八神 はやて…の箱 Yagami Hayate… Box

Posted by meronpan on December 3, 2008

Depending how bad of a sukebe you’ve become the title may be misleading… *ahem* anyhow, on to the filler!


Hmm did I say filler? Rather… make that… Hayate review part 1! ^^; Many posts mention her awesome presence so I thought I’d share it with everyone.  You can see Yoko’s rifle barrel doesn’t even extend past the top of the box.

Two boxes spring to mind when I think zomg, humongous! First off, Exelica.  Turns out the Exelica box is still wider and taller than Hayate’s.


Doesn’t compare in depth though.


After that the only one left is Fate-chan’s.


I believe Hayate wins in all three dimensions this time.


Too bad they didn’t do the same deal with a window on the back printed with Hayate’s magic seal thingy.


Then again, it’s Hayate I’m displaying not the box :P

While I’m working on the rest of the review, you can stop by Exelica Meteor, Ota desho? ota desu! and foo-bar-baz who already have many beautiful pics of her up… though I wouldn’t close this out without at least a few pics of Hayate unboxed.


Fate-chan and Hayate battle over having the largest garment.


I think Fate’s cape may still be the winner.


Slowly building up Lost Property Riot Force 6 ^_^ Next figure I can’t wait for: Signum!



14 Responses to “八神 はやて…の箱 Yagami Hayate… Box”

  1. Rin said

    Hayate’s box is huge…no wonder the shipping cost so much……
    Still waiting for mine to come in the mail…
    I hope it’ll arrive by the end of the week…

  2. Persocom said

    that is one gargantuan box. I couldn’t afford this figure so I have to pass and wait for the figma. I wouldn’t know where to put the box!

  3. Wow! I don’t see many otakus have this figure most probably because of the price tag. Congrats!
    Um… no pantsu shots?

  4. Blowfish said

    Haha you are the first one to display her box as far as i know^^

    I always wondered how they keep her book floating.Couldnt figure out the mechanism from the pics ive seen so far

  5. meronpan said

    @rin i still haven’t looked at the shipping costs yet ^^;; hope your arrives soon!

    @persocom i was thinking of getting the figma but my recent woes with them and attempts to tighten up my spending has delayed that plan… ^^;;

    @divine fang thanks ^_^ pantsu shots are coming! they always are ^^; i make sure to take care of my readership (though perhaps alienating some ^^;;)

    @blowfish very excited to get her so i had to post something! didn’t want to rush a review and figured some looks at the box would be better than nothing ^^;

    in the top down pic you can kind of see the edge of the book against her arm — there’s a hole in the edge of the book and a peg coming out of hayate’s sleeve

  6. Shiddo said

    Yo, nice collection ^^

    I have one little “onegai”. I am thinking to get Hayate into my starting collection, but so far I got only 1/8 ones (thru the scale is really uselss -_- since some of my 1/8 alot bigger then others doh -_-‘ japos need to measure more ^^;), well and she is 1/7. And I am bit scared if she is not too big.

    Could You please take a few shots of her next to Needa or Nanel since I have those and can compare ^^ and send it to my mail?

    Would be very grateful ^^

    PS: Jerker rulez! (have one as well ^_^)

  7. ron~ said

    nice comparison :D

    and thanks for linking :)

  8. Q said

    *Hurries and comments while I am still alive and battery’s not dead*

    Oooh interesting comparison of boxes and the figures there! I have to say that this box, despite being slightly smaller than Exelica’s, is still crazily big! Looking forward to your part 2~

  9. meronpan said

    @shiddo thanks ^_^ i’ll try to get some shots put together for ya… once i get around to it i’ll just update this post or include it with my review. in the meantime, if you’re concerned about display space, you can kind of see rein’s base next to hayate’s in the last pic – she’s kinda short, but in terms of footprint, her base is approximately on par with other 1/8 figures (perhaps a bit bigger even because it’s square). according to foobarbaz, hayate stands 29cm tall.
    jerkers ftw! ^_^

    @ron ^_^ wish it was the full review but left 4 dead has also been taking up my time ^^; you’re welcome for the link, just trying to make sure anyone stopping by gets their hayate fill and returning the favor for being in your blogroll ^^;

    @q i kinda wish i had put in some 1/8 figure boxes… but as it was i went to bed at 3am ^^;; I also wish i had made some progress getting some lights ‘cuz the 3 reviews i linked look so much better than what i’m gonna do ^^;;

  10. phossil said

    Nice Hayate Figure. I guess with Signum you will complete the collection.

  11. lovelyduckie said

    I shiver at the thought of how much it costs to ship Hayate using EMS. I shipped one Shuraki EMS from Hobby SEarch, never again. Shipping cost almost as much as the figure.

  12. gordon said

    that’s something new. we seldom see bloggers having a review of boxes. ^^;

    talking about boxes, i’m seriously running of places to store them so might have to throw away some of them. >.<

  13. super rats said

    Wow big box is big!

  14. meronpan said

    @phossil well, i’m also ordering tea and they haven’t put fate up for order yet, so not quite :P

    @lovelyduckie looks like it was 58% (5400 yen) the cost of the figure ^^;; as soon as i can figure out a shipping solution that doesn’t involve the packages left on my front doorstep, i’ll definitely opt for something cheaper

    @gordon i strive to provide the best filler content on the net! ^^;; i’m getting to the same point… if i put them in my closet i won’t be able to get to my clothes. if they’re in my room, they look unsightly (current situation -_-)… and i’ll easily outgrow any space in our garage so that’s not a long term solution. orz

    @super rats and sexay! ^_^

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