Continuing Pre-order Woes

Posted by meronpan on December 4, 2008


When we last left our customer...

Huge order rant incoming, TLDR version: Kid Nemo canceled 2 more figures on me -_-

If you’ve gone through my figure store review page, you probably guessed from the post title that this was going to be about more trouble at Kid Nemo.  This time it’s Alpha x Omega’s Konjiki no Yami and Wave’s Shiro that have been mercilessly wiped (read: canceled by Kid Nemo’s suppliers) from my order.  Thanks a lot Kid Nemo, it’s only a few months after release and the figures are still in stock at other stores!

I swear, Kid Nemo needs to do something about their terrible supplier(s).  To date, Kid Nemo has canceled 21% of the figures I’ve ordered through them, and there are still 5 more whose fate are in question.  I don’t know about you, but I prefer to pre-order a figure, not an 80% chance to order a figure.  21% means for every 5 figures ordered, I don’t get one of them!!! GAH.


Here’s the current list of casualties:

  • Wave Shiro
  • Alpha Omega Konjiko no Yami
  • Shueisha Sairenji
  • Omega Supreme (re-release of an old Transformer toy I got for my brother)
  • Megahouse Airi
  • Megahouse Ymir

So many annoying things about these cancellations.

  • The figures haven’t been rare or limited
  • I’ve been able to find them in stock elsewhere (i.e. months after release when I was finally notified of the cancellation).  Of course, this is good for me – I can still get the figures, but bad from a logical point of view.  That is, what the heck is their problem filling my order?!
  • I always have to initiate the inquiry for the stock status.  Not once has Kid Nemo taken the initiative to alert me of the cancellation.
  • Had a handful of questions go without replies, which makes it extra annoying trying to keep up on my order status.  So not only do I have to make sure to check up on things, they don’t even reply sometimes!

Because of all this uncertainty over my orders, I even went and made a document which I call “Kid Nemo contingency plan” — it’s where I keep track of the stock status of my ordered figures at other stores, so if Kid Nemo cancels on me I know what my options are going elsewhere.  I’ve never had an online store drive me to such lengths.  Hayate was my last ‘must have’ on the list, but I took that into my own hands – ordered at hobby search when pre-orders reopened (love the e-mail notification system), canceled her from my Kid Nemo order as soon as she arrived.


So why am I putting up with all of this?  Well, it does help put some of these orders in perspective.  For example, I think I may abandon Shiro rather than reordering her at hlj.  With my collection overrunning my room the 6000¥ price tag feels pretty steep for a 1/8 Wave figure of a schoolgirl standing by a brick column ^^;  For the rest of my orders I’ll be trying to find alternative sources, but probably will just deal with it if I can’t get them at a reasonable price elsewhere.

On the bright side… they’re updating the order status with the delivery confirmation number when the order ships.  Since you get e-mailed when your order status is updated, that means you are once again notified once your package is shipped (yes, they had stopped sending out notifications at one point!).  Small consolation… orz  Anyhow, I’ll have to update my figure store review page sometime…


Blegh.  Well, had to get that out of my system.  Sooooo, are the other wordpress.com users enjoying 2.7?  I think I like it, although not too much of a difference for the things I do…  though they did fix the multi-file upload.  Hallelujah!


Update: doubt anyone cares, but for consistency the pics are clickable for the full size (guess wordpress 2.7 has a bug that doesn’t make the default link or something?)


21 Responses to “Continuing Pre-order Woes”

  1. louki said

    Kid nemo = Crap

    Hobby Link Japan = Epic Win


  2. Rin said

    Kidnemo….argh….I feel the same as you do…
    Hobby Search, Play-Asia and Hobby Link Japan are the best sites to go to in my case…

  3. Blowfish said

    Poor Yami got canceled? I hope to find her when i have more cash on hand.
    If KidNemo continues their buisness this way theyll run out of customers sooner or later

  4. Fumika said

    Yikes that’s terrible news. Super boo for Kid Nemo seriously.

    Hands down the worst retailer EVER. The delays are ridiculous, their notifications are ridiculous, and their response times are horrible.

    I hope they go out of business. On the other hand.. STILL waiting for news on Miku.

  5. Persocom said

    Kid Nemo just keep getting better don’t they. I stopped dealing with them after they cancelled a couple orders because the items mysteriously dissapeared from their catalog when they said they were still in stock when I ordered. Well, technically they never even cancelled them. They just sit at pending for months and months. I email them and they say they won’t be back in stock and they didn’t give any explanation why the product was still up for ordering on the site. Lame.

