought that Airi in local toys fair while i wasn’t online. I like her twintailed hair.

  10. meronpan said

    @sonic_ver2 i love airi’s hair too ^^ i remember that was probably the first thing i noticed taking her out of the package

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