Shipment Love Continues + Small Favor

Posted by meronpan on December 9, 2008


I think I’m setting a personal record for consecutive non-figure-review posts…  I swear I’ll get back on track soon…

As pictured above, Lala came in.  Really happy to have her, and my first impression was damn, looks even better in person.  Unfortunately it also reminded me of how I don’t have 金色の闇 (konjiki no yami) to keep her company, since Kid Nemo went all awesome sauce on me and cancelled my order >_<  Been looking around but haven’t found her in stock anywhere.  Ugh.  If you know of a place, local, overseas, Japanese site or whatever, let me know, I’m considering all options at the moment…

On to the small favor, got a request from Shiddo almost a week ago for shots comparing hayate to needa/nanael for sizing purposes.  Was more than happy to comply but alas didn’t get to it as punctually as I planned.  Better late than never I guess.  Here’s the crew side by side…


Zoomed out a little more to see the extent of nanael’s wings and nida’s gun…


And finally the bases…


Hope that helped, ready to buy Hayate now? ^_^

It’s late again and I have lots of meetings tomorrow so gotta run… ;_;


Update: gah, again had to add the links to the full size pics.  Guess I should poke around the support forums and see if this is a known issue or what…


21 Responses to “Shipment Love Continues + Small Favor”

  1. Shiddo said

    Wow thx alot, didnt need so many but thats great ^^
    I was not affraid about stand more like overall size of body compared to 1/8s ^^ She IS huge hehe.

    Still not sure if Ill get her. She is bigger then i thought. Maybe I will
    get her instead of Rizfiz from T-Box 05 if shop will accept my objection and exchange or refund.

    — Rizfis offtopic —
    Rizfis was a huge dissapointmen for me -_- Maybe I just got totaly unlucky but:

    * I got her axe blade sratched (could live with that)
    * her weapon is floating… wont drop in left hand unless seriously pusshed or somehow sticked… her oppai+dress needlework combo just keeps pushing it up – lame mass product (saw few ppl with it including u meronpan ^^;)
    * her clear corset ribbon was broken T-T (not sure if I can tolerate that!! ><)
    * her clear corset has messy lock pad. so it wont plug and hold tight to rest of body (minnor)
    * and finisher… her stand is quite deformed. it leans up alot on one side… -_- i dont like this at all. not even with figure on it wont go stright or into any more decent form… its annoying. i saw your shots meronpan and your is quite ok. mine gaps like 0,5-0,7 cm.

    Well i wonder if shop will accept obejction althru those are manufacturing issues… specialy broken ribbon and stand devalue the figure.

    You can take a look here:
    temp. link: http://sapphire-maples.com/trinitybox05/photo.html
    (Sorry for crappy page but I just made it fast as referene for shop.
    Working on blog. You’ll have spot in recomnded links once I finish ^^)

    I am quite tolerant when it comes to some minor painting or scratch issues or some little gaps on hair for example. However, I have Needa and Akatsuki and they are perfect? So was quite shock for TB GSC figure -_-

    Heh sorry for offtopic but I am so depressed, need to clam down.
    I think fellow figure fan(s) will understand ^^

    Atleast Nendoroids that came with her cheered me up a bit ^^

    Once again arigato for shots with Nanael and Needa. Have clear view about size now ^~

  2. phossil said

    Hayate’s base is really big!!

  3. lovelyduckie said

    I ended up cancelling my LaLa when I had to make cutbacks, but I still think her hair is very beautiful/playful. I’ll be getting in my Yami soon, I have Yami and you have LaLa, I’ll be your other half on this set until you get Yami!

    PS – I searched all the stores I trust and couldn’t find an available Yami, sorry.

  4. Fumika said

    It sucks that you only have 1 figure out of the pair :(. Boo for Kid Nemo.

    That hayate figure looks so good,but it’s totally beyond my budget :(

    If you hear anything about Miku or find them in a place, tell me too! So I can get one. Kid Nemo is still ignoring me.

  5. Shiddo said

    @meronpan: btw u mean “Onsen” Konjiki no Yami?
    if yes, they have her here:

    Dunno how much the shippment to USA will be thru. Its EU shop and I order from it and they are very good so far. Sometimes You can find stuff long sold on HS or HLJ because usualy they have new stuff with little delay.

    hope that helped ^^

  6. Shiddo said

    @meronpan: if you decide by any chance to get her from there. can u mail me before you reg. there? ^^
    i just rembered they give some bonus points for getting friend to shop there. so i would sned ya request. not like i need points that much but since they give them “for free” would be waste ^^

  7. meronpan said

    @shiddo i hate the shuraki cast off, and this is no exception. i tried forever to get that corset lock pad thing to stick and it just wouldn’t do it. the halberd not resting on her hand seems to be a universal problem, but the broken ribbon and warping of your base seem pretty serious. you might be able to fix the warping by using some of the techniques people use to fix leaning (i think it involves some hot water or something…?)…

    yeap, that’s the figure i’m talking about! thanks for the heads up! i will have to think about that one for a bit though because with the exchange rate i’d be paying well over $100 ;_; if i do decide to go through with it i’ll drop you a line for the bonus.