  6. meronpan said

    @louki agreed on both counts ^_^

    @rin at the moment hobby search and hlj are my two preferred stores. i guess after that i’d put play asia and benippon

    @blowfish another thing i forgot to mention was that they *were* fill my alpha omega lala order o.O doesn’t make sense -_- yeah and you’d think they would’ve went through a little more trouble to take care of a repeat customer. I was placing 3-4 orders a month with them before the shit hit the fan and i found out they weren’t so great at filling preorders.

    @fumika let me know if you hear about miku, as you know i’ve also ordered her through them ;_; on a completely unrelated note, every time i see your name i can’t help but remember that episode of shigofumi where they’re on the boat going to the island and natsuka is making fun of kaname, yelling, “fumikaaa! suki daaa!!!” ^_^

    @persocom blegh. yeah they’re whole system wreaks of manual updates, so (now) it’s no surprise to me that they’re so bad at notifying their customers about anything. i was in pretty much the same situation with narika and suzu – i think those are *also* both up for order on their site. I ordered them in… hmmm… april? may? maaaaybe june. at any rate, a month or two ago i *still* didn’t have them, canceled and got ’em at hlj. arrived 9 days after i placed my order.

  7. e-jump said

    This is some high level RAGE.
    I dint expect them to be this bad. I did try ordering something from them sometime ago, but pulled a cancel as theyre slow in updating the status,

  8. phossil said

    I think Im a newbie after seeing your buying as you guys!!

  9. Q said

    Haven’t heard many people pre-ordering from Kid Nemo much, but from what I’ve heard from you they’re leaving you a very bad impression, and it will damage its reputation pretty badly. I wonder whether it is related to the financial crisis this year?

  10. meronpan said

    @e-jump updating status also sucks when it comes to orders – they didn’t even mark my orders as closed until i asked them too! (i.e. all items had shipped and it was still marked, ‘processing’)

    @phossil hahah, ‘course i was a newbie a mere 9 months ago ^^;;

    @q even if it wasn’t i’m surprised they haven’t used that as an excuse to help their image. and yeah, with preorders so bad, you’d think they’d work on their stock system more – my experiences ordering in stock items has been fine but it’s so hard to figure out what is actually stocked!

  11. Len-Vesper said

    20% failure is still better than my 95% failure rate. You’re lucky compared to what others have experienced. A voluntary survey we took via livefeed and from what comments I got via blog seems to push an average of 60% fail rate.

    Fail rate is fail.

    Cancelling Konjiki no Yami is unquestioningly unacceptable. She’s pretty and not only that, she’s /NOT/ a popular figure. She did not sell out. There’s no excuse for a canceled order she’s in stock in most places.

  12. meronpan said

    @len-vesper true, 95% (and even 60%) is on a whole separate level than 20% ^^;; But as you say, either statistic is horrid.

    You happen to know of a reputable vendor that has alpha/omega konjiki no yami in stock? I was gonna pick her up at hlj but she went out of stock the day i decided to get her (i swear she was ‘in stock’ the previous day ;_;)

  13. lovelyduckie said

    Kid Nemo screwed me out of 2 figures that were incredibly hard to track down after. #1 was Death-Sensei by Alter and #2 was Dark Saber by Alter. The worst thing is that when I ordered Dark Saber she was “in stock” and I waited a month before asking where my figure was. I was immediately refunded and apologized to. In that month every else I buy from regularly sold out…never again. Kid Nemo is my last resort.

    TL has quite a few delays but they’ve always given me what I order and have allowed me to combine all my orders into 1 package a month to save on shipping. I’m also a big fan of HLJ but combining orders is tough and risky.

  14. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie gads you too? kid nemo has fallen so far from my grace they’re not an option at all. maybe if i got an apology and free overnight shipping for life i’d consider it… but given all my other options, i happily pay premiums to actually get the goods i want.

    i wish tl wasn’t in CA… ‘cuz that means tax for me ;_;

  15. Fumika said

    Oh I forgot to add that I successfully got my Miku from J-box, and Kid Nemo cancelled my order without issue. So at least the cancellation part is ok.

  16. meronpan said

    @fumika good to hear ^_^ figures that after all the drama we’ve had miku’s 4th (or whatever #) rerelease is announced ^^;;

  17. Michael said

    Kid Nemo service has went rapidly downhill, I stopped ordering from them. If they screw me out of my Goodsmile Saber Lilly I will really be pissed.

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