Shana Nendoroids + Melonpan

Posted by meronpan on December 14, 2008

After accumulating so many preorders I didn’t think I’d be putting up the premium for a special nendoroid… But in the end I had to get the dengeki daiou limited shana… after all she comes with melonpan!


Real melonpan not included ^^;

Got her through Tokyo Hunter, highly recommended if you’re ever looking for limited/rare figures. At the time of this post, he still had some for auction if your’re lookin’ to snag your own.

Most current collectors are probably well aware of Good Smile Company‘s nendoroids.  Empatsu version is the regular release, while the black hair version is a special release, as mentioned above.  Empatsu shana has been poking her away into my previous posts, but never got around to having her own.  Since there’s not too much different, we’ll have a combo review.


enpatsu has already escaped...


Another month old pic ^^;


They should've packaged her with her smiling face, sugoku kawai~ ^_^


Another red figure I haven't reviewed yet...

I now have more shana parts than I know what to do with ^^;



「メロンパン分けて!」 "Give me a piece!"


くすん くすん *sniff sniff*

This angle really doesn’t go well with the angry face ^^;


Regular shana’s tail was a nice compliment to the nekomimi, but you can only really see it from the side.


nekomimi: 「じゃ~ん」 tadaa~ enpatsu: 「ふん! 別にそんなにほしかったわけじゃないよ」 hmph! It's not like I wanted it that much...


「いつの間にケープ取ったの?!」 when did you take my cape?!


Saber: 「このメロンパン、私の物にする」 I claim this melonpan for myself!


shana: 「私のメロンパン!!」 my melonpan!!


5 second rule?

Shana’s arrival was timed perfectly, happened to have some melonpan on hand ^_^


わ~い わ~い wa~i wa~i


enpatsu: 「待って! 私も!」 wait, me too!


ぱくぱく *chomp chomp*


ぱくぱくぱくぱく *chomp chomp chomp chomp*


勝負! shoubu!


miku: 「わわわ。。。 はっ はじめ!」 wawawa... ss-- start!



More nendoroid theatre than a review I suppose ^^;   Love the regular shana’s happy face, wish they included a similar face for empatsu shana, despite it bein’ pretty out of character.  They really did me in with nietono no shana only included with enpatsu and the melonpan only included with normal shana.  Hopefully this is the last time I have to spend such an insane amount for a nendoroid…

A more in depth look at enpatsu shana can be found at excelica meteor~



31 Responses to “Shana Nendoroids + Melonpan”

  1. burfordus said

    That is the most kawaii thing I’ve seen for a long time ^^

  2. James said

    I’m still waiting for her , you lucky ^^

    awesome pics , great job and it’s funny and cute as usual ^^

  3. Rin said

    I have her too!!!!!
    Looks like we got it from the same person Meropan…Tokyohunter always have some good rare stuff!!!!

  4. Snark said

    Very, very cute XD

  5. Matteas said

    Very nice. Saber claiming the meronpan for herself really made me laugh.

  6. Blowfish said

    Haha Meronpan at his best!

    Did you take those bites out of the melonpan?
    Meronpan eating melonpan…Isnt that classified as cannibalism? ^^;;

    I like the Dengeki Daioh Shana alot more than the regular one.Ive seen enough red headed Shanas so this one is quite nice

  7. gordon said

    lol this post sure brings a smile to my face. love what u did with the real melonpan. eat it!

  8. optic said

    Gonna grab her for my friend. He doesn’t care if it cost more than 100AUD. He wants it bad. lol
    Well, I think getting her for him will convince me to get my own despite already having flame haze ver.
    Love the nendoroid theatre. It’s a shame I couldn’t find a single melonpan in HK. T_T

  9. Persocom said

    I want melon pan too! Nice pictures, melon par war starto!

  10. Q said

    lol you happen to have a real meronpan there lol

    Very nice review. I really like the ^o^ vs >o< shots~

  11. Fumika said

    I had that enpatsu shana on pre-order from Kid Nemo too lol. Definitely never ever getting it :P.

  12. kazearashi said

    Cute shots!! I wish I also have the black haired Shana….


  13. meronpan said

    @all glad everyone seemed to enjoy the pics as much as i did taking them ^_^

    @burfordus smiling shana is now my favorite nendoroid ^_^ (well, of my current collection)

    @james i owe it to the excellent service of tokyo hunter ^^ and customs for not holding the package randomly ^^;;

    @rin looking forward to your review! (that applies to james too!)

