Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by meronpan on November 26, 2008


Well, so much for getting caught up on my backlog.  Ah well, vacation’s for relaxing anyway.  Heading home for the holiday and will probably return sometime on the weekend.


If you won’t be celebrating Thanksgiving, treat yourself to a nice meal anyway! ^_^


Screenshots from Shakugan no Shana, Hyakko, and Lucky☆Star, respectively.

Speaking of Hyakko, I’m really getting into that one.  Got 4 volumes of the manga so I can read ahead… the anime is basically just a recap of the manga chapters ^^;  Nice slice of life stuff assuming you like the characters.  Which I do ^_^

Anyhow, gotta pack and get on the road.  Happy Holidays~



10 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Panther said

    Happy holidays and Thanksgiving. Not interested in reading the manga haha, I prefer watching Hyakko in anime.

  2. Persocom said

    Happy thanksgiving to you too ^^ that reminds me I have to catch up on Hyakko I’m a few eps behind.

  3. gordon said

    enjoy your vacation! i’ll take care of your figures for the time being. ^^;

  4. kazearashi said

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’ve read on the manga before, but I think I’ll just watch the anime because it’s the manga adaptation… xD *lazy mode on*

  5. phossil said

    Happy thanksgiving too!!

  6. Q said

    Happy thanksgiving! I wish I have a break like that right now!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving!! Hope you enjoy your vacation.. I want more Hyakko.. xD

  8. Rin said

    Happy Thanksgiving…
    Sadly I live in Canada and the Canadian Thanksgiving happens earlier…

  9. Blowfish said

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    We arent really celebrating it over here but i wish you alot of yummy food and fun

  10. meronpan said

    @everyone Thanks for the warm wishes everyone~ Hope your week went well!

    @panther i’ve found the art style has a bit more rough and i actually prefer the anime for once. on the other hand the manga lets me get ahead and i have no patience sometimes ^^;;

    @persocom i hope they do more with sadako… err inori soon ^_^

    @gordon thankfully they took care of themselves :P

    @kazearashi yeah, you’re not missing much ^^;

    @phossil domo~ ^_^

    @q even though I was forced to take a long vacation (company shut down for a week) it was a welcome break. things have been so hectic! you should use some vacation days if it’s gettin to ya :P

    @fariz asuka hyakko~~~ so great! ^_^

    @rin ah, didn’t know the canadian thanksgiving was in october ^^;

    @blowfish unfortunately i had way too much food ^^;;;

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