More Arrivals, JLPT in 10 hours

Posted by meronpan on December 7, 2008

As per the title, the test is tomorrow and I’ll be taking Level 2.  This means that supposedly I know about 1000 kanji, have a vocab of about 6000 words, and basically have studied a total of 600 or more hours.  Where am I actually at?  I have no clue and guess tomorrow will tell ^^;;


kuro-chan, kodomo no jikan

Now if only the test had a galge section ^_^

nagomi, tsuyokiss

nagomi, tsuyokiss

More pre-orders have been coming in, something about hayate’s box made the packaging seem unimpressive ^^;


Nevertheless, both were long anticipated releases – shiki is gorgeous and rei is my first evangelion figure!


Didn’t happen to get a good shot of shiki unfortunately. When the lighting isn’t right her facial features are kinda hard to make out.


More katana goodness


Love Rei’s pose though the low profile means I have to find a proper place to display her… won’t work to well if she’s up high.


Something a little more comfortable for her :P


Full reviews are coming… someday ^^;;; At any rate I really should sleep.


Update: doubt anyone cares, but for consistency the pics are clickable for the full size (guess wordpress 2.7 has a bug that doesn’t make the default link or something?)


8 Responses to “More Arrivals, JLPT in 10 hours”

  1. Rin said

    Be waiting on more pictures!!!!!!!!
    Good luck on your test!!!!!!

  2. gordon said

    i want that rei! and good luck for your JLPT.

  3. Persocom said

    good luck on the test, I wanna take the first one next year (I better get studying). nice figure arrivals, Rei looks especially nice

  4. Fumika said

    Good luck on your JLPT!

    I should really get around to taking the level 2 myself, but I’ve been lazy :(.

  5. Q said

    Good luck on the JLPT! I’m sure you’ll do fine with confidence.

  6. meronpan said

    @all thanks for the encouragement for the test! i have a feeling i’m gonna just barely pass or fail miserably ^^;; wish i had actually studied -_- ah well, at any rate, what’s done is done, will see in march, back to studying kanji for the love of japanese ^_^

    @rin hope to get around to things soon, though i must admit… left 4 dead, crysis, mass effect, red alert 3, and disgaea (ds) are also eating into my free time ^^;;;

    @gordon you should pick her up! though unfortunately she’s at the usual alter premium ^^;

    @persocom i currently have her resting on my ps2, she looks very peaceful there ^_^

    @fumika reading section was definitely harder than i thought. i’m so used to reading manga and light novels, having to speed read articles and the usual jlpt reading passages was kind of a shock since i didn’t do any practice exams. if it weren’t for that i’d think i definitely passed… but anyhow, i found the best motivator was just to sign up. i’d been procrastinating too so this year i registered to try and encourage myself to study more.

    @q wish i could see the results now… stupid low tech exam grading…

  7. lovelyduckie said

    I really admired that Rei figure but I have such a time putting figures in poses like that in complimentary spots on my shelves. Aaaahhhh Shiki…I can’t wait. I ordered mine from a US store (Otakufuel) so I have to wait a bit longer for them to get her in. I can’t wait! I LOOOVE kimonos and weapons!! ARRGGHH!! I would go absolutely crazy if something happened to my Shiki pre-order!

  8. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie you also love kimono? ^_^ i probably woulda ordered shiki for the outfit alone… the katana was gravy (albeit, extra delicious gravy for my love of swords ^_^). hope your order stays safe (though it sounds like you haven’t been having any trouble with your current vendors)

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