    @phossil she’s a big girl! :P

    @lovelyduckie thanks for checking, i really appreciate it. if only i had a choice i also woulda kept yami for lala but alas ;_;

    @fumika i just ordered a miku from play-asia but it looks it was one of the last ones, cuz she’s sold out now ;_; have you checked j-list? I can’t view their site at work but i think they might’ve also had her. good luck!

  8. Fumika said

    Oh noes.. the last time I checked play asia they were completely sold old as well. Did they somehow manage to get more stock or something?

  9. Fumika said

    O sorry, one more thing. Did you just email the sales@kidnemo.com saying that you wish to cancel?

    I don’t want to end up with two if I order from somewhere else.

  10. meronpan said

    @fumika hmm guess so… hopefully i don’t get some crushed box they found in the back of a warehouse ^^;;;

    though i may have said i’d do otherwise, i haven’t actually canceled my kid nemo order yet… i’m feeling kinda paranoid about this one so I think i’m going to wait until i actually see her before doing so. yeah, there’s the risk kn ends up shipping before she gets here but i figure it wouldn’t be hard to resell or give away as a xmas thing ^_^

  11. Fumika said

    J-list has her, I think! At least I can add her to the checkout cart on the website :P.

    Is J-list any good though… I can’t stand another Kid Nemo debacle.

  12. meronpan said

    oo nice! Unfortunately I only have 3 data points on J-list, take ’em for what you will:

    1) I’ve only place done order with them before — ordered Alice from them when I couldn’t get her from hlj. No problems.

    2) They’re on Danny’s list of vendors. (‘course so is kn ^^;;)

    3) They’re a bit more expensive than regular stores.

    I’m at home and can see their site now — it says they have 9 in stock, so if I had to guess, I’d bet you won’t have any problems.

  13. Shiddo said

    @meronpan yeah they have that one quite pricy. compared to last price on HS its like +20euros. guess they got her high to -_-

    how bout, waiting for Good Smile Company version? ^^ or you want those 2 to be Alpha Omega duo at all cost? ^^

  14. Fumika said

    Kid Nemo also threatens to charge you 20% of the preorder cost if you cancel less than 1 month before the preorder is due.

    I don’t want to be charged a surcharge before re-ordering from j-list :'(

  15. meronpan said

    @shiddo yeah, i actually ordered the gsc version as a temporary compromise… for the alpha omega vers…i guess i’ll have to wait for a rerelease or a less insane price to pop up in the future… too bad… i loved the fact she’s eating taiyaki!

    @fumika i just got billed (by kid nemo) for her recently, so your order may actually get filled! they seem to only charge you if you had already been billed but yeah, it would be ideal if you ask them (and they actually responded to your inquiry…)

    …since i was over cautious, yes, that means i’m currently getting two -_- so i suppose that’s yet another option if your order falls thru for some reason.

  16. Fumika said

    They don’t update your order status on their website, EVER do they. :(

    I guess I’ll wait a bit more before ordering.

  17. meronpan said

    @fumika well actually that’s actually the only thing that is somewhat reliable in my experience… if they bill you cuz the figure came in stock, you should be charged immediately and the update e-mail should have a copy of the updated order status that should be visible in your account info. hope things turn out ^^;;

  18. Fumika said

    I’ll wait until tomorrow, if I still hear nothing from kid nemo, I’ll eat the bullet and buy from the inflated J-list price.

  19. Blowfish said

    Im really envious of your Lala!
    I hopped really late on the To Love ru Train (2 months ago) and its hard to find them now.I would love to get GoldenDarkness and Lala from Alpha X Omega

  20. Fumika said

    I gave up on Kid Nemo and place an order with J-List! Wish me luck :D

  21. meronpan said

    @fumika good luck! i’m sure j-list won’t let’cha down

    @blowfish lala seems to be in stock at hlj & hobby search if ya have some spare cash ^_^ golden darkness is another story though -_- she appeared briefly at hobby search and I placed an order (we’ll see if she ships) but she went right back out of stock…

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