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Posted by meronpan on December 16, 2008


She’s finally here! Finally! Alas… she’s… 1 of 2 -_- My paranoia for my Kid Nemo order had me minimizing all risk so I kept on to the pre-order, figuring I’d cancel after my Play Asia order arrived…

As luck would have it, I was billed for my Kid Nemo order a couple days after my play asia order shipped -_- Ah well, Miku secured, mission accomplished. I’m thinking to give away my spare in a xmas/winter contest, so keep your eyes peeled (errr well, not just yet, need to actually wait for the 2nd to arrive then think of some sort of contest ^^;)


Before the pics fool you, this is a preview post, full review later ^^; My gaming habit has flared up lately so review and posting time has been reduced a bit. Before it was Left 4 Dead, most recently it’s been Mass Effect… I forgot how much time a Bioware rpg can take…


Took a few shots of hayate to start on her review, as you’ve probably seen, she’s really gorgeous. Took 23 shots for 6 pics though ^^;; May be a while before I finish that one…

In manga news picked up another random volume last week…


Well, kannagi wasn’t random, but マンガ家さんとアシスタントさんと  (mangakasan to ashisutantosan to {Mr. Manga Artist and Ms. Assistant … err something like that ^^;}) was.  I didn’t know it at the time, but it’s the same artist who did doujin work (which now I want to try out ^^;).  Art style is really clean and the content is just right for me.  So far seems to be about a manga artist with no romantic (or ecchi ^^;) experience and his kawaii assistant.  It’s kinda ecchi – the opening panel has the artist sitting at his desk proclaiming, 「おっぱい揉みたい…」 {i want to squeeze some oppai…} ^^;;  His assistant, while caught off guard, takes it all in stride, and it’s kinda light comedy revolving around these kind of situations.

Hopefully I’ll get some pics of the actual manga later… Hiroyuki-sensei alternates between 4-koma and regular layouts so you get the best of both worlds.



17 Responses to “Miku & Manga”

  1. optic said

    Wow, ur giving away ur 2nd Miku?
    Well, I will be in it for the fun of it. I hope it doesn’t require drawings cause I admit defeat if it is. lol
    She is gorgeous. Looking forward to the shoot. ^^

  2. James said

    Mass Effect is short :(

    finished it really fast :(

    Mikuuuuuuuuuuu is cute :o

  3. ron~ said

    :O 2 mikus are better than one!

    so better keep it :D

  4. Shiddo said

    congrats on arival. glad you got her, since you lived in so much stress cuz of her ^^

    oh man ^^ you have very similar taste of figures ^^

    I still have leftovers of selfcontrol not to buy all of them and totaly kill my budget ^^;

    you sure got alot of figs lately O.O

    yeah thats another issue… I am getting out of “covered space” -__-

    when I bought my Bertbys in Ikea some time ago, I was already planning that I might fill the space that is not taken by DVDs with some cute anime figures… well… I was sure out of calculations lol… figures are already pushing DVDs off and those 2 shafts are totaly not enought… also they are only 19-20cm deep so figures with more radius or above 1/8 scale => no chance.
    And Detolf from your shots and on some other sites seems totaly not enought as well haha -_-

    I guess I’ll have to get some custom made glass display and put it on my other furniture or wall (but they are so damn expensive). Atleast the view zone will be higher. That thing bothers be on Detolf -_- very nice and unbelievable cheap shaft for Ikea product but starts so low … they could add like 20-30 cm of some filling on bottom.

  5. phossil said

    Im still waiting to get shipped my Miku Nendoroid ver. I can see your excitement with this figure!!

  6. Persocom said

    ah the 1/8 Miku, she really is gorgeous. Kid Nemo is a good reason to be paranoid… If you do end up doing a contest that’s cool, I’d be happy to participate since I didn’t get this figure and Miku is <3 even if I suck at contests it’s nice to have a chance of getting something XD Kannagi manga eh? I wonder if they’ll be releasing that in english yet, I really need to get out to the bookstore more often.

  7. e-jump said

    Whats your verdict on her? Is she quality item and worth the monies? I mean, i havent get a hold for myself yet.

  8. meronpan said

    @optic assuming she arrives without any problems, yeap, that’s my intention. i think the holiday cheer and danny’s contests got me feeling generous ^_^; it may entail a random drawing, but if it’s drawing as in drawing a picture or other art, nope, none of that ^^; …though wait a sec… don’t you already have gsc miku? ^^;;;

    @james short? feels rather long to me ^^;; maybe it’s because i’m doing all the side quests i happen upon… and my time in the mako feels like an eternity orz

    @ron~ true, 2 miku > 1miku, but 1 miku in two collections > 2 miku in one collection ^_^

    @shiddo yeah it was quite a relief to finally have her. and yes, lots incoming lately. my preorder list is slowly dwindling but it’s still hovering around 20 atm…

    detolfs are a good deal but they’re definitely not a volume solution. very good for showing off maybe 4-5 1/8 per shelf or 3-4 1/7 or 1/6… depending on your rate of acquisition it may or may not be viable ^^;; Definitely agree about the bottom shelf… as others have said, it’s like banishing a figure when you put it down there ^^;

    @phossil oo nendoroid ^_^ nendoroid version was my first miku figure, love her to pieces

    @persocom i adore her twin tails, great stuff. i hope they translate kannagi, cuz it’s great stuff everyone should enjoy ^_^

    @e-jump quality? definitely. well executed, looks great. worth the money? unfortunately i don’t keep very good track of prices but @ around 5000 yen i think she’s a pretty normal price for 1/8? no accessories if you place any value on that. for me, a figure often moves onto my buy list because it captures the spirit of the original character, and this release definitely does.

  9. Fumika said


    I still don’t have mine, but Jbox is telling me she’s shipped… ! I’m looking forward to it.

    I successfully canceled with Kid Nemo, I made it very clear to them that they’re never getting any more of my business. Now to find myself a nendroid Shana :D.

  10. meronpan said

    @fumika thanks ^^ it certainly has been an ordeal for us, hasn’t it? hope your package arrives safe and sound!

    you can get shana for ~4000 yen at hlj if SAL shipping is ok with you (3333 base price, estimated 780 yen SAL).

  11. Q said

    Oh two Mikus. I have a friend in the UK who wants to have one, and asked me to look for one in shops in Hong Kong. Seems to be about the same price as if for pre-order + shipping. He called it a miss though. I’ll let him see whether he’ll consider your giveaway.

    That leaves me to wonder whether I should fall for the temptation and get myself a Miku too -_- ;;;;

  12. lovelyduckie said

    Should wait and sell your Miku on eBay :) make some of that money back and buy another figure with it!

  13. meronpan said

    @q well, hopefully two… they billed me, but have yet to ship my second -_-

    for miku and 1/8 fans, can’t really go wrong with this ones ^_^

    @lovelyduckie awww but where’s the holiday cheer in that? :P i guess another option would be to auction and sent the proceeds to child’s play (though at this rate i guess it’d be for next year?)

  14. lovelyduckie said

    I’m just a stingy cheapskate lol.

  15. meronpan said

    @lovelyduckie hahaha you’ll come around! :P

  16. ETERNAL said

    I got that Miku a few days ago, and it’s as good as I expected it to be :P

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