    @snark shana sitting down smiling, eating the melonpan always brings a smile to my face, kawaiiii! ^_^

    @matteas hahah, i liked that one too… saber acting crazy is one of my favorite themes for reviews ^^;;

    @blowfish yeap, had a little snack ^^; now if i actually was a giant japanese pastery i suppose it would be cannibalism ^^;; such a hard call to make since both really capture key elements of her character… but the regular version definitely wins in a cuteness battle ^^

    @gordon i did eat it ^_^ it’s not the best melonpan i’ve had, but they have it at the japanese grocery store i go to, so i can get it regularly.

    @optic as i keep saying, too bad she’s limited/hard to get… price really hurts, especially in this economy. but sooo kawaiii~ don’t they have pineapple buns there? or no luck on that front either?

    @persocom any japanese bakeries/grocery stores in your area to pick up some melonpan goodness? i was considering dragging in all my other figmas for an epic battle but it would’ve taken forever and probably woulda been too cluttered ^^;;

    @q i considered briefly using the other melonpan i had to give everyone their own… but i didn’t want to eat 3 melonpan in one sitting ^^;;;

    @fumika if it’s any consolation, the regular nendoroids are usually pretty easy to pick up, so they should be able to fill your order ^^;;

    @kazearashi as wish many things in life… takes a bit of a financial investment ^^;

  14. Shiddo said

    nice pics ^^

    have red haired version as well ^^
    she was my first nendoroid. i coudlnt get maxfactory shana (maybe ill find some rerelease on some shop) so i went with nendoroid shana as compensation (she is so kawaii ^^;)

    she was also a tester to check nendoroid build and quality live. and yeah they own me already -_- have about same number of nendos as normal figures in preorders atm ^^;

    cant wait for excelica one, yet another compensation for Alters this time ^^;

  15. Ahhh! Those are so adorable! I just took pictures of my Nendoroid Shana today. Too bad it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting version B.

  16. sonic_ver2 said

    Very nice, cute, and funny. I have the red version of Nendo Shana. It seems that the black version is cuter, complete with the Nekomimi and the meronpan.

  17. Lavian said

    So cute~ Moe~ & superb funny effect with the real melonpan and poor saber.. T_T

    @sonic_ver2, strongly agreed with you. Black color version seems better especially with the cat ears :p . However, I want the Red version ” >.< ” facial expression too!

    @Meronpan, you arranged those scenes by yourself?

  18. […] don’t forget to check meronpan’s funny review of these two Nendoroids […]

  19. meronpan said

    @shiddo i’ve been hooked on nendoroids for a long time – nendo nagato was my first figure ever! i also have the excelica nendo on order… couldn’t resist her after seeing the finished prototype pics… kawaisugi!

    @cleartranquil nice! i’ll have to stop by. unfortunately my reader backlog is so big at the moment…156 unread atm ;_;

    @sonic_ver2 i wonder why they decided to do the whole nekomimi thing… i mean, was there any reason besides it being cute? (i.e. reference to an episode or audio drama or somethin?)

    @lavian yep, conceptualized by me (though i’m sure not an original idea by any means ^^;;) , and photographed in my room … i’d be pretty rude if it had been someone else’s work and i didn’t credit them, no? ^^;; In general if I make no mention of a source, it’s something I did.

  20. Jintoo said

    Oh gosh ! I clicked on the link toward this page on Exelica Meteor… and I do not regret ^^
    It’s really pleasant to watch ;) I hope one day I’ll be able to do such nice stuff.

  21. meronpan said

    @jintoo glad i didn’t letcha down ^_^ it’s really nothing special i do around here, just having fun ^^;

  22. Orange said

    That was a good laugh. :D

  23. phossil said

    At beginnig I though Saber was to split the melonpan in equal parts…LOL
    very hillarious btw.

  24. meronpan said

    @orange nendoroids and figmas working hard for your entertainment ^_^

    @phossil ahh that’s a good idea, saber and fate slicing melonpan with their weapons woulda been great ^_^

  25. ron~ said

    black hair ver is a lot cuter than the red hair ver tho, too bad black ver is exclusive :(

    nice cute photos :D

  26. meronpan said

    @ron~ thanks ^_^ i wonder what the reasoning is behind the limited release… seems like they’d sell a ton of ’em, make more money, happy customers, win/win, no?

  27. lovelyduckie said

    Looks like just the regular Shana Nendo for me. But the alternate hair color one is so cute!

  28. Shiddo said

    @meronpan yeah exelica is hard to resist.
    and now Nendoroid Lousie from Zero no Tsukaima is out ><
    another one that I must get ^^;

  29. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie maybe someone will getcha one for xmas? errr well, probably other things on the wishlist that would trump this one i suppose ^^;;

    @shiddo i am (or rather my wallet is) happy that my zero no tsukaima fandom has been pretty subdued so i’m passing on the louise nendoroid for now… gaaaa but she looks great!

  30. lovelyduckie said

    Like your Hime figure…I’ll take her :)

  31. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie fuga! ^^;

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