menschliche Magierin – Human Mage

Posted by meronpan on December 12, 2008

Human Mage!  From Lineage II… and that’s pretty much all I know about her ^^;;


Man, some of these pics are almost a month old! Better late than never? Meh, anyhow on with the review!

Another figure spurred by my set completion sickness. Truth be told, I probably wouldn’t have went for her if I didn’t have the dark elf already…




…Though I am a big sucker for figures with detailed armor/outfits like we have here ^^;


Someday I should do some basic research on the character… like… is this the default armor the character is rendered with for promotional stuff? Or a classic set of armor people normally associate with the mage class?


And I don’t quite understand what’s going on with tights on one leg and the other leg looking so glossy…


Do like the glyph or whatever markings on her legs are…


It’s true she lacks moe, and her face doesn’t grab me as much as the dark elf does… on the other hand it’s nice to have a little variation in the collection ^^;


shiny sleaves

shiny sleaves

The gem in her staff is slightly translucent, wish I had an uber lighting setup for display to highlight things like that…


Short skirt for extra dmg protection



Human mage max cast off mode!


I appreciate the effort they put into the base to make it a bit more interesting… but the brown and green doesn’t really appeal to me… feels kinda bland and barfy ^^;;

As covered previously, human mage has no pupils…


No problems with the oshiri :P


I suppose one could try doing a custom paint job? Mebbe? Alas I know nothing of how feasible that would be…





mokkai oshiri~


Given the coloring of the base, I kinda wish they stuck with something that matched the dark elf base…


I wonder how much of a pain it’d be to do the paint job on these gals…


Bit overexposed, but miku was begging to spread more negi love…


Not so much to say today, maybe I’m just tired from my trip (had to go to Arizona for the day) ^^;; Work has been pretty busy, and lots of waking up early == tsukareta~

In unrelated news, alpha omega’s konjiki no yami came in stock at hobby search! nyohoho, problem averted! and in related unrelated news… kid nemo contacted me because they got sairenji in stock, and asked if I wanted to reorder. … soooo two months ago they were unsure of the stock enough to cancel on me only to have it come in after all? -_- this is not the reliability i’m looking for. Goes without saying I let them know I had already ordered her from another store.

Anyhow, back to the review of the day, stop by super rats for more mage love (really wish I had some other backgrounds, the black looks so much better…), danny choo and foo-bar-baz also have her… do you have a review? let me know~



20 Responses to “menschliche Magierin – Human Mage”

  1. Snark said

    Her armour (what little she wears anyway) looks lovely. Something about her facial expression strikes me as a little odd though…

  2. Fumika said

    “Human Mage! From Lineage II….. And that’s pretty much all I know about her”

    And that’s pretty much all there is to know about her lol. Not the greatest looking figure imo.

  3. Persocom said

    I like the detail in her armor and all, but this isn’t a figure I’d want. Minus points for having cast off ability and no nipples.

  4. phossil said

    Human mage… with no nipples?? Interesting.. Lol..
    awesome figure btw..

  5. lovelyduckie said

    AAHAHAHAHAHAHA what a funny cast off! I hear you, I have completionist sickness as well.

  6. gordon said

    ya i also don’t understand what’s the glossiness and darker colour tone of the left leg? :-/

  7. James said

    she’s nicely made but not my style ^^

    not loli enough !

    but nice pics again :)

  8. super rats said

    You could oil up her other thigh so that they match. ^^

  9. I think her shiny leg is a different kind of stocking :) Kinda like how small bunny girls’ legs (not like the 1/4 ones with real stockings) are shaded darker brown.

  10. Actually I am quite certain that the shiny leg is another type of stocking xD;;;

  11. Sorry for all the comments…to uphold my theory, here is the original art the figure is based on…pretty certain it’s a stocking: http://www.cartoonleap.com/wp-content/gallery/lineage2/human_race_lineage.jpg

  12. Shiddo said

    it is a stocking ^^ althru you dont get it in original Dark Crystal robe in the game xD in the game u get 2 same blue stockings (like her right one with) zettai ryoiki part hah. + robe is also filled in belly part ^^

    i wonder how Elf and Dwarf (they are so cute in game ^^;) will come out. Pitty they made Dark Elf with normal skin. In game they were “blueish” xD

  13. meronpan said

    @snark now that you mention it, yeah i wish her expression had a little more omph to it or something. on the other hand, i mostly got her for the armor ^^;

    @fumika haha ya sure? no comments on how op or underpowered the mage class is or something? or how dps stacks up compared to other classes? :P i agree, not the greatest looking figure, but i think worth consideration for lineage fans or collectors trying to add some diversity.

    @persocom yeah, i dunno why but i also mentally ding her for the lack of nipples – even though I wouldn’t display her like that ^^;

    @phossil as much as i like her, i must say i hate where i have her on display at the moment. she’s stuck on top of my detolf with fate, vita, and alice… such a rag tag group they don’t really complement each other at all -_-

    @lovelyduckie it’s a horrible disease! it also makes me consider insane things like buying both alter vita’s to get all the graf eisen forms

    @gordon think pure trance (below) figured it out – stocking/tights on one leg? i had kind of thought that was the case but it just wasn’t really clear from looking at her

    @james maybe i should do my narika review next then :P Seems to be the consensus though, definitely not a figure for everyone

    @super rats ^^;; true… but i think i’ll keep her oil free :P

    @pure trance yeap, i think you’ve nailed it. characters from any sort of rpg seem to like the asymmetrical outfits nowadays ^^;;

    @shiddo ahh there’s the lineage expertise i was looking for ^^ looking at the in game shots the armor seems to be more blue/white than blue/tan… i think i mighta liked that color scheme better. i’ve seen some of the dark elf kits painted true to the original skin color but i think i prefer the normal skin tone ^^; i guess not having played the game, the inaccuracy doesn’t bother me at all.

  14. Q said

    Second Gordon’s thoughts: the gloss on the left leg is baffling. But since I haven’t played Lineage II (only watched my friend playing Lineage I), I know nothing about the classes/lore etc.

    Btw nice shots!

  15. Blowfish said

    Whats up with the German? Add a -in at Magier *hint* *hin*
    I still wonder why magic is often combined with german words…

    Woah…I knew that she doesnt have pupils but the glossy leg?I hope youll find a way to fix that

  16. meronpan said

    @q thanks! when she’s fully outfitted i don’t really notice the leg so much. though i admit, even if it’s supposed to be a stocking it looks kinda weird when i focus on it too much ^^;

    @blowfish i guess i’ve been putting the japanese name of my figures in the post titles lately, but human mage was boring (huuman meiji ^^;) so I chose another language ^^; i don’t quite get what you mean by adding -in? Magierin? does that make it a female word? or…?

    after seeing the original art, i can see how it supposed to represent the stocking she’s wearing and as i mentioned to q, it’s not really so noticeable to me when she’s fully armored… so is fine for me ^_^

  17. Blowfish said

    Yep adding the- in makes her female.
    We differ the genders alot of here in germany.Thats goes for professions aswell as other things For example when you guys say friend we say Freund or Freundin

    Thats good to hear since i looked kinda weird^^ Theres no need to castoff her anyway

  18. meronpan said

    @blowfish ah got it. i used to take spanish and had to deal with word gender back then too… but once i started learning japanese i got spoiled ^^;; no word gender, plurals, or subject based conjugation!

  19. Eetaku said

    O how I wish she was truly a cast-off…but then again I would be down a good amount of money. Excellent shots btw!

  20. meronpan said

    @eetaku thanks! they do seem to like to charge more for the cast off stuff… which is unfortunate because i usually just keep the figure displayed with the same outfit!

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