Unison Vita!

Posted by meronpan on November 25, 2008


If you love Nanoha and you love Alter, I’m sure you’re well aware of this release… especially since it was two months ago ^^;;  Ordered through Kid Nemo, and in light of four other figures being canceled on me, was very happy when the order was filled.

It seems that StrikerS didn’t sit as well with people compared to its successors but in the end I liked it well enough.  Perhaps if I ever get through this backlog I’ll ramble on in detail about that ^^;  At any rate, Vita debuts in A’s so you don’t have to like StrikerS to be a fan.  Actually at first I wasn’t considering Vita at all (thought I’d be content with Hayate, Fate, and Nanoha)… but sometime after Signum was announced I got roped in.

For completeness, box & packaging in a previous post.


Other than the red paint that appears to be bleed through from the original color, don’t really have any complaints about this release. It is Alter after all :P


Supposedly the white was painted over the original color causing the red tint?  And even if it was intentional… doesn’t seem to have any basis in the anime…


I guess it is a shame since I like these colors so much better.

Great dynamic pose and Graf Eisen is beautiful – actually made of metal/metal plated so it’s nice and shiny.



In the full resolution I think you can make out my manga shelves in the reflection ^^;


Vita comes with three different forms for Graf Eisen, raketenform, pictured above, hammerform, below…


…and gigantform!


I still have some lingering leaning paranoia so haven’t left gigantform on display yet, even though it’s my favorite.


I am slightly sad I didn’t get both because the original color version comes with Zerstörungform! Alas, too much excess… I have other figures too buy ^^;


Vita also wields Zamber form Bardiche…


the Green Dragon Crescent Blade…


and Raising Heart ^_^


While we’re looking at the weapons, here’s all of ’em lined up.


…which reminds me, I lied. The paint isn’t the only flaw – #2 is that the tips of the hammerform and raketenform are slightly bent! ;_;


errr, well, kinda hard to see, but if you look at the shadow...

Weird rabbit head things ^^;


Closer look at her skirt and the paint job.






It ain’t a figure review without a pantsu shot. Gomen Vita m(_ _)m


Can’t wait until I have more scale figures of the nanoha cast. For now…


Alter All-Stars

Alter All-Stars

foo-bar-baz has coverage of both unison and regular Vita… can’t seem to remember seeing any other Vita reviews on my blogroll… ‘course that could be from a bad memory or not being up to date ^^;; I know Optic got her but don’t think he posted a review yet? Anyhow, lemme know if you’d like your review linked.



10 Responses to “Unison Vita!”

  1. Rin said

    I might do mine in the near future…
    Nice pictures!!!!!!
    You have ALTER Fate…Staring at you with evil eyes…

  2. Blowfish said

    Im no Nanoha fan…Isnt my kind of series.
    Its always weird to read/hear german words in Anime.They seem to do a fairly good job in Nanoha tough.
    I heard theres alot of Third Reich References in Nanoha? Me no Likes :/

  3. phossil said

    I was looking for vita in red dress, but I think I need to reconsider the white version.

    *thanks for the pantsu shoot*

  4. Persocom said

    This is one kick ass figure, but I’m seriously worried about it leaning or snapping right off the base, that’s the only thing that kept me from buying one of these Vita figures…

  5. meronpan said

    @rin alter fate’s definitely a favoritae of mine, took a lot of searching before i got my hands on her ^^;

    @blowfish so the german in nanoha is fairly good? ‘cuz the english is pretty bad ^^;; i’ve never understood how the terrible english gets put into these shows… there’s seriously no one in the entire staff with a friend or other contact that speaks english? i mean c’mon, it would take 5 seconds for someone to say, “No, ‘A firing lock is cancelled’ doesn’t sound right, use ‘Firing lock canceled’ instead.”
    Not sure about third reich references… i guess the crazy general guy in strikers?

    @phossil for me the red version has two things going for it – original colors & Zerstörungform… pretty much a win win situation either way though ^_^

    @persocom i’m also kinda worried about that, despite reassurances from danny and the community in general. i guess time will tell ^^;;

  6. Q said

    I am still really behind on watching Nanoha! Really got to finish the first series soon or later ._.

    I remember zenical commenting on Optic’s blog about the white colour as if it’s painted over the original red. Now I see what she means by that, and it is quite visible indeed. Sounds strange for Alter to do something like that though.

    And gosh I didn’t know that the hammerhead sizes can differ so much! o_o

  7. meronpan said

    @q when you’re finally through StrikerS you’ll see the hammer can differ even more ^^;

  8. I like her in regular gear more, she looks cuter with red hair ^^ I love her rabbit thingy on her hat, I just hope they re-release the StrikerS figures. Would love to have Vita on my wall.

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